This thing out lets get started with a little walk around, because this thing is hot Music. I mean im loving this black grill. Look how mean this looks, and just so you know where im coming from theres my model y over there in the background, which is no slouch. I like the fact that the charging port is in the front of the car, because it means you dont necessarily have to back into your driveway or even a spot. If you want to charge it up, all right lets hop in the first thing. I noticed about this car, at least, is that i am coming from a tesla where you get in the car, its on. You start driving you get out of the car and you walk away, and even though that takes some getting used to when you realize that the car is just a giant battery, it makes a ton of sense, which is why this start stop button on. The audi feels so weird and unnecessary lets talk about these complicated systems. This is a hot mess. Yeah too many screens lots going on and a weird touch screen and not for nothing. The app is terrible, but i will say the tesla is just one big screen in the middle and i really like having some stuff happening on the dash, but even more than that. The real killer feature here for the same price as the tesla model y is the heads up display like its cool with me.

If you want to have all your controls, be on one giant screen and maybe a button in the steering wheel, thats what the teslas all about, but so many of the things that make that hard to operate or even unsafe, like. Why do i have to look all the way over here to see how fast im going could have been solved by a heads up display point audi: all right lets take this guy for a drive its an audi, so the interior is beautiful. Its silent and smooth like you would expect an ev to be. It is comfortable its easy to drive its also an audi. So, if im being honest its like just a tiny bit boring, this is the smoothest ride that ive been in. I mean i cant. Even remember the last time i was in a car that was this smooth to drive and oakland has a lot of potholes. Now. The biggest drawback, though, is you just dont? Have that ev acceleration the kind of like thrilling rocket ship takeoff that you get with the tesla or even honestly, the chevy bolt its lovely, but its not like a race car. The one thing it does have, though, is the turning radius of a baby goat, as opposed to the tesla model y, which has the turning radius of the titanic. So yet another point for audi: there i tried out the automatic cruise control and its probably the smoothest ive ever used.

Ive tried this in a lot of vehicles and the way that it maintains speed is not herky jerky, its so buttery smooth that i was really really impressed. This is a car that you would happily take a very long road trip in oh, and did i mention by the way it has massage seats yeah. This is like the same price as the model y and the seats give you a massage okay guys. I just would like to talk to you about the massaging front seat for a minute, because thats happening we got stretch you can have this on when youre driving, i dont, know if thats totally safe but its freaking awesome. I mean im parked, but my car is giving me a massage right now, its basically like im at the spa, getting a mani, pedi point audi: okay lets have a verdict from our two minute test drive here. The audi quattro e tron is a freaking nice car. If you are upgrading from a vehicle to an electric vehicle, theres, nothing about it that youre not gon na like, however, the range is only about 180 to 200 miles and youre gon na have a hard time finding fast charging as readily as if you bought a Tesla, that still to me, is the biggest drawback of every other ev on the road infrastructure and range. Those are teslas two secret weapons. But honestly, if you want to drive a luxury vehicle that has nailed all the parts of being a vehicle from rain sensing wipers to automatic cruise control to controls that feel familiar, and you know that kind of unparalleled audi driving experience, the quattro is a winner.

I might buy one also, though i am just gon na, have a moment of pure tesla privilege like im about to exit this vehicle.