Stay with us till the end of the video to find out this makes electrifying. Our transportation system will bring great benefits to minnesota the midwest and the united states as a whole. In nearly every state in the united states, electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than the average fossil fuel car and, as our electricity grid continues to decarbonize rapidly, electric vehicles will become even more environmentally friendly. Fresh energy will remain present every step of the way, continuing to shape and drive a bold policy for a just carbon free future that works for everyone who lives in minnesota, audi q440 e tron premium. The audi e tron is the newest and cheapest in audis e tron electric vehicle lineup. This smart, looking compact suv offers chunky styling and a futuristic interior in keeping with traditional audi styling. The q440 e tron is an entry level model with a single 201 horsepower. Electric motor driving the rear wheels as opposed to the dual motor all wheel, drive setup of the q450, its the rear wheel, drive version, but we imagine it will be smaller to volkswagens 260 miles and perhaps slightly less as its 82 kilowatt hour. Battery is shared with the volkswagen id4, like most of its equipment. Ford, mustang, mac e select rwd were pleased to see fords compelling tesla model y rival, the mustang mac e isnt priced out of the stratosphere, rear, wheel, drive and the smaller of the two available batteries. The select base model offers a range of 230 miles and, in our opinion, looks just as good as the more expensive premium and gt models from every angle.

Initial demand was high. Ford was taking 20 weeks of backlog orders at the time of writing, but we wouldnt leave that to the price hike from dealers and since its positioned as a mustang rather than a regular car. The mac e will never be a bargain. Still. We think the pricing of the mustang mackie entry level select model is pretty fair for all. It has to offer volkswagen id4 pro volkswagens. First, all electric suv is an ev thats, easy to admire. It offers the driving experience weve come to expect from a volkswagen, but the space and practicality weve come to expect from a compact suv. The new id4 pro is the entry level model offering 201 horsepower rear, wheel, drive and a range of 260 miles, its not the fastest or longest leg vehicle on the list, but we still think its a good buy note that the price we list here is for The 2021 model year id4 volkswagen hasnt, released 2022 pricing, but we wouldnt be surprised if the tag sneaks up on a few bucks kia nero evex a close relative to the hyundai kona ev youll meet later in this list. The kian neuro ev is more practical than these two siblings, with more upright styling and less driving excitement, but it offers a larger rear seat and cargo area and its responsibly fast for a low cost. Ev we hit 60 miles per hour in 6.2 seconds, but the trade off to its more generous interior is less range 2′ miles compared to hyundais 258 in terms of price.

It rules out the volkswagen id4, which offers a similar range and a lot more room for literally a few bucks. Armed with all this information visit, your kia dealer, and perhaps you can negotiate a cheaper price for this, otherwise competent electric car, hyundai, kona, electric sel heres. A pleasant surprise: the updated 2022 kona electrics base price is more than 3 000 less than last years model thanks to the elimination of hyundais entry level, ioniq electric model, whatever the reason were happy because theres a lot of things. We love about the kona electric, including its punchy, drivetrain, sharp handling, chassis and handy hatchback shape. The kona ev is slightly narrower indoors than the closely related kia neuro ev, but makes up for it with a longer range of 258 miles factor in federal and state tax incentives and the kona electric isnt much more expensive than many smaller crossovers in the same size. Class mazda mx30. It looks too good to be true its a brand new electric suv from a brand. We love with a price tag that makes it one of the most affordable evs on the market. Theres got to be a catch. The mx 30 comes with an epa rated range of only 100 miles, acceleration from the 143 horsepower. Electric motor is lukewarm and even the 50 kilowatt fast charging capability, isnt very fast, its as if mazda bought a bunch of 2016 nissan leafs and re skinned them with cx 30 bodies.

Mazda plans to sell just 560 units in california alone for 2022, and we bet theyre having a hard time finding that many buyers chevrolet euv the bolt euv, is a new chevrolet model that is a longer wheelbase version of the chevrolet, with a wider rear seat. Its 250 mile range is a better sight than many of the cheaper evs on this list and its a big deal amongst electric family haulers. We were annoyed by the fact that the bulk euv is not offered with all wheel, drive and question whether it could even call itself an suv, but we cant argue about the value on the base model, its too important for a family friend if youve gotten. This far be sure to smash the subscribe button for more awesome content. Chevrolet bolt ev the 2022 model year introduces a facelift version of the bolt with new body panels in the familiar egg shape. The results may not please everyone, but we think bargain hunters will find the new 2022 bolt quite attractive, as chevrolet has cut around five and a half thousand dollars from the base price. The mechanical ends remain essentially unchanged, so you get the same. Immediate acceleration and 259 mile range that helped the original bolt win. The 2017 car of the year title among affordable evs, the 2022 chevrolet bolt is one of the smarter options mini cooper. Se signature. We love minis and would love to recommend the electric version, but we cant convince ourselves to do so.

The mini se is a heavily discounted electric car and plays its role with delight offering its hapless buyer a range of just 110 miles, a tough ride and excessive road and wind noises. The fast charging capacity is nothing short of fast charging capability on a dc, fast charger that takes 14 minutes to restore 80 percent of its low range on the plus side. The mini cooper se is fast reaching 60 miles per hour in 6.0 seconds faster than gas powered mini hardtops, but the rock hard tires and feedback free, steering, deprived of the fun weve, come to expect from a mini most of the other cars on this list prove That a cheap electric car doesnt need to feel so cheap nissan leaf. S40Kw a price cut of 4245 for 2022 makes the nissan leaf the cheapest new electric car. You can buy, not that you would know from onboard experience. The least luxury interior and luxury driving makes it feel more expensive than a few expensive cars on this list. The cheapest model comes with a 40 kilowatt battery and gives the leaf a range of 149 miles, its nothing spectacular, but still better than some of the other cars on this list. Still the leak isnt a sporty ride and charge times arent great, but given the price and possibilities the nissan leaf, s offers the best we can hope for in a budget car tremendous value you may enjoy this video here until next time.