This is a grand tourer, its got four doors, its a direct rival for the porsche thai can, and it starts from seven 181 dollars here in australia, and it should start arriving in september now. The car next to me is not the base car at all. This is the full fat rs e tron gt, with up to 475 kilowatts of power and a carbon roof and a carbon exterior package. So in todays, video were going to have a walk around this car, checking out the exterior and the interior and have a chat about the future of audis evs. And, of course, if you have anything to say, let me know in the comment section down below and wed love it if you could hit subscribe, if you havent done so already so which variants of e trons gt are coming to australia and how much theyre going To cost well, the starting price is 181 700 for the e tron gt quattro, with 330 kilowatts of power and all wheel drive. Now all of these vehicles also get a two speed: electric transmission on the rear axle, which should improve efficiency on the highway. The claim is 18.8 to 20.5 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers, depending on which grade you get now. That means you get about 487 kilometers of range from an 85 kilowatt hour battery for the quattro and then the flagship, rs variant really bumps things up. Firstly, in price to 249 thousand seven hundred dollars before on road costs and options, and then also in terms of power with 475 kilowatts on tap for two and a half seconds in overboost mode.

This is the most powerful rs product ever so lets talk about what this etron gt looks like sitting here in tactical green, which is a special color reserved for the range topping rs grade now at the front, weve got led matrix headlights standard across all grades in Australia and on this rs model, you can tell it apart, because its got this black front end package. Now. This particular example also has some tasty extras, including the carbon package, which adds these carbon air vents, carbon mirrors and a carbon roof on top outside, and i think the overall treatment is really handsome. It has slightly better overall proportions for the porsche tycan, at least in my brief look at it, but you can, let me know what you think down below, but yeah. I think its really successful and brings some of audis heritage and really expands on it to bring it into the electric world. So the other really cool thing about this j1 platform based audi e tron is its charging capability, its got 800 volt electrical architecture, and that means it can dc fast charge at up to 270 kilowatts, and on that point, audi includes six years of free charging using The chargefox network here in australia, which is really awesome, and if you want a home charge on this side, you can get a 22 kilowatt wall box which is sort of double the speed of the usual 11 kilowatts. You see on an ev like this, and i reckon thats really rad now lets jump inside the cabin of this left hand drive pre production example and check it out now.

Heres. The funny thing about the e tron is that outside it does look very different from a regular audi, its got a real electric car vibe to it that sort of slightly amorphous styling, though i think audis carried it off really well, but in here it is a Pure contemporary audi youve got a 10.1 inch touchscreen and the same kind of architecture layout that you find in an audi a6 theres, no whopping, great portrait, oriented touchscreen. So, jumping straight out of your audi that you own now and into a vehicle like this, is going to feel just at home theres not going to be much of a learning curve. Experience at all youve also got stuff like navigation that can plan your route around charging stops and that sort of thing this particular vehicle, which is a left hand, drive valuation model, which is why im on the wrong side of the car will be on the right Side eventually, i promise this one. Has these sports pro seats here and they have massaging full electric adjustment, heating and cooling, and all of that stuff is going to be standard in the final equipment on the audi rs e tron gt. So the range topping variant and yeah – i love the driving position, its super low to the ground, just like a porsche thai can, and it feels like its going to be awesome to drive youve even got little paddles on the back of the steering wheel to adjust Your regeneration settings and, of course the other great thing about the seatron gt, is that its got all the usual build quality excellence that you would expect from a vehicle from audi.

Everything feels really solid to the touch and the materials are absolutely lovely. So, of course, one of the other great things about evs is theyre added practicalities. The e tron gt in this case has 81 liters of storage under what would normally be the bonnet in what im calling the fruit, what you might call the frunk, so thats really good in this case. Weve got charging cables and odds and ends and that sort of stuff and obviously missing a little bit of plastic, but it really adds to the practicalities of this audi, which include really quite generous back seats. Yes, my headrooms a little bit short for a six foot. Two me, but if youre under six foot, youll be absolutely sweet and of course, youve got a really great boot as well, so the audi e tron gt, we cannot wait to drive this thing. How well the porsche tycan drives has absolutely astounded everyone here at chasing cars, so we reckon audis slightly different. Take on it should be awesome, but, of course, were gon na have to wait till september to drive this car. Let me know in the comment section down below what you want us to do with it. When we get our hands on one and also any opinions you have about the e tron gt, while youre down there wed love it.