Hyundai Ioniq 5 Review: Interior, Price, Range & 0-60mph Test | Top Gear Tested

How did that happen? Music Applause? What is it well, its a hyundai, hyundai hyundai, i dont know you may mind up wherever you are in the world. The important thing is its the ionic 5 from that brand, and that means its the start of a numerical family of electric cars, and this one […]

Tata Nexon EV | Nexon EV 2022 FULL REVIEW | EV BAZAAR

What you can see with me is indias largest selling electric cars to the nixon ev nexon ev holds 70 percent of the market share in the ev passenger car market. Lets check out why Music? As you can see, this looks very much like the standard nexon. However theres few mark differences, you see […]

Jaguar I-Pace review (2022): Better than newer rivals? | TotallyEV

So in this review and seeing how it compares to its modern rivals and furthermore, if its actually worth its price tag, because the i pace starts from 65 000 pounds and with the hse trim that we have on review with the options fitted on top. It comes in at a whopping, 79 000 […]

Mercedes EQE 53 AMG Premiere! The E-Class or CLS EV as performance AMG!

So the eqe is this: electric e class, or maybe electric cls. If you like, and here now in the amg version, there will be two amd versions available. The 43 and the 53 will tell you all about these details here with thomas and other crew and indeed the front very strong, and i […]

New 2022 Genesis GV60 electric car review – first look and walkaround video – DrivingElectric

While it may look completely different to anything, you may have seen before its based on the very accomplished hyundai ioniq, 5 and kia eb6. That means it will take on cars like the tesla model y, the audi q4 e tron and the ford mustang machi when it goes on sale later this year. […]

MG ZS review UK 2022 – Small SUV sized full electric EV – Cheap price for alot of car

Thank you and enjoy the video all right guys with him. Sean today, obviously garden cab, um and we are reviewing the mg zed s. Is it yep mg zs its full ev, its like a id say it compared its like a small suv, so its quite tall? But it is quite snug and […]

Tesla Model 3 Performance – the best EV going? Full range test, walkaround and drive along

How easy is it to do that now for me that centers around gathering football, so you get long away days driving across the country? Obviously, if youre in a combustion engine car just stop at petrol station, even if you have to stop at a motorway service station pay a bit more, you can […]

Are These The BEST Electric Cars Money Can Buy? (EV's Review)

According to several of the magazines and forums, ive sort of narrowed it down to six of the best electric cars you can buy, this is my no means the cheapest, but it is some of the most intelligent, technological and interesting, and if you are really into electric, As it is, the future stay […]

Mazda MX-30 2022 electric car review: Living with the E35 Astina EV for three months!

Now this was a long term review, so make sure to check out our written content over at It goes into sort of the detail of the day to day what its like to live with one of these cars and what its like to live with an ev generally, if you are watching […]

2022 MG ZS EV Trophy Connect Long Range Walkaround – Lloyd Vehicle Consulting

We are at um summit garage in dudley, its one of the my favorite places in the west midlands. It seems um its got some various interesting things here like a this um mgz tt, but its got four wheel, drive and uh rather nice mgf, but were not here to film those. Today in […]