The founder of this company has built, for example, the fiscal camera before, but now he really wants to go global and also in a mass scale production. This will be very interesting. Why well, first of all, it goes in the same direction as the vw id4, the rdq for each one, tesla model y ford, mustang, machi, kia, ev6, ionic 5 from the size. You know 4 meter, 77 or 188. Inches is the length of this ev suv and thats, actually, no a pretty interesting size, because you can do a lot with that vehicle, and you can see here the spectacular california mode which can lower all of the windows at once and, for example, you can put. Then this surfboard right there – you see this typical hatch ending, looks a little bit like a range rover from the rear, doesnt it and the trick here. What hendrik fiska did is they are getting built at magna style in usd in austria. So and the cool thing is at this plant, they built the bmw z4, the toyota supra, the mercedes g class beam level. Five series are also getting built there and also jaguar e pace and dragon. I pace and actually, for example, with jaguar. These two cars are the best in the reliability and also durability, and also accounts for the bmw models. So indeed, with this factory theyre building this vehicle in they already can start from zero to 100, not like with tesla, for example, who have been struggling with quality problems and needed to advance first, looking at the front, actually a quite distinctive design here, ocean logo, in The illuminated style, thats actually quite neat this and the fiska logo, and the lower design is kind of bold and sporty, and this also then some cooling holes.

So tell me what you think. You know this comes out when a designer leads a company. Of course. These lights, and also will illuminate for the daytime light. This light strip goes all the way through in the side we can see here. Either these 22 inch bigger wheels or you would start with 20 inch arrow wheels. They would be more closed off. Then we see these crossover wheel arches. This is by the way like like a matte blue paint here, also very interesting, one of course more will be available and then the window line is actually quite slim and the door handles can be folded in and out. This really well, once again, we might mind a little bit of a range of yoke isnt it and then here the line is raising right here. Once again, even these slim windows that can be open. You know that dogs, for example, get some fresh air thats. Also, you know you can yeah somehow make a kind of convertible or something as for battery and range battery figures. At the moment we are filming. This one are not released yet, but we expect some either 80 kilowatt hours or around 50 kilowatt hours ranges its also once again, an estimate something 500 kilometers or 300 miles with the big battery and something you know like 300 kilometers or 200 miles with a smaller Battery there will either be a front wheel, driven model acceleration figure around seven seconds or all wheel drive one electric motor in front one in the rear, then around four seconds and also an extreme model which has less than four seconds.

Then, in the acceleration figure, illuminated logo here at the rear end a very strong styling, with this diffuser style in the lower end. By the way they will give six years warranty on the whole vehicle, maybe also the confidence than from the plan, and even when you buy one in the us, you will get one from the plant in austria actually and whats a very interesting composer again here. This is a an additional rear view, camera that is being shown, then in the back mirror, for example, when you load everything up in the rear that you can still see something through the rear from the inside, and here we see a first glimpse on the inside. This is the blue interior. You will have a blue interior, a white interior or a black interior. You can pick these three colors here with the blue. Microphone looks really beautiful, actually quite cool, also with the bright contrast, and you can see heres also more simplicity in the design so beginning, of course, with the seats, but also here these digital instruments. They are very slim and they remind us of the ford mustang. Mac e definitely so looks pretty similar. As for that and oh on the steering wheel, it seems like hashtag capacitive, bs buttons, so uh yeah. I have to see how they will be controlled while driving, but you maybe see this climate control in the lower part there. This is like a pre production prototype model.

We soon show you also one that is more finished already. You will have these temperature controls thats. Actually, quite cool – and you see the big screen obviously 17.1 inch – and this is a so called hollywood mode when its you know horizontal, but you can also tilt it actually and then it will be in the so called control mode and will be vertical here. We also have the silver vehicle for you and they also turn on the ignition on this one. There. You can see this light strip. That goes all the way across, and here also through. These very slim led lamps by the way youre watching autograph with thomas so subscribe. If you havent done so far and also hit the notification bell, you can also get this solar roof. You can even open that one here with the panoramic roof and when the car is often standing on the outside they promise over the year. You can gain up to around 2500 kilometers or 1500 miles of range with that, and we can also see from here that huge panoramic roof look at that. The opening is vast, so almost convertible style right here, the silver car from the rear. You can once again see the illuminated logo, and here we have also the california mod well, maybe also cost savings. They dont put winners on the car, no just kidding it can be risen up. Then here then also led strip. That probably will be the third ranking light.

I guess um, but definitely quite fancy. The charging flap is here in the front left on the drivers, side and 150. Kilowatts will be dc charging and here one more clear perspective for you, three crawl in front with that silver vehicle which car do you prefer here for today did look at the interior here. You know somewhat soft touch like the very top surfaces of that, but interesting structure, gray fabric being used here. Then we have the door handles and then these are the window levers this. You see its a prototype model, so we have to see how it will be in the finished version. This one here build quality wise, not comparable. Yet this is more like a hand built styling model. You can see here this, then the white or bright interior. This then, here a gray, microfiber and the white leather red, all animal free and also animal free steering, wheel, hey and there. Actually we see not. There will be actually this this jog here for the volume and also then here on the right side. So maybe it will be a mix between capacitive buttons and non competitive ones. This one here you know a little bit closer to production, and i mean this digital instrument. It must be taken from mustang mac e dont, you think so as well, but definitely clean styling and this brighton here looks actually pretty cool. I think so. Let me get inside and see about the seating comfort, the um, the seat themselves.

They are actually im missing. I have the hold up hold the door open like this um seat themselves is actually quite firm. Its electric control here at this moment its not working because cars not really powered um. You sit quite upright, indeed, um, not sure if the seat will go down further, but here at the moment not too much headroom with one 86 or six foot. One and the whole dashboard is kind of like very voluminous, so its not the best visibility to the front but yeah indeed, because of that screen and also because the instrument it makes a ford, mustang mac e impression. I really like the bright fabric right here. For example, as well and to me like one of the most favorite thing, is really that we will have these buttons here, and this is, you know like like a hand built model at this moment um, but i expect them like genoto to flip. Then you know these buttons, and this then will be here the button where you can actually tilt the screen then and change them from a different mode. This was more than like for driving and see the map and so on, and the horizontal one will be. For example, for watching movies, when you push the seats all the way back and then maybe you know enjoy some entertainment right there, but the seats themselves from a ergonomics point. They look quite sporty but theyre actually im fairly comfortable and also in the lower part theyre.

A little bit plusher than in the upper part, so interior wise from the styling, would definitely pick this one, and i mean this panoramic groove is really huge. So, besides that you have still like an a pillar or something, this almost has convertible feeling, and then, when you think about this california mode, where you know all the winners are also down together with the panoramic roof, its probably the closest to a convertible convertible. We can get at the moment in the ev segment, then one more perspective from here, where you can see once again yeah. This is the design focus then of henrik fiska everything with very clean lines, minimalistic design, but not as minimalistic as tesla, for example. I really appreciate that we still have the digital instruments to see, but it seems to be that the controls are all we know where we need them. Actually, there will be cup holders right here and then here is also then this middle armors, which can be folded up then in the final model and some space here behind this screen and the rear area, also with the same materials at the inside of the doors. Here its really interesting service, definitely in the bright fabric – and you can see here, of course, ev platform, no middle tunnel at all and seems actually quite spacious and comfortable, but is it actually im again inside there so lets see and yeah seating is actually quite plush Here and here the headroom seems fine yeah its not too plenty.

I mean we see. Design with the car is rather flat, you know, but for one week a61 it fades exactly so five tall adults will be no problem to house right here. You can very well also sit in the middle seats, so um this works very well. Actually so it is, you know, meant to be more used outside, but here the middle c is actually quite well usable. Indeed, once again, this being an early prototype model and if you subscribe, we can also keep you updated and with the further models coming in. Of course, we will soon also exclusively drive this vehicle here on autographer, for you, the rear hatch. Here you see, it will be higher in the final model this year in the product model its a little bit lower, but it will then be higher and it will also feature an electric version. But the interesting thing is here: when its open: it has kind of square dimensions. Actually you can see it right here, so it doesnt seem too high but of course, an auto fuel. We really always measure things, so the length is about 90 centimeters or 36 inches. Here: 36 inches about thats the length, the width here, a good meter or 40 inches thats kind of like a standard width and the height will be here around 65 centimeters or 26 inches and now were joined by henrik fiska. The ceo and also, of course, yeah. The brand is your name: basically, he has designed the bmw z8 or the s martin db9.

What did you actually think about going from a designer only to building a car yourself? It started with the karma. Obviously. Well, you know its uh was a little bit about being able to do everything you wanted to do, which obviously you cant do. If you work for another company and then i had certain ideas about trying to merge sustainability with uh great design, because at the time i started there was really only some kind of dorky little electric cars and hybrids, and i thought there must be a way to Make some cooler vehicles that people actually want to buy, so we can get more electric vehicles on the road with a karma you actually introduced also an animal free interior before anyone else did that. So why is that important, so important to you? Well, you know, i think it was more about how can we get more sustainability into vehicles, and i think you can create other materials that are much more or as feeling as luxurious as comfortable. So i think its all a matter of trying to do some progress. Its just like living in a house where you say maybe i dont leave the light on all the rooms. But you want to have light in one room and that yes, youre using energy but in the day were human and were going to use some energy. And we can do something that not that great in life, but if you can reduce it thats going to help.

So some people ask themselves now and maybe also dont know about the history between you and elon musk. I dont. I know you dont like this question, but are you the next elon musk, no im, henrik, fisker and im, just a normal guy from denmark that likes to design cars yeah? You know the background. Is you know they had some dispute, but i guess you dont care about this anymore. Is there any relationship between you elon and you? No, i mean im sure that you know hes busy with a lot of things and im busy with my things, and i think you know everybody has disputes when theyre competitors but thats been settled and we are moving on to try and save the world. So the car is, it stands here right now and i mean all the time and effort a lot in tears, youve put in and probably like a lot of sacrifices for you and also the people close to you. What does it mean for you then its that its actually? Finally, here its amazing, you know i went to the factory and saw the first 50 cars in the production line, and it was. It was amazing, high quality made in austria, so that was very cool and of course, you know we have a company where people come into work, not just to create a product that somebody buys, but really we are trying to change something in an industry and its Not going to happen overnight, you know nobodys, perfect and by far the car industry is not, but if we can get one step further in terms of getting more sustainable, uh mobility, i think thats important, but it only works if people actually likes what youre doing you Cant force this into people, you know so, and i grew up in denmark.

We have a perfect uh, you know public transportation, but i never woke up dreaming to take the bus. I dreamt about a car, so if we can make sustainable cars, i think thats the future and thats what we work on and the team is doing an amazing job and they love coming in to work every day or sitting on their zoom, because its not always Coming into work, so the competition is quite fierce. You know theyre the established manufacturers, then theres, of course theres tesla, and they all have. You know models in this. You know kind of like battery size, length and so on, and you dont have like this much heritage. As the other months maybe have so when customers asking that, why would you go for this one here now? Well, i think exactly because we dont have heritage, so we dont im not bogged down with traditional things. So when we decide, for example, to make a 17.1 inch screen that rotates thats, nobody else is really doing that or we decided to put a giant solar roof on top where everybody says yeah, but you never get the money back. I dont care. I do it because i think its cool to have extra free kilometers with super clean energy, or you know we have torque vectoring in our power train, so its going to feel super safe, specifically in an extreme situation where you have to do a quick avoidance. Maneuver youre not going to lose control of the car or in ice and snow its much better.

So you know were adding all these special things: california mode all the windows roll down. You can throw surfboard in through the back, so i think we have seen for people actually they really like all these features, and i think, finally, we spent so much time designing the lower part of the vehicle to take a very big volume of the battery pack. So we have the longest range of any crossover or suv in our segment. 630 kilometers, but you havent said anything about the batteries. Yet right, maybe now we havent said anything about the size and the reason is the only one whos instant the size of a battery is our competitors and we dont want them to benchmark. Oh, i see where this is going all right and you know california mode looks amazing its almost like a convertible also with a panoramic roof, but have you thought about winter time? Also, like heat pump, wise uh heat residual system, we have heat pump. Yeah. Absolutely i mean the car is built in austria and its going to get tested there, and we have a test in sweden right now where its really cold. So yes, absolutely i mean winter – is super important for us as well one of our biggest markets, scandinavia. So we have to have, we actually have a complete winter package with heated windshield and all that type of stuff. So is this, you know from quantity wise. Are you going like against volkswagen tesla, or do you more want to be like this niche premium manufacturer so where this is going this journey? I dont think we want to be niche, but you have to start somewhere.

I mean ultimately, i believe we can sell easily 60 000 vehicles in the us of the ocean alone, uh in u.s. Obviously i think we can sell more, so we are aiming for about 150 000 vehicles a year of the ocean. We are, of course, also doing another model called the pair, where you know we think, ultimately we can make a million of those vehicles so were definitely going for somewhat of a higher volume were looking forward to that. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you. Very much good to see you. What do you guys think does fiska here stand a chance again: tesla ford, vw, audi, kia, hyundai and so on. It will be very interesting. This has been the product model here so far, looking forward for the next stage actually and yeah once again, its an american company based based in california, but then built this. You know vehicle here in austria, so we will definitely follow all the process.