2022 MINI Cooper Electric | Review & Road Test

We have a solution. Music. This little thing is technically called the mini cooper se, but its better known as the mini electric hardtop two door simply put mini, took a standard cooper, ditched the combustion engine and swapped. In a 32.6 kilowatt hour, battery pack, plus a 181 horsepower, electric motor observant mini files […]

Best Electric scooter 2022 | Pure EV | Etrance Neo | New Upgrades | Detail Review

So today we are with a upgraded model. I can say there was a model uh before with this, and there is a new look feel and lot of upgradations which were there in the vehicle today. The model name is e. Trans neo Music do Music. We are going to show in this video […]

2022 BMW iX first drive review: Tech-rich EV with an eye on design

The 2022 bmw ix makes a bold first impression from its polarizing exterior design to the holy smokes, thats good interior to the onslaught of new onboard tech theres a ton of stuff to pour over before you even hit the road. This ix crossover suv is one of two new evs coming to the […]

The BYD Yuan PLUS Is An Electric SUV With A Dragon Face And A Guitar

Markets very soon were not sure exactly which english speaking markets, but we do know, were the first foreign media to get our hands on it and were here to show you everything you need to know with hands on test drives and reviews of exciting chinese market vehicles. Wheels boy is the number one […]

2022 Kia EV6 Review Best Electric Car Features Interior Trims Safety

, its based on kias new, adaptable e gmp platform that provides a flat floor wide Stance and a long wheelbase matching the kia telluride three row suv. This platform also enables ev6 to offer jaw dropping performance, dual motor e, all wheel, drive capability and ultra fast charging times. Music. The design of the […]

Aha Nexcruise System Self Installation, Functions, and review on Tata Nexon ev

So this is what the system looks like uh. It was designed by akarji from aha 3d. This costed me somewhere around 25 000, but this price was only applicable for people who were early adopters. This is basically a discount reward for people who trust or trust the product or the maker of the […]

2022 BMW i3S EV Review | Massively Flawed, Ancient…Still One Of The Best Cars On Sale Today 💯

Really have you seen the state of this well, what man about? Of course, you have, it seems ancient now this thing it is ancient. In fact, the bmw i3 here is almost a decade old now and its going to go out of production within six months anyway. However, because when they were designing, […]

EV6 Makes This Obsolete? | 2022 Kia Niro EV SX Touring Winter Review

Smart, home charger. Music. Well, 2022 is certainly shaping up to be the year of the electric vehicle and i feel, like ive, said that for a couple years now, but there are a lot of new vehicles coming into the segment this coming year. But something like this 2022 kia, niro evsx touring, has […]

2023 Hummer EV Truck Towing Package and Tow Rating | First Look! Review

The all new hummer ev offers unmatched road performance. Three electric motors within the altium drive system offer an estimated 1000 horsepower and when multiplied through the front and rear drive unit gear ratios offer more than eleven thousand five hundred pounds feet of torque to the wheels enabling unprecedented performance capability, Music, the ultimate […]

Best Electric Cars 2022 – Top 10s | What Car ? | Top Electrical Car 2022 | #wordoftrendy

Stay with us till the end of the video to find out this makes electrifying. Our transportation system will bring great benefits to minnesota the midwest and the united states as a whole. In nearly every state in the united states, electric vehicles produce fewer emissions than the average fossil fuel car and, as our […]