Remember the l, ynk and k0 concept from the 2020 beijing auto show chili auto group launched it in china as the zika zero zero one. The first model from its brand zika customer deliveries began late last year and weve discussed that and more in this article Music, based on the c platform, the zika zero zero one has an 800 volt operating voltage. It supports rapid charging at 360. Kilowatts and customers can replenish its battery pack to unlock a range of 120 kilometers 75 miles in just five minutes. In december 2020, gili auto group said that the production cars battery pack should have a lifespan of 2 million kilometers 1242 742 miles. 2 200 charging stations with over 20 000 charging facilities are planned for the zika brand by the end of 2023 from the specifications. Its evident that the zika zero zero one is one of julie, auto groups advanced evs, one hundred kilowatt hours, battery pack, 712 kilometers 442 miles of range 3.8. Second, zero 100 kilometers per hour 0.62 miles per hour, acceleration time and 200 plus kilometer h, 124 miles per hour, top speed, Music, Music Applause, so the top nz 0 0 1 has a dual motor eawd setup with 400 kilowatts, 536 horsepower of power and 768 newton Meters 566 pounds foot of torque. It can accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour. Zero sixty two miles per hour, zero point three seconds quicker than the porsche can cross tourismos 4.

1 seconds for s variant. The premium chinese ev boasts a 0.23 cd value, Music. Music Applause, Music, the zika, zero, zero one features, an air suspension, frameless doors, lead, headlights and tail lights; a lead bar for the tail light. Ultra wide 14.7 inch color head up, display 8.8 inches fully digital instrument, cluster 15.4 inch, central touchscreen, nappa leather upholstery and a yamaha sound system. The premium electric suv offers auto opening doors that open when the driver approaches it as well. The air suspension system standard only in the udual motor configuration comes from vibrac and teneco supplies. The electric subs electromagnetic shock absorption system. The driver can adjust the vehicles height in five levels and keep it anywhere between 117 and 200 millimeters, the ground clearance of the other. Two configurations is 174 millimeters, Music, Music Applause. According to a report from the zika zero zero ones, battery pack comes from catl and weirui and nydec and weiri supply its electric drive. The report suggests that zika offers a lifetime warranty for the first ev, including its tri motor system. The battery pack consists of ni 55 plus cells, and zika is confident that it would not catch fire on the inside in the case of a collision or engulf in flames. When punctured wei rui manufactures the standard, 86 kilowatt hours, battery pack and nink produces the bigger 100 kilowatt hours. Battery pack gorge warner has a hand in the zika zero, zero ones. Thermal management.

It supplies the electric softs coolant heater, which helps to maintain a consistent temperature inside the battery pack in its cells. The coolant heater allows maintaining an ideal cabin temperature as well. It uses a thick film element. Tfe and its heating elements are immersed in coolant to keep the power losses in check board warner makes it in single and dual plate versions, both integrated into aluminum housings, but it hasnt said which of the two goes into the zika: zero zero one. Its power ranges from three to ten kilowatts: Music Applause, the zika zero zero one designed in sweden at julie, design. Gothenburg is a coupe styled luxury e segment. Suv. Three variants were launched in 2021, 0, 0 1w, dual motor one w single motor and zero zero one. Dual motor priced between two hundred and eighty one thousand chinese here, forty four thousand eighty five us dollars and three hundred and sixty thousand chinese yuan four hundred 56. Seventy nine us dollars on january, first, twenty twenty two auto home dot com, dot, cn published a new report saying that the zika zero zero one dual motor has received a price hike of eight thousand chinese um, one 1 255 us dollars and costs 368. 000, chinese yuan, 57, 735, us dollars. The cost of the air suspension option for the wee trim has changed to 28 000 chinese yuan 4. ‘3. Us dollars. The company has introduced a new loan scheme with a low down payment and a low interest rate 2.

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