I think for electric vehicles in the broader public sense. One of those that weve been really looking forward to is whats beside me here. It is the 2022 hyundai ioniq 5. now hyundai has created the ioniq, which was an eevee and a plug in hybrid model within the hyundai format and created a sub brand onto its own. We will see several ionic branded electric vehicles coming out in the next couple of years, but it starts with this compact crossover. Suv type design ive been really looking forward to driving this, since i heard about it, and since i first saw it and its here with me now on a cold week to do some reviewing, but nonetheless the 2022 hyundai ioniq 5 is the feature of my latest Review Music, the ionic 5 comes in two battery pack sizes. There is a 58 kilowatt hour and a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack in the uh top combination, which would be the larger battery pack and in dual motor all wheel drive, which is what i have in this tester. There is an equivalent 320 horsepower available and 446 pound feet of torque. It is quick and its highly responsive. Hyundai says you will get from zero to 100 kilometers an hour which is 62 miles per hour in under five seconds, and i believe it to be true because uh the few times ive had to accelerate quickly uh in sport mode, because you have different driving modes Here, eco, normal and sport, it was very responsive and quite likely for in change or so to get to 100 kilometers.

The estimated driving range for the ioniq 5 will vary depending on battery size and drive configuration for the standard 58 kilowatt hour battery, which is only available in single motor configuration. Estimated range is set at 354 kilometers or 220 miles. The larger 77.4 kilowatt extended range battery will offer an estimated maximum of 480 kilometers or 303 miles. Using a single motor in dual motor all wheel, drive one can expect a range of approximately 435 kilometers or 256 miles. That range is reduced even further for those who opt to include the ultimate package, such as how my tester is equipped, which includes additional tech and features estimated range in this case, is further reduced to 400 kilometers or just under 250 miles a contributing factor to this. Better than average driving range when compared to other current generation evs on the road today is the fact that the ioniq 5 is relatively efficient depending on battery size and drive configuration. The ionic 5 has a combined efficiency rating that ranges between 18.6 and 21.3 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers in the us. The ratings range between 30 and 34 kilowatt hours per 100 miles. This puts the ioniq 5 in the top third of current generation evs. In terms of its energy efficiency, the ionic 5 is capable of up to 800 volts or 250 kilowatts of ultra fast charging, which is said to be able to bring the larger 77.4 kilowatt hour battery from 10 to 80 charge in just 18 minutes.

But 800 volt chargers are still far and few in between right now, so most ioniq 5 drivers will be looking for 400 volt chargers with 125 kilowatts of power at this output, going from 10 to 80 percent will take 25 minutes if installing a 240 volt level. 2 charger one would need just over six and a half hours to go from 10 percent to full. The ionic 5 also provides an innovative vehicle to load function, which essentially turns the vehicle into a charger on wheels. The function will allow you to freely use or charge any electric devices such as electric bicycles, scooters or camping equipment. It can even be used to charge a stranded ev, providing an all new take on giving someone a boost. The function is enabled using an available accessory adapter and goes into the outside charging port. In addition to outside power outlet, there is a second outlet underneath the back row seat for charging, laptops, phones and other devices on the preferred all wheel drive with the ultimate package. I can see this being very popular for camping trips or tailgate parties and even for a short term power outage. The exterior design of this ionic five really is distinctive, and you know i think, when evs first came out the leafs, the uh imei ads, even as far back as the prius when it was hybrid, it was very unique. Looking its almost like youre trying to say, hey, look at me driving something different but to increase.

I think the common acceptance of evs designers and automakers went more mainstream with their overall looks, but perhaps now that were at a different stage of acceptance and embracing evs hyundai says: hey lets go back and be unique again. You certainly have it here now. This um ionic 5 is built on hyundais new egmp uh platform. It is uh, dedicated and youll see a lot of the other ionic variants coming out based on the same platform and what they call it here is sort of a progressive design, language um theres, the uh. The progressive pixelated light forms is very, very minecraft. You could say very sort of this tron 80s retro, but you see it in the uh. The led headlights uh on this very sort of modern v shaped uh front grille. You even see it on the back tail design. The charge port in this case is on the rear, uh passenger side. This is becoming more and more of a feature. We have to figure out um, where um the charge ports are being kept and its becoming something. I think we need to pay more attention to, because you know if youre on your second ev youve already installed the charger in the garage. Well, you want to have it consistent its in this case its over here and it just folds it pops open, and you even see the pixelated kind of design language uh in here its this whole sort of minecraft or star wars.

Whatever you wont call it retro. Look to it theres a very aerodynamic flow to the door handles in fact, theyre receded in for optimal effect. If you want to get in, you just have to the handles actually pop out for a grab grabbing the receipt back in again uh on the angle, though its kind of tricky. So you have to be careful. I i once had my shoulder bag and i got caught and not realizing these handles are the way they are. So you have to be careful now. Another advantage of this uh new platform is the way theyve been able to proportion. It youll notice it now, when youre looking at these efficient 20 inch wheels that its quite wide and long. In fact, the overall length of this ionic 5 is 14 inches shorter than their seven eight passenger palisade, but the wheelbase is four inches longer. The end result is theres a lot of interior space which ill talk about later, but it really maximizes the ability of an all new dedicated platform such as what we see here with the way you proportion and build your vehicle overall, the ionic 5 comes in six Different colors, this is the only matte finish its called shooting star. I dont know what about it. Is the star part or shooting, but its sort of a gray, matte um others are, are you know theyre pearl finishes, but this one. It does look kind of neat in a way somebody said he kind of looked a little deloreanish in a way when he looked at the back and maybe thats true, but speaking of the back.

There is one exterior feature that i have to point out and, unfortunately, its not for a good reason, but it has to be noted. The one major design flaw with this ionic five happens here with the back window. This is a crossover design and crossovers typically have a wiper blade to clear off and a nozzle for washer fluid to clean the back, and it doesnt have it. Why? Well, i guess the design engineers there is two sort of air intakes from the bottom. They felt the airflow would keep the rain away, but the thing is it doesnt, and not only does it not keep the rain away, but in in winter time, look if you have melting snow, like you see in cities, it often kicks up and kicks up on The back of the glass it gets dirty theres, nothing to clean it with im, really surprised that the design team, the engineers didnt do enough road testing to figure. This would be a problem, but it really is. I heard my colleagues talking about it. Whove driven this early and i thought how bad can it be, but during this week it has been a problem so to hyundais credit. They have acknowledged this uh european models of this ioniq 5 beginning this spring will have an optional digital uh center, mirror available sort of replacing or substituting for the rear view, mirror and thats fine. You put the camera up here and it would replace a dirty glass, but it cant be optional um.

You cannot make safety an option so either theyre going to have to redesign and put in a wiper blade or make that mirror as standard its, not an easy fix either way. So this isnt a permanent permanent, i should say fatal flaw, but it has to be resolved. As i mentioned earlier, the egmp platform and longer wheelbase has created an exceptional amount of interior passenger volume, totaling 106.5 cubic feet. There is more interior passenger volume in the ionic 5 than in either of the mustang mock e or the volkswagen id4, which are seen as its two biggest competitors at the moment. The platform also allows for an almost completely flat floor, with the benefit being more legroom. For passengers, it is also allowed for the inclusion of what hyundai calls its universal island movable center console that can slide back and forth 5.5 inches its a neat feature, but not a game changer, although it would allow a driver to easily exit out of the passenger Side should they be parked in a very tight space. Cargo space is impressive, as well with 27.2 cubic feet behind the second row and 59.3 cubic feet with the second row seats folded down for added flexibility. Second row: seating can slide forward more than 5 inches and folds down in a 60 40 manner. Seating is comfortable despite the fact that engineers reduce the thickness by 30. The drivers seat offers significant reclining ability, as well as a power foot rest, should one decide to recline a bed and relax while stopping for a recharge during a long journey.

For the first time in a hyundai, ioniq 5 features a heads up display with augmented reality mode, which essentially turns the windshield into a display screen. Drivers can choose to use ar technology to project relevant information such as turn by turn, navigation, advanced safety and the cars surroundings. Nearly four feet in front of their line of sight on the road now its effective, but not as revolutionary as hyundai, makes it sound. Instrumentation inside the ioniq 5 is clean, modern and more minimalistic than most of what hyundai has on the road on the market. Today, the dual cockpit features a 12 inch full touch, infotainment screen and a hoodless 12 inch. Digital gauge, which is fully customizable to meet customers needs ionic. 5S infotainment system provides real time travel radius. Mapping based on the current state of charge. The infotainment systems connected car services also help search and plan the best route to include a charging station along the way apple, carplay and android. Auto comes standard, bluetooth, multi connection support is also available, so two devices can be paired at the same time. One for phone calls and one for streaming audio theres, always little innovative new features that auto makers try to put into a new model lets say: hey check this out and when i first took a look at the uh. The overall front dash youve got your two 12.3 inch, digital screens, your center and your information. But there was this uh little sort of uh space off to the left that at first, when i looked at it, looked like it was a speaker, uh sort of attached to the overall system.

Okay. Well, what it turns out to be is its actually magnetized and its a an innovative space. To put you know something you need to remind yourself like you could put a photo just you know if you want of your kids or your your spouse or whatever it is, or you can put reminder notes or if you have to do something or in my Case right now, little cheat sheets, so i have the the facts and figures straight when im driving talking about this car. It really is pretty neat and i got ta admit, for you know, a use of extra space, its really cool, i quite like it. This really is a lot of fun to drive. Overall, the handling the electronic steering is responsive. You know its just a different feel when youre driving electric and it becomes highly addictive once you get used to it. Applause, Music, Applause, Music. As soon as i found out about this ioniq 5., i was really excited to get my turn to review it, to drive it and to see what my thoughts are and, overall, i really do like this vehicle. It is fun to drive. It is powerful, great acceleration. Really spacious efficient, you know the exterior design language is just new and and distinctive enough that uh i like it. I mean i may not be totally into the minecraft scene, but i know this looks really kind of cool. I really think this is going to be one of the leading evs in its class.

Its got great potential, but i just cant recommend it yet as a great vehicle to buy and its because of that glass. I know hyundai realizes they have a problem and i know they are going to deal with the rear glass lack of a wiper issue. I trust theyll, do it soon. I just cant say because this is a safety issue, just overlook it now, if youre interested and you can get into one for a test – drive go ahead, youll love it. I think youll really be interested. You just might want to wait and put it on your deposit once this is fixed, which again, i hope to see soon, but overall, a really fun car im glad i had the chance to drive it review it, and i hope you were glad i had a Chance and you enjoyed watching this video overall if you are not subscribed to my channel, please consider doing so and if you are dont forget to have your notifications on so that youre aware of every time i upload something new, but for now thats all we have Thats my look at the 2022 ioniq 5 from hyundai im eric novak, thanks for watching theres plenty of ways for you to keep connected with me so check out. Some of my social media links suggested videos and you know id really love it.