2021 MG ZS EV Review

So this is the se uh. However, it has got red paint which is an option and it has got the bigger battery which ill go into a little bit later on so come and have a look ill show you around it. Music. Please remember to check out our other videos and click on […]

Mercedes AMG EQS review of the impressive and powerful electric car

The amg eqs is the first all electric amg model with specifications that impress everyone thanks to the more powerful electric motor mercedes, has increased power to 751 horsepower, which is available in an optional boost mode. While standard output is 649 horsepower, the suspension has also been tweaked to be firmer and sportier, and […]

IONIQ 7 and IONIQ 9 Mystery. The Hyundai IONIQ 7 that you didn't know about! Also Feat. Kia EV7 EV9

In the u.s, as its large models like hyundai palisade kia telluride and genesis gv80 have given a new lease on life for the korean automaker when it was struggling with lacklustered sales on account of not having large suvs in the lineup, as they have become. Some of the most successful models in the […]

Affordable EV in India | Electric cars 2022 | Nexon ev, Hyundai Kona, MG ZS | Car review in Bangla

2 kilowatt hour battery electric motor 134 bhp powered and ‘5 mm torque produce, kodi air shutter cooler, mileage 452 kilometer per charge, regular charging overnight and fast charging 80 percent charge. One Applause: Music, 0 h, a 44 kilowatt hour battery jdc electric motor 142 bhp powered and 353 nm torque produced correct earlier […]

ORA GoodCat in Nepal | बिजुली car || Full Review नेपालीमा

It has the breadth of 1825 millimeter and its height is 1596 millimeter. Talking about its front low round shaped intelligent, led lamps, Music, foreign good cat comes with 228 liters of storage space, which is enough for day to day travelling here, Music, Music, foreign. I am very much impressed with the car now […]

2021 Hyundai Kona EV – Quick Review‼️

We back with another one im, an um hyundai 2021, its a little electric car, and we got ta um this one to the body shop. So we interrupt take it all on this ride along this little thing is kind of uh, somewhat uncomfortable its so small got a lot of features, though a […]

Okinawa ipraise Plus 2022 Electric Scooter Ride Review| EV Motovlog

I am krishna tanya mandela. So today im going to do my first vlog on okinawa, i press plus electric scooter, so the company claimed range is uh 180 kilometers with their for close to 3.3 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack. So lets check this complete details on okinawa high press plus the performance and […]

OLA S1 Pro Electric Scooter Full Review | Range | OLA Electric

My name is vihari. Here we are meeting mr shashank and his new ola s1. Pro electric vehicle lets discuss with him about his journey with ola s1 pro hi, sir hi uh thanks thanks for getting me on the camera and um yeah ive had a long journey with ola almost six months so […]

New 2022 Mercedes EQB seven-seater electric SUV review – DrivingElectric

Okay, sure the likes of peugeot, voxel and citron are bringing out boxy people carriers based on their electric van models. But what, if you want something to transport? Your larger than average family in thats a bit more premium and got a bit of suv style step forward? The brand new mercedes eqb now, […]

2022 Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo The Best EV For Under $100,000

This is the 2022 porsche tycoon, four across turismo and its porsches next effort at further expanding within the electric car market and by first looks, i think, theyve done a pretty good job with this. So in todays, video im going to be talking about the technical features specs and then go for a […]