Best Electric Cars 2022 – Top 10s What Car Top Electrical Car 2022 #wordoftredny

Stay with us till the end of the video to find out this makes electrifying. Our transportation system will bring great benefits to minnesota the midwest and the united states as a whole. In nearly every state in the united states, electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than the average fossil fuel car and, as our […]

2022 Toyota Bz4x Review | First Drive And Walkaround | Toyota Electric Car Price In Us

, the bz4x is toyotas beyond zero electrified approach, with the first two letters representing this. According to toyota, this new ev rides on a specialized electrical vehicle system and is the first of the series of new evs expected to be issued under toyotas bz series, which will prioritize safety and peace of mind. […]

2022 Mazda MX-30 Electric Detailed Review – Mazda's misunderstood EV

Now this is mazdas first attempt in an electric vehicle and we actually reckon theyve hit the nail on the head for 99 of what most people are going to want. This is the electric car for normal everyday people and not electric minded green focused people theres nothing wrong with, obviously being that, but […]

VW ID. Buzz review: 0-60mph, range & CRASH-tested 😱

Now its heritage dates back 75 years to the original t1vw van. Obviously, at the moment, weve got the t6 van, which has been around for quite a while now and theres, the t7, which is a hybrid and then this all electric version, which is the id buzz confused or youre just dazzled by […]

VW ID Buzz EV 2022 Multivan – Exterior Review and First Test-Drive

Lets go huge vw logo. Here, theres a specialist background story on that. One well also clear that for you in another design, video, but you can see they kinda went for a retro design, not a hundred percent. Like this, you know wall design from t1 also for crash safety. They had to do […]

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Review

Two trim levels will be available to start the prices. Chevy is quoting 105 000 for the fully loaded rst on display and ‘ 900 for the base and fleet oriented wt dont include destination, which is 1 695. On the current non electric silverado chevy says these two prices represent the bookends of the […]

Hyundai IONIQ 5 | Winter review | Impressive EV

Well, it is now 2022 and a lot of things have changed for sunday, theyre now a really solid brand to choose. When you want something a bit more upscale, perhaps and the latest in the lineup, is this: the hyundai ioniq 5 sharing the same base plate as the kia ev6. Well, the question […]

Driving the LDV T60 EV – New Zealand's first 100% electric ute!

I dont know what were in store for apparently theyre going to put me and a bunch of other journalists on a bus and take us to a secret location watch this space, the minibus, took us all to a herd of ldv electric vans and a hangar full Of exotic cars and after the […]

Hyundai Ioniq 5 AWD 2022 review feat. @Boston Dynamics robot doggo Spot! Electric car test Australia

This is spot spot. This is everybody im, a big fan, look believe it or not. I used to be really nerdy and i just have a blog and i used to follow robots and your predecessors, which were big dog and the other ones, are really uncoordinated. I used to post blog things about […]

Why the 2022 Kia EV6 is the most exciting new EV in Australia! Electric car review (range, charging)

As long as youre armed for it in australia so lets not waste time lets go figure out exactly what were dealing with here were going to be covering everything here from price and feces to design practicality, to safety ownership. What its like to drive efficiency and, of course, that awesome, ev powertrain and […]