I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. So if you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im going to be reviewing the new iwaze u5 ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not. With its interesting exterior design, oh and one more thing before i start, will the kids of the next generation look at us and say youre so old that your first car wasnt electric okay, now back to the video highways, is not a random chinese brand as one Would assume, from afar, the startup, with a capital of 1.67 billion euros, started in shanghai and was founded by two co founders with comprehensive cvs? The first fucoin was volvos sales director in china guffeng. The second was the cfo of sayak motors, one of chinas leading automakers iways always wanted to launch several versions based on its modular aluminium, mas platform. In addition to the u5, this will allow up to 15 distinct cars to be offered, including an iways used. Six sports coupe towards the end of the year, followed by the iways u7. The u5 is the first model from the startup firm highways and its now available. This little electric suv is distinguished by its clean design and a distribution approach that is solely online.

The highways u5 is a battery powered all electric compact crossover suv produced by the chinese firm iways. This is a manufacturers first car model at the 2018 beijing auto show the production model of the u5 was presented. The automobile was first shown in 2018 as the iwaze u5 ion concept. The iwas u5 is manufactured in the companys factory located outside of shangrao china. This one has a manufacturing capacity of 300 000, automobiles, all of which are 100 electric. To conclude, this brand presentation know that iways employs 2 000 people, most of whom work in research and design studios situated in china and also in germany and denmark. At the 2019 geneva international motor show a concept car that foreshadowed the u5 suv was also unveiled at the 2019 frankfurt motor show. The production version will be unveiled, its manufacture began in china towards the end of 2019, and it will be available in europe, starting in april 2020.. Highway stated in december 2019 that its facility in shangri la will begin production of the highways u5 models for europe due to the lockdown. The european version of the u5 was supposed to be unveiled at the 2020 geneva international motor show, but it was cancelled, design and engineering built to appear to the family suv category. This 100 electric model is 4.68 meters long. It is 1.86 meters wide excluding mirrors and is rather high with 1.7 meters at the top of the roof. Allocating five real seats on board.

The u5 communicates on the trunk volume of 432 litters or 1555 litters with the bench folded down. It also has a front truck with its distinctive design that separates the highways. U5 attracts attention from the get go and thats the least i can say about it, while the back bumper is uncluttered and retains its present configuration. The same cannot be said about the front. Bumper, the enormous grille extends forward and is framed by two artificial air inlets, each of which is topped by a tapering light fixture. The iwas u5 charging socket is positioned next to one of these two air inlets on the other side of the wall because of its exposure to dirt and the fact that it necessitates bending down to find the combo ccs connector. This is not the optimum location for the connector. The external design of the u5 has been optimized for aerodynamics, resulting in a drag coefficient of 0.29. The profile is defined by reseeding roof line and retractable door handles, which are far more practical than those seen on. For example, the tesla model 3, however, the outside appearance of the u5 was updated in 2021, although the overall proportions will remain the same. In the past, iwaze has described the design as a link between contemporary artistry and technological advancements for the future interior ios impresses on board, with the perceived quality that i did not anticipate from the chinese company unfamiliar to us. Its simple, the ios u5 appears to be capable of competing with expensive versions at first appearance.

The assemblies appear to be in perfect condition, and only a closer inspection shows the existence of the necessary hard plastics. However, i always had a brilliant idea of combining them when foam surfaces are felt, such as on the top of the doors and the dashboards. As a result, the inside is warm and inviting especially with the white finish. Another pleasant surprise is the highways u5 large inside, which is unusual for a compact suv, a sense that is heightened by the panoramic roof, which floods the whole cabin with light, but particularly the rear seats according to test riders. There is also well equipped in terms of knee room so much so that it nearly seems like a limousine with less reclining and massaging chairs. Despite the amount of room available for passengers, the highways u5 still offers a large 432 liter trunk lifting the floor and removing the polished steering cover will allow you to cheat a bit more. The latter hides a vast extra place where you may store the charging cords. As well as a few other items, if needed a second trunk, the famed frunk is also inserted at the front, but it is shallow, just above the charging door of the front bumper, you may again stow any accessories or wires that will be easily accessible. The absence of a glove box is another remarkable feature of the highways u5 to hang luggage. There are just two little hooks built in so youll have to rely on the storage compartments in the doors or under the center console.

Nonetheless, the latter is considered as being difficult to reach. The ultra modern interior is based on the rectilinear style. The counters are 100 digital, with the central touch measuring 12.3 inches diagonally. However, if it includes apple car, its not compatible with android auto, the iways u5 also incorporates front and rear usb sockets. The iwas u5 comes in two versions, one of which is a premium model with leather upholstery and brushed metal on the dashboard. The iways u5 comes standard, with a lot of features and relatively few alternatives. As a result, both the standard and premium variants include three touch displays. The first is a 100 electronic instrument panel positioned behind the steering wheel. This is split into three displays: the two side windows for less important information and a center section for driving related information, thats speed, remaining range percentage of charge and driving mode, the iwas u5 primary screen houses all of the infotainment features. It has a reasonable size and a matte finish on the panel, as well as an appropriate definition. The panoramic glass roof is practical for giving unmistakable reading, even in direct sunlight to avoid any spoilers. The interface is also extremely effective, with a primary display that gathers together the important parts as well thought out tree structure that allows you to collect your marks. In a matter of minutes, performance powered by a 125 kilowatt permanent magnet synchronous, electric motor unit installed on the front axle the highways u5 developed up to 315 nm of torque.

The suv weighs a total of 1 750 kgs, including the batteries in terms of performance. The manufacturer promised 0 to 60 miles in 9.1 seconds. The top speed of highways u5 is 93 miles per hour. Battery life iways had received a patent for the battery pack with a sandwich shape that is made of up to 24 high energy density modules supplied by cattle. It contains many layers and serves to isolate the moist, cooling plate and dry battery model regions of the cell. From one another, improved heating and cooling in the cell result in increased capacity, thats 63 kwh and range due to the improved heating and cooling. It is also theoretically safer in the event of a collision. Since the moist and dry sections cannot combine and generate a short circuit, as in the case with other structures made up of cell supplies by the catl or cattle group, the battery pack was assembled directly by the iris team. With a capacity of 63 kwh, it provides 238 miles of range on a single charge. It thus consumes 17.4 kwh per 62 miles. According to the wltp cycle, the brand offers an 8 year or 150 000 kilometer warranty for the batteries, as well as the engine discreetly housed at the front level of the vehicle. The charging port accepts up to 6.6 kw of alternating current, which can be recharged in about 10 hours by a wall box with dc fast charging. The system can ramp up 90 kw at 20 to 80 charge in 35 minutes price and model range.

The firm has played the card for simplicity for its launch in france, as it has in other markets. As a result, the iways u5 has a single engine and battery layout. Additionally, the car is only offered in two trim levels: standard and premium. Both have the exact same technical specifications, the two tone – 19 inch, rims thats, 17 inches for the standard, the black or white leather upholstery, the air conditioning control screen the heated front seats, the parking assist or the panoramic roof are all features of the standard model. The standard highways u5 cost forty five thousand dollars before the environmental incentive, while the premium version costs forty seven thousand dollars. Electric vehicles, such as the iways u5, contribute to environmental protection by reducing noise and hazardous pollutants. As a result, the u5 is eligible for an environmental bonus of up to ten thousand four hundred and eighty dollars in germany, for example, including vat subsidies, are conditional on the variety of factors and vary by nation. As a result, please familiarize yourself with local subsidies and any constraints that may apply in your country. As a result, the cost of electric vehicles falls dramatically, making the iways u5 incredibly appealing, and this wraps up my review of the highways u5. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video. These videos take a long time to make and are a labor of love.