Most of us are wondering what other eevee models we can hope to see. Next, from overachieving korean brand of late kia is on a roll with the ev6 recently nabbing, the german car of the year in the premium segment, as well as a host of other acclaims, such as the prestigious what cars car of the year award. Also with the kia niro evie, winning the jd power electric vehicle experience, ownership study for mass market brands. Two years in a row, we cant help to be excited about the future of kia thats, actually making a name for itself as a prolific electric car producer. On its way to become an exclusive ed maker in the near future, in this episode, we will explore deeply into kias plans for completing its electric car lineup, with the latest report being received of no less than six electric vehicles to be expected before 2025. With a surprising model being mentioned, so please stay tuned until the end of the video before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question. Thats presented at the end of the video remember the days when kia was the laughing stock of the auto industry. Well, those times are long gone now over the last decade or so. Korean brands such as kia, hyundai and genesis, have made some tremendous progress, not only in the design with some of the most stylish vehicles in the automotive history, but also provided performance and fun to drive factor that wasnt associated with the korean.

Since the beginning of the time, also, its brand image as a cheap product with questionable quality played the koreans until they managed to completely turn things around by producing cars with great quality and reliability. To that end, its no surprise that kia has just been awarded the most dependable brand by jd power with hyundai in third place and genesis ranking number one as a luxury brand, with the vastly improved products and quality the sale, skyrocketed and the hyundai motor group has Risen to become the third largest automaker in the world, closing in on the second place, volkswagen and poised to overtake toyota, with the advantage it enjoys over the japanese, auto giant and electric vehicles. That includes ambitious plans to dominate in the eevee market in the near future. Keys latest plan for the ev conquest has been reaffirmed by the report that we have recently received from china, which states that there are to be no less than six electric cars to be launched in the burgeoning chinese ev market in the next few years. There have been many long term ev plans such as the companys plan, s, which included a total of 11 ev models by 2027, but none has been clearer than this latest finding, as it specifically mentions products that are to be launched. The first model mentioned is a product that we are already familiar with and thats kias first ever dedicated electric vehicle ev6, based on the state of the art, egmp ev platform that features revolutionary 800 volt architecture, which offers an incredible 18 minute charge time of 10 to 80, making kias current flagship, eva one of the fastest charging evs in the world, while delivering up to 310 miles or 500 kilometers of range from its 77.

4 kilowatt hours long range battery according to epa, which is also one of the best in its category second model. Thats also mentioned is the latest iteration of the nero ev key is best selling ev globally, which is referred to as a derivative electric vehicle due to the fact that it shares the platform with the ice car. However, unlike other derivative evs, the nero ev is built from the ground up as an electric vehicle and not an afterthought, as is the case with the many derivative evs out there being built on the hyundai motor groups latest third generation platform, which allows for efficient production Of electric cars, as well as ice cars, making the newest nero ev to be as efficient as any dedicated evs, the all new nero with a 64 kilowatt hours battery has a great epa range of 2′ miles or 385 kilometers. However, being a 400 volt tv, the charge time does suffer as it would take approximately 50 minutes to charge 10 to 80. The third model and the most important model for the chinese market would be the much anticipated ev4 dubbed as kias answer to mercedes, benz, eqa and eqb. The compact dedicated electric vehicle, based on the egmp ev platform, will be occupying the premium segment, whereas the niro ev will be the mass market product. Just like the bigger brother, ev6 ev4 will be equipped with the latest power electric system, which ranges from 168 horsepower single motor to 232 horsepower dual motor configurations, meaning that, unlike the front wheel, drive only nero ev, the ev4 will have the all wheel drive capability.

Also, the targeted range of the newest, dedicated kia ev will be 400 kilometers or 250 miles paired with a 58 kilowatt hours battery from the standard range version of the ev6 and as an ev with 800 volt architecture, it will come with all the bells and whistles Of the egmp, which includes blazing 18 minute charging speed and the bi directional v2l and v2g function, just like the ev6, with the more compact dimensions that are similar to neuro ev, with a length of approximately 4 500 millimeters or 177 inches. It will definitely be the most desirable product of the kia ev lineup in china, as well as europe, however, because it is based on the egmp skateboard type platform, which affords the eevee with the extra long wheelbase thats expected to be 2, 800, millimeters or 110 inches, Which is 80 millimeters longer than neros, 2720 millimeters or 107 inches? The passenger space will greatly exceed that of its derivative cousin and would nearly match that of the ev6s. The ev6 has a longer wheelbase of 2900 millimeters or 114 inches, but due to its coupe, like body shape, the interior volume is curtailed. The ev4, on the other hand, with a more upright and boxier shape, would actually render more cargo space than that of the is 50.2 cubic feet with the second row folded. With the development expected to be completed within this year, the ev4 is to be released in 2023, its not certain whether it would be available in the us as its primarily developed for europe and asian markets.

But if it does, the estimated starting price would be in the thirty five thousand dollars to thirty seven thousand dollar range. However, there is also the plan for the battery to be changed over to the catl sourced lfb chemistry, which is 20 cheaper than the more popular nmc chemistry to further reduce the cost. A similar move is being implemented by the likes of tesla and mercedes benz for their entry models and proving to be a safer battery choice with a longer expected life, albeit with a lower energy density, resulting in a shorter range. However, cell, to pack technology that increases the energy density by more densely packing, the cells into a battery pack has been known to increase the range significantly in the case of tesla. The lpf battery model 3 had only a slightly shorter range of 253 miles versus the nmcs 263 miles. The fourth and the most surprising model is another derivative ev. In addition to the excellent hybrid and the plug in hybrid, partially electrified model, the much rumored pure electric version is to make the introduction as well. It appears that kia has to keep under wraps the existence of the sportage ev, mainly due to the chip supply problem. As the company is barely able to produce, the hybrid versions of the all new sportages is with up to 12 months of waiting for delivery. The fully electrified version is expected to be released when the chip supply issue is resolved, which is anticipated to be after 2023.

The rumor has it that the pure electric version of sportage or esportage, as it would be called in some markets, has already been developed alongside the hybrid models. A good indication of this is the placement of the charging port of the plug in hybrid sportage, where its located at the rear of the vehicle, unlike other plug in evs in kias lineup, that places the charging port in the front fender or the front grille of The vehicle, like the other, pure evs, the rear placement of the charging port, could also signal that the sportage ev may be all wheel drive, enabled aided by the rear motor. We dont have the specific details on the power electric system for the esportage, but the rumor has it that it will be a downgraded version of the genesis electrified gv70, which is based on the same third generation platform as the sporta gv. With a total system, power output to be along the lines of 250 to 280 horsepower, which would be about half of the gv70 evs paired to the 64 kilowatt hour battery, the targeted range would be 370 kilometers or 230 miles. The anticipated release will be in 2024 with the estimated starting price of 40 000, which would be similar to the standard range ev6 like the ev4 and the neuro ev relationship. The ev6 will be a premium egmp based product, whereas the sportage ev will be positioned as the mass market product, offering better value for the money, with more carrying capacity and versatility as a true suv, albeit with lower performance figures and slower charging speed.

The fifth model mentioned is the electric version of the popular carnival minivan. Originally carnival evie, along with the hybrid version, was slated for the 2023 release, but the latest report indicates that the plan is on hold until the chip shortage problem is resolved. Once again, however, when it does become available, it is expected to utilize the drivetrain thats similar to that of the sportage ev. Although the indication is strong that it would only be a front wheel, drive vehicle for the hybrid version, the possibility remains for the pure electric version to be all wheel drive, unlike the much talked about vwid buzz, which is a crossover thats made to look like a Van the kia carnival ev will be the first true electric full sized minivan, with up to eight passenger capacity and when its released with the expected launch date in 2024, the estimated starting price will be just under 50 000. This would represent a significant value for such a versatile people, mover that really drives more like an suv to go with its handsome suv inspired appearance. The sixth and final ev in the report is the all new ev9, large suv, as unveiled in the concept form. In 2021, the largest electric suv from kia will have a wheelbase of 3100 millimeters or 122 inches with an overall length of 4930 millimeters or 194 inches, which is similar to kia telluride to be a three row, seven or eight passenger suv, its to be equipped with The ev6 derived power electric system and 100 kilowatt hours battery to offer up to 400 miles or 640 kilometers of real range.

The estimated starting price will be just shy of sixty thousand dollars when its released in twenty twenty four for more information on the upcoming ev9. Please check out our feature, video on the subject. As for the end of the video question, which of the all new eevee model, thats featured in this video interests, you the most please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below or in the description. Thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell as not to miss any of our new videos. It would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel even further. Please join our membership and enjoy the exclusive content and preview of the upcoming episodes. Finally, dont forget to join our forum and share your passion for korean cars at koreancar. News.Com see you next time with the latest korean Applause baby, Music. Music.