Captain welcome back to the kill detection. Uh today were going to be driving this 2022 kia, niro ev its my daughters, car kind of like to see you know what it is that ive been paying for, but were going to see how big i like me, six foot three about 500 pounds to fit In this thing and see you know how well it does and what i like about it, maybe what i dont like about it fitment that kind of stuff to see whether or not a big guy like you. If you happen to be a big guy, um can fit in one of these and see where we go. Ive been interested to drive this for a while ive been paying for it for a while. I really thank her for letting me uh go ahead and give her a roll, so lets see how she does well heres the interior car kind of sparse. Well, i mean its full of stuff and her old coffee, mugs, and things like that. So i appreciate her. Not cleaning it out for me, but you can see, i dont know if you can see about 1200 miles on her so far, so she didnt drive it a whole bunch. But i got in the back of this thing last night, no problem and again im a big guy, six three uh, probably pretty close to 500 pounds and were gon na see how i fit in the front this time and ill just move this seat all the Way back and maybe see if i can get in well, she did take a little bit of finagling, but i am in here in the car Music so fit pretty good head.

Wise looks like im good, so you know height six feet not too bad uh steering wheel, uh, not too bad, not touching me, so uh thatll work, so a big fat guy like me, can drive this thing. Then uh id say most people probably wouldnt have an issue so thats pretty good. So let me go ahead and well drive her out here and well see how she does Music so not doing too bad uh. The door is a little snug on my left leg, but not too bad. My left leg um needs a little bit of extra support right now, anyway. Probably gon na have to go back into the knife for that dude, but um its nice and smooth. So you know no real worries. Um the driving noise is a little intrusive. At least you know in a covered parking garage, but i have a feeling that above 20 miles an hour when that sound goes away. Its gon na be nice and quiet, so lets go verify that Music. Well, that brings back memories. Music, oh a little german shepherd puppy up. There is having some fun barking at his buddy all right, 19 and oh, the sound did not go away. Its got a lot of engine noise, huh, fair enough. Okay, so we know that the sound is generated. You know, feds mandate. That sounds be generated to make sure that pedestrians are well aware of whether or not youre coming in an electric car in a quiet car, and i thought that the reg said it can quiet down at 20.

. Well, apparently, at 20 miles an hour. This thing still is making a bit of a racket, so that is apparently not a guideline that kia felt necessary to follow, but its still loud well lets run her up a little bit. Okay, above 30, i dont hear the engine noise anymore. It might still be there, but it sounds like the wind noise took it over sorry. That was a railroad track, so they got a little bumpy but its not bad. It does have the adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist and things like that. So this is a fairly well apportioned. Vehicle uh seats are fairly comfortable. I dont know if i can get 100 used to the intrusion on my left leg, but its not bad ill pass them one of my favorite places on the planet at dog park man. I just want to go out there and play with those guys there. You go get a little bit better, look but id say overall, not bad. This is the first time ive driven it. So i let her drive it for the test drive and all that good stuff, because i mean it was going to be her car. So i really didnt feel like i had a an input on it or didnt feel like i wanted to throw my two cents in with it, but sitting here she is making. You know the engine noise see she does have pep honestly. It feels like it may be a little bit quicker than my id4.

So if i stomp it, i have a feeling that camera number one would come off, but uh yeah. She feels pretty good um im gon na turn up the regen only level one regen right now. This thing does have regen paddles on it, so you can turn up and down the regen that youre getting so im gon na go down here and im gon na crank. Her back around lets see shes handling these uh downtown nashville roads nice. I mean its not bobbling around theres, a few chunks missing out of these roads. I dont know if you can tell on that camera, but ah here we go okay, that wasnt bad. That was fairly quiet for going over that chunk. So all right not bad! Now i need to find a place to come up here and make a? U turn so lets try that apparently this thing does not have the uh. Apparently this thing does not have the one pedal but thats all right. That was one of my favorite things about my chevy bolts was the one pedal driving this thing apparently does not have that or if it does, i dont know where to find it so Music im just going to come down here and im going to turn around Turning radius is not bad, so uh. I think the id does actually turn a little bit quicker than this, but not too far off im im pretty happy with it.

I mean its its quiet lets see i got max yeah. I got max regen on so she will slow down in the pinch again really decent and quiet in here. Once we actually get rolling, it feels a little sportier than the id okay 45 mile an hour. Speed limit well lets uh, maybe a little adjust that not too much but im pretty impressed it. Its doing all right, im im still not happy with the way the dealer treated us, but the car i really cant fault. The car seems like its pretty decent seems. Like its pretty well put together, i dont hear any knocks or rattles again i mean this things only got 1206 miles on it now, but im pretty pleased with it. So were gon na go back up here and pick it back up and uh well drop her back off and well see what happens well, slow down for this, because this this was a little a little violent.