The take on has taken its time to come here, but what we have here is the purest version of all the rear, wheel, drive version and were going to tell you just how good it is to drive. We also will tell you how luxurious it is and how usable it is in our conditions. Applause first up lets take a look at the performance, then well tell you how well it manages on our roads and after that lets look at just how well it drives. When it comes to performance, this car features a single 326 horsepower motor driving only the rear wheels. Now that isnt too much power, especially for a car that weighs approximately 2.2 tons, you do get a maximum of 408 horsepower in over boost, but thats. Only when you use launch control first impressions, however, come as something of a surprise Applause now, first time behind the wheel of the taken and immediately, it feels nothing like a traditional electric car, theres, so much weight and feel in the steering the car rides differently and Then, even when you put your foot down that initial surge, followed by a taping of her power isnt there, it sort of builds power in a more natural manner. Music performance is not strong per se, but what performance it has is delivered in a manner that makes it enjoyable now, while this may not be the most powerful taken put your foot down and yes Applause, it does pull the horizon back.

It doesnt throw your neck back like a tesla will, especially the quicker ones, but power is built up in a more turbine like manner. And then, when you look down, you say: wow, thats, quick in fact. Overall power delivery is so normal and combustion engine like it comes as a pleasant surprise. Using launch control zero to a hundred kilometers an hour takes a claim 5.4 seconds, and it will do 200 in around 17.6 seconds. This is sufficient to keep the drive, fun and interesting. Another thing that enhances the driving experience is the artificially created exhaust sound Music. Now, what porsche has done to give this car a bit of sporty feel is give you an option of switching on what they call an electric sport sound and when you switch it on thats, what happens thats? What it sounds like a sort of wine, but not a thin and weedy wine, but a nice, robust and powerful sounding one sounds pretty good. The taican has a 79.2 kilowatt hour battery a larger 93.4 kilowatt hour battery is also available, and with that you get 469 horsepower its a low slung battery in electric cars. However, that often makes them impractical, especially in our conditions. With this battery, you get a range of between 354 kilometers and 431. This is according to the wltp cycle in the real world. You can expect around 300, if youre, careful and maybe a bit less. If you really lean on the accelerator now, posh has smartly.

Given this car a lift mode and for patches like these, its invaluable, the low slung battery gets raised up and you clear the bumps quite easily fail to do this or dont wait till the air springs, lift the car fully and it will scrape its belly. So you have to be careful. Whats also surprising, is that in normal mode, ride is pretty good. The air suspension is absorbent, it is silent and then even through larger dips and potholes, it doesnt register or clank through, in fact, for a car. This performance oriented the ride is shockingly good pump. Absorption is so good. You just dont get tossed around where the taikan completely nails. It is when it comes to corners. It isnt light on its feet or hyper agile, but remember it has to lug around half a ton of battery under its belly. Still posh know a thing or two about how to deal with excess weight in the wrong place. Think rear engine 911, for example, or the heavy cayenne, suv and thats. What gives the taikan an edge now with the car this good round corners? We just had to come to some of our favorites, and here too wow the manner in which this car drives no ev has ever been more fun to drive full stop. Now it starts with the steering full of feel brimming with confidence and delivering a poise around corners that you just cant believe on something so heavy the tacan attacks corners with gusto.

You can feel the weight of the battery below you as you turn into corners, but that apart the kind of body control you get is just exceptional. You can tip it into corners like its a much lighter car. You can get on the throttle like its a combustion engine and, as you exit the corner, you can really put the power down and enjoy this car Applause. And what feels reassuring is that push you get from the rear axle as you accelerate out and the harder you drive, the tear can the more that rear, wheel, drive character comes in while tesla may have proved to the world that eevees can be fun in a Straight line porsche has built a car that you can enjoy around corners, its made a real enthusiast car and its given us hope for this new generation. Where evs we thought were always going to be dull and boring to drive. Porsche has even loaded the exterior, with plenty of posh character in the flesh, the taikan features, voluptuous haunches, a coke bottle waist and a 911 like tight, fitting cabin. In addition, the posh badge placed in the glass window at the rear looks cool, especially when the sunlight hits it and then the mini fins behind the charging ports also work superbly press on them and the flap moves up automatically. The cabin is loaded with posh character, too Music, so in the tekken interior and immediately what youre assaulted by is something thats extremely sporty.

Now i havent seen these many screens, except in the cockpit of a commercial airliner theres one here for the passenger thats, your central screen. You get an instrument panel, a curved instrument panel thats, also a screen, and one in the center console, of course, its a porsche. So you get these really sporty seats, they hug you, the headrest is built in and as ever a steering thats an absolute delight to hold so its very much a porsche, but its slightly different and quite modern. The electric character really does come out im, particularly impressed by the beautiful 16.8 inch piece of frameless curved glass that works as an instrument. Cluster theres, no hood to shield it from the sun, but the amazing bit is that visibility is always good and uniquely, it also works as a touch screen around the edges. That said, i would have liked the option of a traditional porsche speedometer in one of the modes. The 8.4 inch screen placed lower down on the center console is for the climate control and other functions resolution isnt as good and it isnt very functional adjusting stuff. Like fan, speed is a bit fiddly. The taikan also has vents that you can only adjust from the touchscreen, while this is cool to play with it isnt very practical. You cant adjust the vents manually on the move and it feels a bit unnecessary now its a porsche. So you do get all your drive modes and theyre centered around here, theres normal range because its an ev sport, sport plus and individual, but you also can adjust the air suspension from here.

You have chassis level, which you can go, lift you can lift up the chassis or you can put it in a medium setting, which actually is good enough for most speed breakers recuperation important on an electric car. How much you regen and put back into the battery that can be set here as well theres an off on and an auto a simple setting that you cannot adjust levels as in other cars, but overall here theres a lot. You can customize and have exactly like you want the rear seats, also very sporty Music. Apparently this isnt, your everyday luxury car, you are sat lower. The seats are extremely sporty and give you lots of side support, and when you look ahead, you see a big headrest here, integrated with the drivers seat, so visibility isnt great. What you do get, however, is this massive glass roof which in fact makes it feel like youre sitting in a car without a roof you can just see everywhere and although the tint is fixed and you cant change it, this is really a feature. People will absolutely love that said. Those above six feet will find head room tight. This is only a four seater. The polarized glass roof is likely to heat up in summer, and while it has usb c ports, theyre hidden out of view, there is a fair amount of kit on this car. It includes wireless charging, cool seats, led matrix headlights, heads up, display park, assist, surround view, but theres no wireless, apple, carplay or android auto.

When it comes to charging an 11 kilowatt. Ac charger will take eight hours from zero to a hundred percent. A 50 kilowatt dc charger can take the battery from five to eighty percent in just one and a half hours. Porsches tycoon is a game changer, an electric car you can genuinely enjoy from behind the wheel almost as much as any combustion powered car. It represents a big step forward in the evolution of the electric car. It rides comfortably on our roads can handle large speed breakers and the cabin is comfortable and well appointed. The sporty seating position in the rear means the comfort in the back isnt limo light. The tycoon is down on straight line performance compared to rivals and at 1.5 crore for the base car and roughly 30 lakh more for this one.