. I like the front end of the standard kona with its trapezoidal grille and fog lights. They give it a tougher persona. Unfortunately, this electric version doesnt have that and im not sure how i feel i do like the new headlamps though, and obviously the lack of a grille is for aerodynamics sake. The cargo area retains 19.2 cubic feet of space behind the 60 40 split folding rear seats, with a total of 45.8 cubic feet when you fold them down, theres a cargo net to help secure your belongings and a mobility kit resides beneath the floor in lieu of A spare tire Music turning kilowatts into motion is a 150 kilowatt permanent magnet synchronous motor that makes 201 horsepower and 291 pound feet of torque a 64 kilowatt hour 356 volt lithium ion polymer battery provides the juice and a single speed automatic transmission sends it to the Front wheels Music, the kona ev has an onboard 7.2 kilowatt charger that can take up to 12 and a half hours to top it off from 80 percent using the level one wall charger. So, as always, we recommend getting a level two charger installed at your home to speed up the process. Hyundai states that a level two charger can get you from ten to one hundred percent nine hours, fifteen minutes and from ten to eighty percent in just 47 minutes with a level 3 charger theres an ev menu to help you locate charging stations and, interestingly enough theres.

Also, a drive mode selector, so you can choose between eco, normal and sport, while no longer impressive by todays standards. Total range is still in the ballpark at 258 miles. Auto academics, average 4.1 miles per kilowatt hour during testing Music. All right im not going to make a huge stink about back seat space, because this is a sub compact, but the floor feels noticeably higher than in the gasoline version, probably due to the battery location. These seats are comfortable, though theres a usb charge port and, in general, things look rather nice Music did. I say those seats feel nice. Well, these feel nicer and the layout looks good too. Most notable are the new displays, theyre 10 and a quarter inch each and have a clean resolution. The system is responsive and there are plenty of physical buttons for redundancy, which is helpful while driving theres wireless charging. Up here and oh, we cant forget about the additional storage down below so now that weve addressed all that its time to take it out and see how it drives Music, if youve, never driven an electric vehicle before the full 100 torque is what surprises most people And this little kona will try to pull the steering wheel out of your hands if you get too aggressive, but there are plenty of ways to regain control. For starters, the brakes are strong and have a nice pedal feel. You can also use the paddles to adjust the level of regenerative braking.

Some call it one pedal driving, because when you let off the accelerator, it automatically applies the brakes. There are three stages, and while i dont care for the higher levels, some people like it, the suspension is comfortable yet competent enough to keep daily commutes from becoming too dull and the cabin is fairly quiet. With the exception of some road noise from these low rolling resistance tires at higher speeds in all its a cool little car. But i think i, like the gas one better Music. So there you have it guys.