Music Applause so guys welcome to the fast. Today we have the 2022 uh volkswagen id3 uh. So this is a 45 kilowatt hour, uh version with 150 brake horsepower and look at this new rear end. It looks so nice, so here we have 19 inch, alloys, theyre, actually pretty large and yeah. This is all volkswagens new electric design, with the new volkswagen logo of forest and uh right now were going to make a pov drive for you guys to see what its like to drive so guys about this car. So this is the 2022 volkswagen id3 and uh its for its actually volkswagens a new car on the meb platform, so thats the electric platform for electric cars. So this is the acceleration and, as you can see, it is uh decently, quick, so uh guys. I just looked up the numbers and this car is uh a 47 kilowatt hour id3. So this is a 47 kilowatt hour battery pack, which gives you sufficient range for about 350 kilometers. So this actually the entry level in terms of your battery and this car has a electric power output of 110 kilowatts, so thats 150 brake horsepower and theres robin in the all new tiger and actually, even with the uh, the lower pack. This car uh still feels decently, quick if you give some throttle, so that is nice, so this actually the first time that im driving in a uh id3 uh ive weve driven the id4 gtx before Music.

So but this is the the smaller version of course. So this car Music, so overtaking as you can see, is really easy in this car, so the 150 brake horsepower really feel good. To be honest, um i mean its its not its, not fast its not fast at all, but it is decently quick and, as you can see, this is the the sort of entry level car for the the id3. So you have the 150 brake horsepower and also the uh 204 rake horsepower and in terms of battery we have a 45 kilowatt hour battery from this car. So that gives you like 350 kilometers of range, and then you also have the 58 kilowatt hour, which gives you even more range somewhere between 450 and 500, and you also have a 80 kilowatt hour if im not mistaking and theres robin in the volkswagen tiger. I think hes having a good time. I actually think that car also looks pretty cool, so we actually already made a a quick first impression. Video of that car at the pawn event in loser so check out that video right here, hello, guys and welcome to damn fast uh. Today we are at a volkswagen im, the koning in capella and isil, the netherlands, and today we have this brand new volkswagen id3. As we all expected, this car is really comfy even on these little roads. Here in the netherlands yeah, the suspension is pretty soft, as you can expect from a comfortable car like the id3, but i hope to see some uh some turns so to try the uh uh, the suspension and the steering of this car.

So we are here. We have a bump yeah that bumps like nothing for this car Music. So what is actually nice about this car is uh the fact that its rear wheel drive. It really pushes you in the seat and uh also because it is an electric car. It just has loads of of torque, and you actually feel that with the uh, the rear wheels sliding all over the place now its its not that its, not that crazy, but uh. You do have some occasionally wheel, spin uh! If you come out of a corner or especially, if you start driving and you go to a left or right turn so and then actually feels pretty sporty Music, so this car is perfect for city driving. I mean the turning circle is uh, just very, very small. So thats nice uh its really comfortable. The range is sufficient for town driving its comfortable over bumps. You can see everything around you because youre pretty high up into the air and, as you can see, you have loads of windows to look through and there are almost no spots where you can see anything and seriously. This is such a comfortable car im actually really curious about the id3 with the bigger bigger engine so thats the 204 brake horsepower engine, because of course this is the entry level with uh only 150 brake horsepower uh, but still yeah, i mean its its its nice. Its its decently quick, but its by no means fast, but this is not the car thats supposed to be fast.

Its a its a car thats used or made for the masses to drive electric. This car actually is available over around 30 000 euros for a new id3 and i think, thats, actually a pretty good number for a car like this, its even more spacious than the golf uh, its of course, electric and yeah. You get a lot of car for that, so actually, this this car has a really tight turning circle because of the uh of the the rear wheel. Drive so lets try to turn here full lock, oh wow, its almost possible to uh to turn this little road. Okay, this takes some getting used to full throttle Music, so lets try to have some fun in the corners of this car, because this volkswagen id3 is of course rear. Wheel, drive 150 brake horsepower on the wheels and its pretty light so lets try so guys thats. It for now uh. I hope you really enjoyed this car, this very nice, 2022. Volkswagen id3 right. There is robin with the new tiger and it actually looks really cool. So this was the pov drive of this beautiful car and right now we are going to make a review robin is making some pictures as well.