The 2023 gv60 is now available for pre order at our genesis, dealership near baton, rouge louisiana and is the first all electric suv produced by genesis with the new genesis, gv60 release date slated for spring 2022. You wont want to miss out on this electric genesis models. Jaw dropping performance. The new 2023 genesis. Gv60 is a dedicated electric vehicle, ev first for the luxury brand, but it will likely feature a larger battery and more powerful engine than its compact siblings. That means it should be quick, 0 to 60 miles per hour, probably less than 4 seconds, while having an expected maximum range of around 300 miles. Music gv60 styling is its true size. While it may look like a compact hatchback. In reality, the gv60 is only eight inches shorter in length and two inches shorter in height than the gv70 crossover. However, the gv60s wheelbase is longer with wheels, pushing out the corners and super short overhangs, the overall styling and unruly greenhouse really suit me, especially with the fixed rear spoiler. This particular gv60 rides on 21 inch wheels with an intricate rad design and hardly anything smaller than the 20s is offered in the us. The gv60 has a slim, dual headlight setup, like every other new genesis, but inside there are individual square pixel led units for a unique effect, which also makes it easier and cheaper to replace the headlights. Genesis says it was important for the gv60 to have a large grill to emphasize its positioning as the brand sportiest and smallest model, and that much of the grill actually functions to cool the battery.

I really like the little triangle at the top of the grille that houses the front camera and the overall grill shape and the fangs around it give the gv60 a sportier look than the traditional grilles more consistent than that of gv70 and gv80. The gv60 is the first genesis to feature a clamshell hood and its also the first production application of the genesis, redesigned wing badges that first debuted on the x concept. The rear end is also pretty clean. With a smooth hatch. Some intricate diffuser detailing twin, lead, tail lights and a sweet third brake light running the length of the spoiler hidden in the b pillar is a facial recognition sensor which can be used to unlock and start the car Music as the smallest suv in the genesis line. The gv60 is not as spacious as the larger gv70 and gv80 models. However, it offers a unique interior design that is more high. Tech genesis has taken advantage of some opportunities here and integrated some cool textures and features, including a gear selector that flips, while in the park and takes the shape of a crystal ball. The gv60 also boasts some new technology, such as a facial recognition system that allows owners to unlock and start the car without a key other biometric technology, such as a fingerprint reader, is also incorporated into the subs design, Music, Music. Music. Three different powertrains will be offered, starting with a rear wheel, drive setup that consists of one 225 horsepower electric motor and graduating to an all wheel, drive arrangement with dual motors, making a combined 314 horsepower.

A performance model will also be offered with two motors standard, all wheel drive and a combined horsepower rating of 429 genesis claims that top model will be capable of hitting 60 miles per hour in just 4.0 seconds. The epa hasnt weighed in yet but genesis, says the base rear wheel. Drive gv60 will offer the most driving range per charge at an estimated 280 miles going with all wheel, drive drops the range estimate to 249 miles per charge, and if you want a performance model, the range for that one is a claim. 229 miles. All versions come with the same 77.4 kilowatt hours, battery pack, Music, Music, 23, genesis. Gv60 pricing kbb expects the 2023 genesis gv60 to have a starting price of around 50 000., while its a compact suv.