I know, but i have greg this time all right: secret weapon. Okay, whats. He doing hes using the um vehicle to load thing, which is that thing where the car gets to power, an appliance so hes charging his laptop, no, no, but like whats, he actually doing right now. Oh, he is currently looking up how to use a video camera. Yeah not good greg is that bing Music Laughter youre watching throttle house wheres, thomas and im james anyway, as we enter the ev world, there seems to be a difference in approaches to the design of these cars. For example. This is a normal gv70, but when it goes electric its going to look pretty much the same and then you kind of get to the ones that look like theyve been inflated with a foot pump, eqs, id4, and then you enter the spaceship territory again. Youve got taikant and this the new kia ev6, which were filming today in the o.c Music, all right, thomas, give us some production value. So since im currently back in canada for a little break and james is the one shopping for an ev anyway, he thought hed. Capitalize on an offer to drive this, the new kia ev6, pretty isnt it like the hyundai ioniq 5, that it shares a platform with the kia. Ev6 is another new ev that tries to be kind to your wallet, starting at 45, grand canadian. It boasts the same 10 to 80 charge time that the ioniq 5 does 18 minutes and if youve only got 5 minutes to spare at the charger you can top up to 70 miles.

However, with all its fancy gt line, bits and all wheel drive like we have today, it can run you just over 60 grand canadian and ever since we reviewed the ioniq 5 and james wrist assassination by declaring it as a potential. Next daily driver everyones told him to try this one first before any decision was made. So here we go. We do car reviews, track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit the bell. Okay, keya say that the ev6 has a unique naming convention. The ev part means electric vehicle and the number represents where the vehicle sits in its lineup thats inspired, because it takes a lot of courage to name a car and it takes even more to not name it at all. But it is exciting actually because, as thomas said, im looking for a comfy ev to fit into my life, someone has to do the science, and this is one of the new comfortable, more affordable, evs, now top line numbers. This has in all wheel, drive long range gt line form like we have it today, 320 horsepower. That is the same as the ioniq 5. All wheel drive long range that we drove, which means it also boasts a similar five second or just over five second naught to 60 time, which is all the power you could ever want, and it delivers it incredibly smoothly and the other big number that matters is Of course, the range, even though this has the same battery setup and everything as the ionic 5 – this gets more range and i think that must be because its a bit lighter and also maybe something to do with aero in this spec.

That means that this has 274 miles of range unless youre here, where its colder, then itll be less and in kilometers. Now, comparing this to the other, all wheel, drive long range cars in this kind of class. This, i think, is second only to the model y from tesla, which is kind of annoying, because i want someone to come along and bring out a game changing range and that still hasnt happened. Even though 274 miles is pretty good and thats. The epa testing, by the way ive not been driving this very aggressively and i have 195 miles left with 89 of range and if i do the mathematics on that yeah thats less than 274 miles, so not massively impressed with that. What i am impressed with, though, is the ride, and if you remember from our ioniq 5 review thomas and i found that the ioniq 5 as soft and wonderful as it was as well and incredibly controlled, it had this kind of waft to it. This extra waft this like slightly unwelcome waft, where, if you were cruising along or just on a back road, there was this kind of extra level of just like feeling like youre floating. This, i want to say doesnt do that it is soft. It isnt. It is not aggressively tuned in any way, but it doesnt do that waft, so thats, an improvement. What it does do is drive incredibly competently and even if i drop it into sport mode, which i dont think im ever going to use because of the range thing i just mentioned, throttle response gets tighter.

This thing moves really smoothly more than a 4 500 pound car should ever do and like the ionic 5 and the other evs mustang marquee was one of the favorites. If you want to rip through canyons it, it will do it. You feel the heft. You absolutely feel the heft, but on braking its very confident that feels like a normal car, and i havent even got much regen on at the moment. If i maximize the regen and go to max which in this and the ionic is eye pedal its pretty much one foot driving, so i can floor it with this foot, let go and it breaks and im every time i do that i get used to it. More and more very soon that will be my default, so its quick, its smooth, it handles the corners. It challenges that waft, the ionic has, and i think solves it. Does that mean its the sportier version than the ioniq 5? No, i know theres an ev6 gt coming thats, just quicker its actually not got any more performance parts, so huge thumbs up on the way this drives. But if you think of this, as the sportier version than an ionic 5, then me wearing under armour activewear means im the sportier version of james, because even though it fixes the waff thing in so many ways, this drives exactly the same its just in the sportswear. But as far as sportswear goes, it wears it pretty well what a sleek design is it better looking than an ionic 5 standing here now, i think i still prefer the ionic fives retro styling, but thats kind of up to you guys.

What i will say is that, as far as a kia goes, its one of the best looking ive ever seen and theyve stayed true to their language. They have the digital tiger nose, grille, which we saw on the kia k5, so greg. I think its time to add that to the lion king poster weve got going with all the keys. This is the gt line, so weve got these 20 inch wheels. The steel, matte gray paint which looks fantastic and then weve got this line coming down here. Thats kind of lancia stratos inspired, but i think my favorite thing is that tail light at the back, which looks like the one thats on the new eqxx and seeing as im standing in front of this and not in front of the mercedes im going to say That mercedes copied kias homework, whereas historically, i feel, like thats, normally been the other way around so congrats to kia on that. It does, however, suffer from the same absolutely rubbish: frunk thats in the ionic 5, its practically useless, and even though its bigger in the rear wheel, drive version its still absolutely tiny. However, the strong suit of this and the ionic 5 is that neither of them look like their genesis, gv60 sibling, which looks like a fly. That is also a piece of poo, its, not good. So considering how ambitious this design was. I think its a bit of a success but dont be fooled, because this, like the ionic 5, both photograph as like, hatchbacks and theyre, not even though this has a wheelbase thats slightly shorter than the ioniq 5.

The wheelbase is still as long as a kia telluride. This is a big car an advantage to that, though, should be that it has a very roomy interior, all right inside the ev6, now immediately im delivered this kind of more serious darker cabin, which i really like actually gone. Is the white squared off bezel thats in the ionic five? Now we have this black angled one with this cool design elements going across the dash here, weve even got it on the armrest here in all ways. This feels more like that kind of spaceship thing that ive been talking about, for example, gone, is the shifter on the stalk, and now we have this circular one here, which makes it feel like youre about to say, beam me up. Scotty im, not a star trek fan, i dont know what that means, but it is very cool and weve got this brushed aluminium here. Unfortunately, this console, unlike in the higher trims of the ionic 5 doesnt, move back and forth, which was really nice because it gave you a bunch of leg space. If you wanted to spread out, i think i demonstrated professionally the gangster pose that you could take in that thats not possible in this. There is plenty of storage still going on here. Weve got this big bin down here. Its been in here weve got wireless charging, because this is the gt line. I think we have the heated steering wheel, heated, rear seats, ventilated and heated seats here as well, and instead of having to go through a menu to do that or pressing warm in the ionic 5.

The buttons are here: theres, no vibration or feedback theres, just beeps, but at least theyre one press. As soon as you get in the car. That doesnt mean that the ev6 isnt without its idiosyncrasies okay. I honestly, i dont, know what that word means its. The first time ive ever used it in my life, but you know what if there was ever a first time thats now this panel, you have has two different functions: you have to toggle between the radio stuff and the climate stuff. So when youre on the climate side, this controls the climate and then you have to press this to control the volume. I think that kind. It sounds weird, but it kind of works because you choose your climate and then you operate the radio for the remainder of the journey. As far as the infotainment goes very similar to the ionic five, we have the same gauge cluster in front of us, which is not the most intuitive, not the most exciting, but it works and at least unlike a tesla model, 3 or model y, its directly in Front of you, you can see it. Weve got the two spoke design that kia and hyundai and genesis are leaning into hard right now, which is an interesting decision because its a bit divisive and not everyones a fan of it. I dont mind it. I actually think that the one in the ionic 5 is better looking, but its got the same functionality here with drive mode.

I mean, i think, as far as the more affordable evs go. These cabins are getting really really quite nice, and even the materials going on here is all soft touch, leather and and vegan stuff im sure, but it feels really up. Market weve got the meridian sound system which, as wonderful as it looks, im not very impressed by actually it theres, not im, not a big, sound guy, but theres not much going on in the middle it. When, as you turn the volume up, even though theres quite a bit of power, it just feels like noise, you feel like you need to plug your ears and i dont think thats the sign of a good sound system, but beyond that this is a great front Seat, unfortunately, the ev6 doesnt benefit from the moon roof that the ioniq 5 gets. We just get this smaller sunroof, so i was a bit disappointed to find that out, but the seats are very comfortable. Headroom doesnt feel massive in here. If youre quite tall, it might be an issue, however theres tons of legroom, so you can just go back as far as you want. Although one thing i will say is that these headrests, while i actually think theyre in a really good position for driving because they hold your head forward um. But if you just want to rest at a traffic light, they dont adjust back so that it feels a bit pushy. I dont like being pushed around uh in the rear, its a similar story.

As far as space knee room is legion and the headroom is pretty good, but its not quite ionic five level. However, the seats do recline forward and aft like the ionic five, but they dont move back and forward, which is what allowed you such customization in the ionic 5 that thomas and i enjoyed so much from a passenger experience, especially in the back. The ioniq has this by quite a margin. However, you can drop the seats down from the boot in this, whereas in the ionic 5 you have to go around, i dont know how much of a big deal that is otherwise the boot space feels very similar. All in all, i think its a great cabin im really impressed with these two cars. Again, they theyre big liars from the outset: theyre, not cool, sporty hatchbacks, theyre cool cuvs, and they they really do succeed at that. But you have to know that if youre going from something like a golf r to this, its its not going to feel its not going to feel the same way so the ev6, despite its curves isnt, officially a sportier ionic 5, just the sportier looking one. But what it is is another quite wonderful option in the world of evs, from afar and in photos. It has a design that could make most hot hatches of the last decade blush and in the incoming gt form a 0 to 60 speed to match. Its range is competitive, as is the price its drive is smooth and the interior is roomy.

A mustang mock e is still dynamically superior, a model y gets the supercharger network, and the ionic 5 still seems to have james a little bit more smitten.