Review Music electrification is the next big step in the automotive world, and every car maker wants to make a good first impression. It needs to be bold, but not too much fun, but not too unusual. So striking balance progress is key. Music progression for mazda comes in the form of this brand new mx30 and its showcasing really mazdas new design language and, ultimately, where we think moz is going to go. The mx30 is offered in a plug in hybrid, as well as this full battery ev version fresh insides and a little bit of cx 30 meets rx, 8 Music, so hows the mx 30. Once you get it out on the road, well, its actually a pretty well packaged little car, i mean you are dealing with these whole sort of rx 8 style doors. You have the front doors of normal size and what they call freestyle doors. We call them suicide doors back home where you have to open the other direction to get in and out. So some of the practicality is a bit funky, but it works pretty. Well i mean my dog and getting out pretty easy. The car drives really well. You can see easily out in front of it. The back is a little bit cramped with the c pillars being a bit of a coupe roof line which you kind of get over it. Its got plenty of great parking tech surround view. Cameras surround your sensors um.

Its all the normal safety tech so for collision warning were across traffic alert, brake assist blind spot monitors. All the normal things adapt cruise control stop start assist everything you can think of that mazda has in the game, but theyve put on this ev model of the mx30 and thats, because you only get one trim level in the ev, which is the astina, which is The highest stream level you can get in a mazda product on this particular vehicle anyway, and it gives you a really lovely place to be. I mean the interior of this car is just gorgeous and it just feels really special in the hands dynamically. The car is light on its feet, its easy to maneuver its easy to place its no sports car, its not really designed to be a sports car, but as with every mazda, it has a bit of a sporting feel to it. The the steering is actually a good weight, its rather accurate theres, not a ton of feel on the front end. But again, this is not a sports car, so youre not too worried about it. The engine or im. Sorry excuse me, the motor the motor in this car actually feels a bit more powerful than what the paper says. It is so they rate this electric motor at 100 107. I believe kilowatts and about 270 newton meters of torque, which is not a ton of power out of electric motor, particularly when you think of things like the kona and then like tesla, for example.

Even their smaller model threes make a lot more power than that, but it does the job it makes the car feel sprightly and with any electric car that instantaneous torque, that you can get means you can zip in and out of traffic and zipping out of a Gap pretty quickly, so if you need to go there, you just push foot down and the car just surges towards the gap, its a nice, its a really nice feeling, because it means the car feels eager all the time now, its not a high strung four cylinder Edging you on like on monster speeds of old, or i believe they were called um. They had a special name here in australia which eludes me at the moment, but the car feels good. It just feels like a good car and its hard to fall dynamically. If you think of it as a nice, little suv crossover hatchback, it does let us down in the range department, though i mean youre, only getting a rated 200k of range out of this little electric motor and the battery pack, which is not that much when you Consider that cars, like the kona, have double that range, which means the corner can actually go across country. But if youre not going to take the car across country or youre, just using it for shops or maybe a short trip to work now and again, it actually works perfectly. Fine and charging is pretty easy too.

It is fast charger capable, so you can get from 20 to 80 and about 35 minutes on a 50 kilowatt dc fast charger on an ac charger at home. You can get to full in about five or six hours. I believe, and it takes about eight hours, to get to a full charge at home and a three point socket so overall, its pretty normal charging experience. So if you have somewhere to plug in at work – or maybe you only need it for a few times a week – its actually a nice little car to have – and it feels special – it doesnt feel kind of – i guess common its – probably not the right word, but You dont, you see, you see konas around all the time and yes, the conan electric looks different, but it still can look quite pedestrian or or normal because theyre quite theyre, quite popular suvs. Well, the mx30 is only available as the ev and the plug in hybrid. So it has a bit more of an exclusive feel to it and one of the coolest things that moz has figured out how to do is theyve made this little bespoke noise that it makes for the engine. So if you put your foot down the accelerator and the engine – or i guess the motor like, i said before the motor – not really ninja – no combustion here it – it will actually make this kind of thrumming noise kind of like the ti can does with porsche.

But a little bit more um believable, i guess, is the right term for a mazda product like its not lets lets just see if we can hear it so were just going to pop along here and give it a little bit of gas and well see if We can hear it so it sounds kind of cool, its kind of like sci fi. You may not, if you didnt, hear it well well get to later, but so this this little noise that mazda has engineered into the car actually makes it feel a lot more. I dont know engaging because its now just its not just that normal ev experience of a quiet car when cruising, but it kind of gives you that sci fi thrum. That makes you think, oh theres, actually a little motor in there doing some work and it increases as the rpms increase, and it just sounds right: cool isnt, the right word, because the tycon sounds cool, but the this little index already just sounds well thought out and Right because our sense of speed comes from noise and if the cars completely quiet its really easy to get a ticket overall, as a package, the car feels really special and unique, and yes, its a bit pricey. You know 65, i think around there to start before. You add on roads, which is a bit high for a car with 200 kilometers of ev range, but overall, if you want something special, its a great little car, its a typical milestone, Music, so Music, so hows the interior on the mx30.

Well to start with. I think it looks absolutely beautiful in here and mazdas made everything in here out of renewable materials. So all the leather is faux leather, with no organic processes involved, theres, recycle fabric, all the way around throughout the cabin and its beautiful and easy to touch. Theres cork used out, so you actually have cork in the center console here on both levels and it just it looks absolutely stunning. The only bit i dont like is a little plastic bit here, but i let it go from the drivers position youre. Actually, in a nice comfortable seat, a beautiful mazda wheel, which feels beautiful in the hand, i really do like mazdas steering wheel design. Overall, all your normal controls, paddles on the back, are for your regen braking and not for changing gear. You have a partial digital dash with a beautiful hd display in the middle and two analog on either side, and then you also have the normal mazda infotainment unit in the middle. Now the infotainment unit is starting to age a little bit and start to show its gray hairs, and you do have apple carplay, android auto, but you still have to plug it in to get those to work in the middle, though, is a new touch screen with A full climate control all at your fingertips, and you also have a button and below that is another tier, which also gives you an actual power point. So you can plug in your phone with an actual three point: socket if you want and theres all sorts of really nifty little cubbies, all the way around the cabin, and it makes the car feel really different and special and its a absolutely beautiful place to be Music hows the back seat in the mx 30.

Well to start with its a little bit tight, my knees are actually up against the seat. Theyre set to my normal driving position and my legs are as well, but my toe rooms, okay, my head and shoulder room – is actually pretty decent as well. So if youre a little bit smaller person, youd be perfectly fine. The fit and finish back here is absolutely beautiful: that same leather and recycled fabrics all the way around its just a lovely, lovely interior in this car. You also have a set of cup holders and arm rest, but getting it out of the car is a little bit tricky because you have a big front door and a suicide style rear door kind of like the old rx 8, which is kind of a cool Touch Music so hows the boot in the back of the mx 30. Well, theres, actually plenty of space back here, its mostly on par with the cx 30. The seats do fall down if you want to get some bigger items in, but you lose out on some space underneath the load floor because thats, where the batteries and the bose amp are. But you also have a nice little bag for your charging, cable, uh, Music. So whats the top bottoms and final verdicts for the 2021 mazda mx30 well on the bottom are a few quite key things. One is the fact that infotainment tech seems a little bit less generation, so it feels a bit old.

The range isnt as good as you would expect from an electric car now in 2021, and it comes at a bit of a premium price. So those two things together is a little bit of a miss for me, so whats on top for the mx30. Well theres. Actually, a lot to like with this car is a fantastic piece of kit and it feels like a mazda, so its quite good in hands. The chassis is quite nice and in this electric model it feels quite zippy. The interior as well is beautiful. I absolutely love this new design, language in the interior, and it has my absolute full approval and all those things mean that this car actually feels quite special, so whats. My final verdict on the 2021 and mazda mx30. Well, its range isnt that great and the price is a little bit high. It does feel quite special as an overall package. So if you want to ditch the oil and petroleum and see monsters next progression check it out Music to start with its a little bit tight being this koopa style thing, my oh wow, what are these these are these. These are my knees.