This is mantram shatter and today, im gon na do a review on the brand new, bold, looking tata, nexon eve Music. Let us know why tata nexon av is a market leader, and why should we go green? The first thing is, i am proud to say that this car is made in india, its the safest car of india, unmatched warranty on battery and motor. It has got a convenient charging and connected car feature. So tata has made this car to look bold and sharp, which looks rugged and it has got new grille with piano black finish and ev return on it. We also get a electric blue humanity line which represents that this car is an ev. You can see this treatment at many places or at the car we get. The new projector headlamp with tri arrow shaped, led drl. We also get black finishing around the fog lamp housing and we also get a triad treatment on the bumper here. We also get automatic, wiring sensing wipers, so on the headlight we have also got the nexon badging, which is a part of attention to detail. I really want to say that this car has got a lot of attention to detail, so we get 16 inch diamond cut. Alloy wheels and we also get the ev badging here and, as you can see, it has got a floating groove design, wow its a proper koopa. Look. So friends, let us explore some more design.

Aspects of the car. This car has got new triathlon shaped, led tail light. It has also got this x factor line which looks unique. It has got a new zyptron technology, which is a new technology by tata for the eevee vehicles. It has got shark fin antenna high mounted, stop lamp rear viper with defogger. As i said before, this car is made in india, so it has got a sticker for worker vocal for local friends. I have saw this new feature in tata cars that are at the rear. Windshield. We get a wildlife animal family picture. I think thats a great initiative by tata. I will elaborate this topic in my next video exploring the space coming to boot. It has got the multi purpose: 12 volt charging socket where you can charge your phone or charge your lamp. If you are a weekend traveler its a very convenient feature, this car has also got a partial tray where you can keep light luggages, and we also get two hooks where you can keep luggage weight up to three kgs. You also get a boot lamp and the boot space of this car is 350 liters as we explored the board now lets explore the main thing: the rear seats, while entering the rear seats. We get this triad of finishing on the door padding and coming to interior. We get a center armrest with two cup holders. We also get a rear, ac vent. I have a tall friend here.

As you can see, he has got a good head room, good leg, room, good, knee room and amazing under the support. As you can see, this seat is bit extended, comes with beautifully designed three layer dashboard with electric blue essence. Its also got very well designed leather at flat bottom steering in which, on the left side, we get the controls for media calls on the right side. We get the controller to operate the instrument cluster coming to instrument cluster on the right side. We get analog speedometer and on the left side we get seven inch tft screen in which you get regenerative eco power meter. Instead of a tachometer, we also get uh the, as you can see its very well designed it also get repeat: trippy and energy flow of the battery also get the center armrest in which we get a deep storage. As you can see in this, we also get a dual cup holder. Here we get the gear knob in which we get reverse neutral drive and the main thing, the sports mode in the sports mode. This car becomes a proper beast here. We get some storage space with again the blue electric ascent. We get the ac controls. We also get the seven inch infotainment system well talk about this after in a bit here we get the controls for the sunroof when we click this button, the sunroof gets tilt. If we close, this is to close the sunroof, and this button is to open the sunroof, as you can see.

So now we get the harman infotainment system in which we get apple. Carplay android, auto voice commands uh, bluetooth, audio audio setup park, assist phone setup. Now i have connected my phone with uh bluetooth, im gon na play a song and check the audio quality of this card. Music yeah, the audio quality of this card is really brilliant and the base you get is very lovely friends. Specification to know is this: car comes with a width of 1811 millimeter and a length of ’93 millimeter height of 1606 millimeter ground clearance of 205 millimeter, and the tire size of this car is 21560. The boot space of this card is three 350 liters, and the turning radius of this car is 5.1 meter now, its time to say more about performance. When i say about performance its only about the battery and the motor. The battery used in this car is high energy lithium battery the capacity of a battery is 30.2 kilowatt, which assumes eight point five five hours to charge ten to ninety percent in slow charging and one hour for zero to eighty percent in fast charging. This battery is married with 129 bhp of power and 245 newton meter of torque, which is pretty powerful, which does 0 100 in 9.9. Second, which is faster than the convention engine. The tata nexon not only performs like a beast, but also covers 312 kilometer, as per ar ai certified. This is achievable with the help of regenerative energy system.

Dear friends, as we discussed about the battery and the motor performance, i am sure that you all would be thinking about. The warranty of this car, so tata is offering a 8 year 1 lakh, 60 000 kilometer a battery and motor warranty. Whichever is earlier and three and three years of twelve one lakh twenty five thousand kilometer on the vehicle, the running cost of the car is less than a one. Rupee battery consume 30 units for one full charge. Okay. So now let us talk about the drive modes. If you wan na economic ride, you can train, you can choose the drive mode. If you want more power and more thrust, you can switch to the sports mode. As you can see, we have switched to the sports mode. You can see the thrust of sports mode. This car becomes a proper beast and its like ready to fly some of the facts of tata nexon ziptron is it has uh. It has reached more than thirteen thousand cheerful customers. You can service the nexon av at authorized tata showrooms. It has got green card of the year by ico. T and tata is planning to have 10 navies till the year 2025. It also provides tata a charging point at your home.