The ev6 is kias first vehicle to apply a new dedicated ev platform. It allows for a flat floor which enables diverse interior layouts and, despite ev6s compact exterior dimensions. Its 2.9 meter wheelbase results in a cabin space similar to many mid to large suvs. This means more interior room for you and your passenger to enjoy Music, but to us space, innovation and means more than just roominess its about what you see, what you touch and what you feel when you are interacting with the car, either while driving or just relaxing. In other words, its all about seamless user experiences, the ev6s integrated curved display is not only beautiful but offers a truly immersive experience. Wide and expansive design provides clear, unobstructed visibility. With its ar head up display. You will be able to receive information in a more intuitive way and the integrated controller works with lcd soft keys and allows you to customize the cabin matched to your needs when youre not driving its time for you to relax with our zero gravity seats, which will Optimize body pressure, distribution for absolute comfort, the eb6 is equipped with v2 rail function that works as a convenient portable electricity supplies. It can serve as an emergency power source for you at home. In fact, ev6 supplies up to 3.6 kilowatt of electricity, which is enough to learn mid sized air conditioner and a 55 inch tv over 24 hours. It can also work as a portable generator when enjoying the outdoors.

Together with this impressive towing capacity of 1600 kilogram. You can bring everything you need on an outdoor adventure with your friend and family and do it all with no emissions. By the time you watch a ted talk episode, you can charge ev6 up to 80 and you will be able to drive 100 kilometers with less than 4.5 minutes of charging similar to the time it takes to fill up a gas tank with a fully charged ev6. You can drive over 510 kilometers, thus equivalent to the distance from pairs to amsterdam in europe or from l.a to las vegas in the united states. Now this is my favorite part of the ev6. You can feel the difference in the materials used on the interior, which make up a key element of our pursuit of sustainable mobility. The seats are made from recycled pets, vegan leather or flaxseed oil, tanned, leather. In fact, the amount of recycled materials used on the interior of the ev6 is equivalent to over 100 empty plastic water bottles. So, as you can see, the ev6 is truly an inspiring space with much care and attention paid to both occupants and the environment.