Okay lets go. This video is brought to you in association with just evs, where this car and many other new and used tvs are available for sale and test drives. Okay folks, so, firstly, apologies about the wind is not the best day to be filming. An episode about the tesla model y, so 10 miler white, tesla model 3, look pretty similar. This ones just a little bit higher up, but i want to show you the key differences and what you get so. First of all, if you look under the front, you can see that theres some sound deadening in there and theres none of that on the model. Three um. If you look at the model, three frunk, its quite spacious, get quite a lot in there and we do use it from time to time. Weve just been on a holiday and used it and then come across to the model y, and you can see this one. Its a little bit shallower, but its a little bit deeper. So i think theres – probably not much in it under here also youve – got the uh, essentially whats the bio weapon, defense filter. You may have seen some videos that tesla posted recently about this absolute worth its weight in gold and, i think, was a real shame when they didnt put this on to the model 3.. I was really really gutted about that, because we had it on our model. S and it just it reassures you that the air youre breathing in the vehicle is very clean uh.

This can just be taken up in the same way as a model 3. Just lift it up like that and then, if you just pull that cover up its under there, so nice and easy to get to these are 19 inch, its running five, five, forty five r19s. They are the wheels and i quite like them. Obviously, theyre gon na need the center caps putting on and the little trims that youll be able to buy from amazon or from tesla, but yes, uh, very nice. I think they look okay, not too bad at all and with the trims on they look like this um, which i think also look. Okay, i think they look better than the model three standard, uh trims and the standard fitment here appears to be hankook. Now not michelin, i like michelin, but i also like hank theyre, a good brand of tyre, so lets see how that sounds on the road. If you look just here on the rear of the door, you can see this protection film here. This is obviously where mud and dirt and and cruds going to be flicked up. So youve got a nice little layer of protection there. You should be able to see that on the camera finally, privacy glass, something that we had to have added to our model: 3. Ive only ever seen this on the model x as standard its now here as standard on the model y. If we go into the back, you can see, got a nice big space there, folks plenty of room with plenty of head space and then, if we look up, weve got the non broken panoramic glass roof getting in is nice and easy.

I mean there is plenty of space just there. This center armrest as well, is quite chunky, its a bit fatter, tucks away nicely. Also, folks, you can recline the rear bench. If you want to you can see, it just goes back that far for me, thats, not brilliant, because actually my head now hits this rear beam uh, but for most people that should be okay. Youve also got an electric tailgate as standard, and that gives way to a huge boot space. I mean that is massive weirdly, though theres no parcel shelf im, not sure if thats going to be a thing or if its just something tesla have completely got rid of, but no no parcel shelf in this one. Underfloor, storage, pretty good, not bad at all, and then also this section here lifts up. You can just lift the rear seats out disconnect this wiring loom here were gon na set them out all together and to the side. Youve got two automatic releases for the rear seats which will spring down on their own, and then that gives you this a huge flat floor. All the way through that is gargantuan. I mean that is a big big space with the rear bench in or the rear bench out, theres really very little difference in the height of the the seats when theyre collapsed, a very usable space there, folks and another difference which weve seen on the model 3. Now is this: is the led headlight on the older model, three which is just led and then on the model y weve got the matrix headlights, which i dont know if theyre working, yet i think theyre due to be turned on, but that will very likely be An over the air update from tesla and, lastly, folks this is the door window on my tesla model 3.

. If we go around to the model y, i hope you can see that you can see that it is double raised just there. As i look behind the offside front wheel, i can see the suspension so its pretty much. The same weve got a camber arm track control arm and then the yoke going up to the suspension strut, which is on springs, and then we come up to this top arm and top ball joint, which is very common on the teslas model. S model x, model, 3 and model y have all got this. Okay lets get it down the road, but just before i do a couple of things, i want to talk to you about. First of all, this huge roof which im hoping you can see from your angle uh, but its unbroken uh theres no support beam across the middle, and i love that. I really love that that makes it very airy in here its very big anyway, but it makes it extra big. Secondly, theres a definite feel that this has been put together properly, uh. Just to give you an idea. This is actually running. Uh version 10 software, not version 11, which the new owner will be very pleased about and hopefully well keep it like that. But if i get a quick controls and i fold the mirrors fold, that is a different noise to what i get on my tesla model. Three uh that theyre quicker um.

They dont feel as labored uh and thats just little bits of quality that tesla have of added, so the folding mirrors and its just a small thing, but its one of them things that owners will pick up on the double glazing. Glass im sure thats, going to make a difference. Im curious what the hankook tires are going to do because i think they are. They are substandard to michelin, but they are very, very good, uh and tesla know more about tires than i do so lets see what the result is so lets get going: Music, its a nice high up driving position very similar to that of the model x, uh And im driving this down a very flooded road at the moment, same country, road, that im always on uh and because of the winds that weve had recently, the road is a real mess and the the vehicle makes. You feel. Okay with that nice and high up take me through anything. Take me off road, no problem at all all wheel drive as well. You can feel that as well. It does feel very, very similar to the tesla model 3 in the way that it delivers its power. But you would expect that because its based on the same platform uh. But i was expecting it to be a little bit more willy wallowy, a bit soft, a bit. Spongy um and ive – not ive, not found that. Yet there are a couple of quick corners.

I can take it through further down the road uh and well see there, because, obviously, the center of gravity is going to be in a different place to a model 3, so its going to have a detrimental effect on the handling, but lets see just what tesla Have done to try and mitigate that all right lets just give it a quick spurt and see what the acceleration is like im not expecting anything amazing, but it is a tesla. So, oh, 30, 40! Oh actually, very nice, okay, nice sharp corner here that im just coming into oh no handled that no problem at all. This is actually really nice. I was really concerned that i was going to get in this. It was going to be willy its going to be willy wallowy rolling all over the place, um or the complete opposite of being rock hard drive and its neither its neither willie wallowy its, neither rock hard. I think theyve got it almost just right, and that frustrates me because i kind of didnt want to like it. I dont know why i had a bit of a b in my bonnet about it. I thought it was gon na just in my head. I thought its gon na be a bit crap and its not. I can say that of all the suvs ive driven. This is absolutely one of the best. Let me just give you a couple of facts on what it can do.

So just shy of 500 newton meters of torque, and that will get you to 60 in about five seconds. So pretty quick feels much quicker, though i think because its its much higher up uh its got an 82 kilowatt hour battery with a 75 usable so bigger than mine, bigger than what weve got on our tesla um. So a little bit more range ive seen some figures banded around for efficiency of 100 and something watt hours per mile and im like yeah nah, so ive done 35 miles. I have given it some beans but im sitting at 350.. So in my head, i feel like this is about a 210 215 mile average range car uh therell be times when it goes much more in times when it goes much less. I think, but i think thats thats, where its going to be doing an average on my efficiency today, uh onboard charge at 11 kilowatt. If youve got three phase um and then i think itll do 220 kilowatt dc, but youve got a supercharger network, so uh its going to be pretty quick. If youre using that so theres always a couple of negatives, uh theres got to be one. Is the rear parcel shelf, just not there apparently thats being fitted at a later date by tesla? So, if were going on tesla time, thats – probably not going to happen its just a bit of a bit of an open space, i think it would just quiet the car down a little bit as well.

I think sort of segregate that luggage area, especially if youre chucking wet stuff in the back thats, going to come forward into the into the the sort of cockpit area and obviously the aircons gon na, have to work harder and youre gon na get a build up Of moisture so its nice to have that area segregated, so hopefully that happens. Secondly, the auto wipers are just atrocious. Do not work ive gone on about this in so many videos before they are really the worst auto wipers on any vehicle ive ever driven. I have an mg5 which is 25 grand cheaper than this, and the auto wipers are better thats, all im going to say about it. Just understand the auto wipers are pump and the last thing is ive, just adjusted the camera for you and im hoping you can see this, but the rear visibility is not its strongest point. That is quite a small opening to c3. I mean its okay uh. You can put the rear camera on which ive noticed seems to work a lot better than ours. I dont know if thats, because its got a more updated computer in it, uh or its just a better camera set up, but ours is a little bit jumpy this one isnt this ones very, very good and thats it. Three negatives of the whole car were probably gon na have one, i suspect, well, have one of these parts on our drive in the not too distant future.

I just need to go and run some figures and speak to my wife, get the okay from her and then well get one ordered with that folks. Im gon na leave it there please remember to like share and subscribe and follow us on twitter at kate phantom. If youve enjoyed it, you dont have to, of course, uh.