Now this is mazdas first attempt in an electric vehicle and we actually reckon theyve hit the nail on the head for 99 of what most people are going to want. This is the electric car for normal everyday people and not electric minded green focused people theres nothing wrong with, obviously being that, but i think its just that kind of transition to the next type of buyer in the segment. So the main advantage really for most electric cars, is actually to reduce air pollution in built up urban areas and thats, where we think that mazda has actually hit the nail in the head with this particular car. So, starting at the front, the grille pretty normal, pretty aggressive, which is really good. You have a 360 degree camera in this car which well touch on once we go inside, but the camera is actually positioned, nice and discreetly at the top here, and you have a nice big, mazda badge because mazda wants you to see this car and know that Its a mazda coming your way, styling deviates from a lot of its mazda brothers, which is actually kind of cool in a way because it is trying to be a little bit different, but not too different that it kind of turns too many people off the car. Uh, you do have some really funky headlights. They remind me kind of like transformer ish headlights, which i actually think is quite great and then obviously youve got front passing sensors throughout the front here from an engine perspective guys this is powered by a fully electric engine.

It has about 107 kilowatts of power. Output range is a little bit lower than a lot of its competitors. Uh. It sits at about 200k uh. However, one of the things worth noting is that weve actually managed to achieve 200ks and 190ks so far on two charges, which has actually been quite impressive, because a lot of electric cars on the market will quote a certain figure and we found that theyre normally about 20 to 30 percent, less range than what theyve actually quoted so well done, mazda for quoting something thats actually quite accurate um. However, the price point that this sits, it would have been nice to see a little bit more range in line with most electric competitors out there, uh, maybe closer to 300 350 ks, would have been really good from a transmission point, guys uh its a single gear Kind of like a cvt, but not really super smooth super quiet, youre not going to have any point where it doesnt have enough power for you to get up and down especially being electric. However, it isnt as quick off the mark like a lot of other electric competitors out there. We actually think this is a fantastic thing, because a lot of electric cars have ridiculous amounts of power and acceleration and the inexperience of a lot of those drivers to handle that power has obviously been a bit of a concern for the broader industry. So i think its um its great that mazdas actually tailored this car to be like it was like this car would have been if it was a petrol equivalent, such as the mild hybrid in the mx 30, that you can also get plenty of space and room In the front here, obviously, this comes as a mild hybrid in a petrol model as another engine option, so thats.

Why theres a bit of space remaining, but outside of that guys? It does fast charge and well touch on that a little bit later on, but thats kind of it for the front so coming through to the inside guys, you get the mazda mastex interior, obviously its a faux leather product, um, some nice soft touch materials. This fibrous material at the top, which is actually made from recycled materials, and i think thats, actually kind of cool and funky uh space for your bottles on the doors you get. A bose surround sound speaker system in the car, which is really nice and clear and actually makes it really nice when youre listening to music with the interior, guys, you do have two driver positions that can be set and programmed uh. So if youve got two people sharing the car definitely be able to just press the set button and then push and hold on the position that youre trying to set and youre good to go nice little storage, cubby down here, really for some coins and thats. Probably about it, you got your button for your 360 degree camera and your rear parking, sensors and front parking sensors as well all activated through this switch here. Moving inside guys, you get this real nice premium feel steering wheel. Some nice soft touch materials on the dash with these stitching highlights that we see on a lot of modern cars. Now these stitching highlights are also on the doors which we forgot to mention gives it a nice premium feel inside, which is definitely the vision that mazdas going for with this car steering wheel.

Side of things has all your regular controls that you would expect. So this car does come with all speed radar cruise control, which will basically follow and adapt to the speed of the car in front. If they stop, the car will bring you to a nice gentle stop as well. It does have lane departure alert. It has autonomous emergency braking as well, so if someone slams their brakes on or youre about to hit something uh, the car will apply the brakes for you to stop you from having a severe impact with that car and from the other side of things you have Your auto on and off headlights as youd expect in the car in 2021. You do have a speed limiter function on here, which is kind of cool, but probably not as needed as most other cars nowadays and all your audio control buttons. On the left hand, side, including your bluetooth, answer and speaker system in terms of interior, it does have push button ignition system as well. A nice beautiful digital driver display with two side analog displays as well. One of the cool things with the driver display is because its picking up the speed signs and the and the speed limit thats applicable to that speed sign. It will display it both on the dash here and on the heads up display unit, and not only that, once you have your digital speed, readout as well as your driving, it will actually position it and place it.

A nice red little mark on the actual current speed limit, so you can always keep track of exactly what speed limit you should be in from a charge level and battery percentage. You have all of that information directly in front of you. You do have your paddle shifts here now. These paddle shifts are a little bit different to normal paddle shifts in that these also apply the regenerative braking to the car. So it allows you to switch between the different resistance levels for the braking which helps regenerate the battery as youre braking or going downhill from a infotainment perspective and technology perspective. The mazda mx30 comes with apple carplay and android, auto on this nice color screen at the top, and it also uses the mazda navigation system, which is just a round dial, and it makes it quite easy as youre driving, because its not really within reach when youre In a dr, like a set driving position, you have another color touch screen display down the bottom here and it will control all your climate control settings as well. As your heated seats for the front two seats, one of the cool things about this car is, it does have a cork highlight in terms of the interior, so around the cup holders and the center console section and at the bottom of the floating console. Now the cool story behind the cork is its actually sourced from a tree thats about 200 years old, and it comes from the company that mazda actually used to own when they first started making cars now moving into the back guys, as you can tell space, is A bit of a premium um, probably not the most comfortable car.

If youre going to have adults in here all the time but for shorter trips and just you know getting out on a road trip, definitely more than suitable for uh, most people im five foot ten, the one thing i will point out my head is actually just Brushing the roof, so, if youre taller than five foot ten youre, probably going to struggle to be in the back, this seat is set at my driving position as well for the front and, as you can see, my legs are touching the front if i place them In the middle, which is a super awkward position to sit in, they do kind of go into the little indent. That is here, but i would have to definitely be man spreading uh to be comfortable in the back seat here. So id probably recommend two people at most in the rear. If youve got some slightly wider people like myself, if youre a little bit more on the slender side, you probably will be able to fit three people, width, wise, but definitely leg room is a premium. So, maybe not so comfortable. The cool thing they have done here is: they are controls on the back to help you get in and out a little bit easier as youre entering in exiting the car as well coming through to the rear, guys you get. These nice led rear tower lights, which are styled really cool and funky, follow on the design of the front – and i reckon theyre just nice and different and easy to recognize that this is a mazda mx30 down.

The bottom youve got the rear parking sensors as well, and as we open the boot youve got your rear camera just positioned here and plenty of space in the rear. For anything that you need um, if youre trying to fit a pram or stroller, this probably isnt the car for you. If you had a more compact stroller, maybe, but it really is a car thats, probably not um, well suited for younger families. So there you have it guys thats what i think about the mazda mx 30 electric and, like i said i originally thought the 200 kilometer range was a little bit of a disappointment. While i would like to see it go to 300 or maybe 400ks, to be able to keep up with the majority of the other cars on the market, its quite manageable, for where this car is probably going to live for the majority of its life and the Doors are kind of funky, so highly recommend if you are looking for an electric car or even looking for a more fuel efficient car in this mid range section, definitely have a look at this car. Consider it, i think, its definitely a winner and super smooth super comfortable and handles incredibly well on the open road as well once again, dont forget to subscribe. It helps us massively in terms of being able to keep a lot of these videos coming to you, especially at the moment where were not really monetized, so it just helps give us exposure that helps us get some of these cars for us to review.