Maybe five problems to solve before you get an electric vehicle. I just got one i spent over a week with my volvo c40 recharge and i will share with you not just my experiences but the collective experience of many owners, because ive spoken to a couple of eevee owners, tesla owners, other vehicles, other electric vehicles, like the Mach e – and we have a few things – a few complaints, maybe, but definitely these are five considerations that you need to keep in mind, which brings me to todays sponsor this list of five things to know before you buy. An electric vehicle was brought to you by vinfast vinfast is a global car maker theyre launching two electric vehicles in the usa, the vf9 and the vf 8 im pretty excited about these vehicles. Well, go to more details about them later in the video, but lets jump into that list, starting with number one Music. The first thing to know – and this is probably the most important factor for many of you and thats – the range – the epa range so in the usa, its the epa – they standardize the range where they do the calculation and they say hey. This is the maximum range of the car, its a theoretical maximum, meaning youre never going to see that range on a regular basis. Why? For for two reasons, the most important reason is this: you will rarely ever charge your car to 100 percent.

Let me repeat: when you see an epa range of lets, say 200 miles and youre thinking. Oh, i can live with 200 miles right, its actually 20 to 80 percent. That is the real range of your car. Now. Why do i say that constantly charging it up to 100 percent and then discharging it to zero or near zero and hundred percent and back down again its gon na shorten the life of your battery? And so what happens is every ev manufacturer will recommend? Oh, no! No, you dont want to charge your car to 100 percent. You want to charge it to 80, maybe 85, and then you never want to take it all the way down to 5 15 to 20 thats, where you want to start charging it. So your effective range is lets say safely between 20 and 80. This ensures that you dont shorten the life of your battery. Well, what do you care right? What does shortening the life of the battery mean to you constantly charging your battery to 100 percent? Suddenly, the battery can no longer hold that full range. It may end up only holding 70 percent of that range, maybe 60. So what was a 200 mile range? Well, 70 of that is not only 140, but if you dont charge it to 100 percent, you only charge it between 20 and 80 percent well, thats, effectively only 60 percent right from 20 to 80 to 60 percent because from 80 to 100.

Obviously, you want to avoid and below 20 rare situations where, oh, my gosh i got ta get that extra 10 miles home and youll drop below 20., but on a day to day basis, 20 to 80 is only 60 percent of the batterys capacity. That is your use and with 60 of 200 mile range. What is that 120 miles now day to day, unless you plan to drive more than 100 miles a day? That should be enough, but definitely thats, not the 200 mile range youre envisioning, because you have a gasoline car. You fill it up to the brim. You know you can drive it down to one gallon and you would get most of the 200 mile range in an ev youre, not going gon na drive it down to five percent. So when youre thinking range, keep that in mind me, my volvo c40 is rated to around 220 215 around there. My effective range geez 60 of 215 220 thats under 150 miles above 120 miles, depending on how aggressively i drive, but definitely not 200 miles so thats. Something to think about, however, there are exceptions to this rule. What if your ev doesnt care? What, if your eb even says to you ah charge it to 100, get that full range wouldnt that be great well guess who does? There is one ev maker who will tell you to charge 100 and discharge all the way down to 2. If you want to do it every day, they dont care.

You know who that is then fast. What why would vinfast encourage you to get the full range on a regular basis? Well its because they are warrantying and covering the life of your battery for as long as you own, the car, crazy right? So if you charge it up to 100 on a regular basis, take it down to 5 every day right and then maybe after a few months, your battery no longer holds the full 400 mile range. You know what vin fast will do for you: theyll replace the battery free of charge because thats part of their program, so thats one of the unique things about vinfast and why theyre so excited to come to the u.s market, unlike any other brand out there vin Fast completely covers your battery charge and technology for the life of the vehicle, so vinfast has solved it. Thanks been fast for that all right number, two and speaking of batteries thats, also something to think about batteries are expensive right. Replacing one can be anywhere from eight thousand to fifteen thousand dollars if its a high performance long range battery its very expensive likely way over ten thousand, but even the shorter range batteries five thousand to ten thousand dollars, which means that the warranty is so important. So vin fast, we know right covered the life of the vehicle, but what, if its not even fast well on my volvo its covered for eight years and 100 000 miles? That means that if, in the first eight years of my vehicle within a hundred thousand miles, if it doesnt hold the charge lets say it falls below 60, i charge it up.

It hits a hundred percent, but its only getting 100 miles right. I mean thats, like 50, suddenly im stuck with a battery that may not hold its charge like the first day. I bought it. So i bought an extended warranty, but that definitely adds to the price of the car so its something you want to think about now, if youre the kind of person who is type a personality right, you know what im never going to charge to 100 and im. Never going to let it fall below 20., so my battery will always hold that 100 charge. Number three on the list is: what is your charging situation? There are two ways to charge your car one, having a home charger and home charger, theres two approaches and were going to talk about in a second or you, dont want any additional expense. You bought this car its already expensive youre, only going to charge outside right at a charge station at your friends house, whatever go on, google check nearby type in fast charging stations near me, and why am i typing fast charging stations if you dont go to a Fast charging station, you might be sitting there for a few hours, so make sure there are fast charging stations near you and, as you can see on this search right check it out. Look at the fast charging stations near me, the fastest one is electrify america, but lets say you dont want that inconvenience like me.

You want to charge at home for two reasons: one its convenient but two its a lot less expensive. Although charging is cheaper than buying gasoline, especially the prices going crazy this year, what about the price, if you charge at home significantly less expensive but youre, going to have to check with your power provider to see hmm, if you have an electric car? What does that really mean so charge late at night? You know certain times of the day. Your grid will have less demand and you will be able to pay less. But, more importantly, there are two types of chargers that you can use at home in the us. Its a level one and a level two level one is not recommended that takes forever to charge, and even if you sit your car in there all night, it may still not get that 30, 40 or 50 percent you need. You need a level two charger and level two chargers are not cheap. I got the juice box 40.. Why? Well? Because that was all that was in stock when i got it before my volvo. So what you need to do is plan ahead if youre, taking delivery of your car lets, say in three months or in two months, buy your charger asap because it may be sold out. I posted some links of the two top chargers, the ones that i read reviews on, because i had to binge on charger reviews and they are charge, point and juice box right, highly recommended well reviewed and i got the juice box 40.

I got the hard wired version, so i had to get an electrician thats, another expense. So the box itself, the actual charger, is anywhere from 650 to 700, depending on the one you get and then you might need an electrician. Is your panel? Is your electricity situation able to hold a level two charger? Your electrician can tell you so my electrician came by it cost me around sixteen hundred dollars, but depending where you live, it could be a lot less. It could be 1200 but thats, another expense. So between the charger and the electrician, that could be almost two thousand dollars. What wait the eevees already expensive well lets bring in vin fast again, if you get a vin fast this year, because they are launching in the usa for the first time theyre going to give you what they call a e voucher, thats another discount. On top of what their car already costs, which is low to begin with, so the vf8 starts at 41 000.. If you order before april 5th 2022, the vf8 gets you a 3 000 discount off the 41 000 msrp. If you, the vf9 the larger suv thats range uh, the range is over 400 miles, yeah 55 or 56, 000. 5, 000 off 51, 000. So with those two e, maybe you could buy yourself a charger and pay for the electrician and whatever premise that you might be required if any right but thats, something to keep in mind when youre budgeting for an ev, you got a budget for the charger.

If you want the convenience of charge at home, which is what i do mostly now, which takes us to number four, what car are you replacing im replacing my honda accord commuter car with the c40, which means its okay right? I know. On average, i dont drive more than 50 miles a day, if that i think i average will be 25 miles a day and thats fine. So even though the c40s maximum range is 200, something and im only charging it up to 80 percent. That leaves with maybe 160, but if i leave it charged at home every day, i always get over 100 easily, regardless of what i do the day before so its okay. For me, its replacing a car that i know how i drive it and what i need, but what is the car youre replacing? If you drive a lot, you might have to get a car that has that range and how quickly does it charge thats. Another question you have to ask yourself: some cards charge faster than others, so watch the reviews ill be reviewing the c40 and other cars as i get more cars into my garage ill be getting the c40 and yes ive. Actually, pre ordered the vin fast vf9, because seven seats, seven seven seats like eight seven seats, thats. Why? I need the vf9. The vf8 is great, its a five seater slightly larger than cr5, but it doesnt fit my use case.

I need to replace my minivan. My mini van could easily hold seven people, but i need to replace the toyota sienna comfortably. There are seven seater evs the model y hold seven people as well as arguably the model x, its a little bit bigger, but you want comfortable youre looking for a competitor to the highlander and the pilot. Well, that would be the vf9 its pretty big. I checked it out actually yeah theyre on tours, so vinfast has put both these cars on tour in california this past weekend. I checked it out in irvine at the end of next week, itll be up north in santa clara, then san francisco in early march. So i believe for me – and this is why i pre ordered it – is the only car you can buy this year – that is both a seven seater comfortably seven seater, not bogus seven seating right, comfortably a seven seater. Fifty one thousand dollars over 400 miles of range. That can replace my minivan, given that if i have a level two charger at home daily charge, boom im always close to three to four hundred miles every day, once i plug it in so that could be a great replacement car for many people. Looking for a large suv, but they cant afford the 70 000 plus rivian rs1. This one vf9 is 51 000. I think its msrp is 56 000 with 5 000 off. If you pre order before april 5th 2022, you get the 5 000 voucher and the first allotment of the vf9 thats coming out this year and the 200 deposit for pre order is fully refundable.

So if you change your mind, i know what this is too big or i dont, like it thats fine, too, refundable, deposit thats, something to consider which takes us to number five. What is the dealer situation? Are you ordering directly from the maker? Are they taking deposits? Its refundable so lets get this out of the way it is a nightmare to buy any car this year, but its even more of a nightmare to get an ev, especially if your dealer is the one handling your order, theyre marking it up like crazy, the ionic Five, i love that car cant get it without a markup, but if you order direct from a manufacturer, you pay what the msrp is: rivien tesla volvo thats, why? I ordered the c40 volvo for the first time is circumventing the dealers. If you want to get the c40 recharge like, i did just go to volvo order. Direct boom youre done, but the key is no markup and of course, then fast you could order. Direct vin fast gives you three ways to order. Pick up your card. First, its direct, no dealer. Second, you can have it delivered to your house when the car is ready or you can pick it up at one of 60 – showroom repair centers in california, so its rollout starts in california. They are going to make sure that californians who buy the vinfast, vf8 or vf9 they have a nearby dealership that they can either repair their car or just drop by to check it out or pick up.

You might not feel comfortable having the car dropped off. You want to be there. You want to be at the dealer if theres anything wrong, you want to make sure they fix it there, its that flexibility, so thats pretty impressive, but remember if you are going to buy an ev, is it even available and is there a markup i strongly suggest Do not pay above msrp, oh california, speaking of which so california is the first state to receive the vin fast. So, if youre interested in getting the vin fast, you have to live in california in 2022 to get it as they roll out in california. Theyll start adding other states, but for sure they want to make sure the californian purchasers and consumers have the best experience possible before they roll out other states. So 60 centers. I guess their showroom service center dealerships, but theyre all wholly owned. So theyre not really dealers. Oh and manufacturing they are intending to manufacture these cars in california as well. The first batch of cars will be made in vietnam shipped over and, as these cars start launching and releasing theyre going to start manufacturing those cars in california as well. So then, itll be a locally sourced car, its an unknown brand whats, the warranty in the car. We know the batterys taken care of what about the car its a 10 year warranty on the entire car thats a first most makers with a 10 year warranty limits.

It to the drive train or just this or that this is appears to be 10 year, bumper to bumper theres, no limit on the mileage, yet theyre still deciding. So. This is what i suggest. Why dont you pre order and then email the group and say look. I want 200 000 right because they have the 10 year warranty coverage on the car, not just the battery, because we know thats lifetime of the car right so 10 years on the car im going to ask for 200 000 miles, maybe 300 000..