What i wanted to do is take you on a tour of the hyundai ioniq. Se the standard car then the sel and talk about what features it comes with and upgrades instantly. You can already see this wonderful little light signature up on the bumper and then were going to go through the limited, so a little trim comparison of the ionic 5 uh lineup here just so. You know these are all the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery packs with all wheel drive and each trim you can purchase so lets get into it guys. We got ta talk pricing before we continue, it was soaking wet outside, and i couldnt remember many of the numbers because, honestly i hadnt looked before i shot this video. It was a very impromptu trip and a big thanks to the guys who brought out the other ionic fives for us to film. So before we get started its important that you understand the pricing differences of each of these models and im gon na focus on the all wheel drive big battery trim. There is a standard car with a small battery. I believe 50 ish kilowatt hour 55 kilowatt hour pack and thats only in the base trim, rear wheel, drive and i dont believe any have come to the us. Yet not that ive, seen at least so were really talking about the 77 ish kilowatt hour battery pack and thats going to be this. The main battery pack for this car all wheel drive costs 3 500 for each trim, regardless of the trim level, so its 3 500 bucks for all wheel drive you not only do you get the functionality of all wheel drive, but you get a whole additional motor And more power, although there does seem to be a pretty big range cut according to the epa, well be doing some digging into that of course soon here.

So the standard car, the se that well be looking at, is 47 hundred and fifty dollars entry level price. This excludes destination uh or freight fee for each of the cars. Then you got ta step up its a couple. Grand about 2 500 bucks actually a little bit less than that to go for the sel and thats. When we start looking at 49 400 for that trim and then theres a huge jump up to the limited. The limited gives you so many things ill show you in the video of course, but that brings you all the way to fifty four thousand five hundred dollars, so its a five thousand dollar jump to get the limited, which is a serious amount of money. But you do get a serious amount of kit either way as youll see in the video. I think each trim is packaged pretty well theres. Only one glaring blatant error to me and thats not offering the sunroof on the middle spec trim. I wish they would have added another thousand dollars onto that trim or something and giving us a glass roof, because i think it transforms the car and its probably the biggest leading factor as to why i would recommend getting a limited trim anyway. Those are your prices. 47, 49 and 54. yeah big big spec differences, but here we have them all in one place and i cant wait to show you around the cars hey. Will this is your ionic 5 se hey yeah, so i picked up um my car about a week ago from new york.

I picked it up in new york just because a lot of the dealers here are charging way over msrp. This specific dealer, hyundai 112, was not charging anything over msrp, oh nice, so far, i love it um. It is definitely definitely different from my tesla model. 3 uh, but its still a great car um, definitely comparable to the model y but much cheaper than the model. One so this is the standard car standard, big battery, all wheel drive correct, yup yup its the se. The only upgrade i got was the all wheel drive upgrade other than that its base level trim nothing extra, forgive some of the rain. Its cold were burying the elements. So can you talk about what comes included in the standard car because im already noticing led headlights, they look pretty nice. Is it a different, led headlight than the other cars, i believe so um? I believe they. They call these uh reflector headlights versus the other ones are projector yep, so lets see if we can get a good view on that its a little difficult, but you can see basically the beam isnt being projected outwards, its being reflected versus these cars, which are have A individual bulb thats projecting the beam out right there, its still super bright, i mean im sure these are better headlights, but its still totally usable, so youre youre pleased with the night performance of them absolutely yeah. It has um automatic head high beams, so it will automatically dim and brighten for oncoming vehicles and do you have driver assistance as standard as well yeah? So i have a highway drive assist one um.

The higher level trims have dr highway uh driver assist too, but the the main difference is the uh highway driver says two can do lane changes. Mine cannot interesting so, but that seems reasonable. When you do a lane change does it. How does it actually work? So does it re engage every time you get back in the lane, correct yeah, so the second you put on your blinker signal it takes it takes away, uh, auto, steer and then you make the lane change the second you put it back in. It takes two three seconds, but then it um recenters itself in the lane and uh re engages very cool, and so i think the biggest difference really between the se and the sel that a lot of people will notice is the interior and so its really going Down to the cloth seat instead of that leather like material, so do you mind if we take a look in here? Absolutely i really like how this is light on the door by the way: thats, really nice, yeah and forgive some of the water spots on the camera here – ill clean it off in a second. But you can get a nice view of these cloth seats with a nice pattern in there as well, really good, looking seat still power on the drivers side but manual on the passenger, correct yup. Everything else is manual, rear seats, do recline and do move forward and back but its all manual, the only um seat that is motorized is the the drivers seat theres another difference here and it has to do with the rear lighting situation.

You can see the reverse lights. Are this non led light back over here and theres? Also, these pixels, which are actually black, but you still get this nice look its really not bad versus the upgraded cars heres, an sel. You can see the individual reversing light. Actually are the pixels here and then this is just your secondary brake light for when the hatch is open. Um honestly lets get a little side by side here, not the end of the world. You also get a nice strip of light on the bottom of these. Two cars here, the higher trims, but i dont think thats a buying decision, its just a little a little thing that how often is your car going to be in reverse and doesnt really matter and then of course, the lighting up front. So when it comes down to the standard car youre, not giving up on really any looks, no one from the outside would ever see the standard headlight versus the projector. You are giving up on this sort of lighted, uh front grille situation here on the upper trim. Cars, but to be honest, its nice but im not sure its a make or break to me and overall, the outside of the cars look almost identical. You can see down here, though theres some extra fog, light situation or something going on that this car doesnt have probably due to the projector nature of it. So theres a couple little things, but i think the biggest difference is going to be.

The highway driver assist one and two, and then the cloth seats in this particular car because i have to say the screens are the same. The sound system systems the same between them functionality, driving wise theres, no difference right, yeah, no, its the same range same motor same battery, so i think the standard car over the sel. Do you know the price difference between the two i dont know yeah. Well, look and well look and get all the numbers, of course, but yeah so far. I think that this standard car is a really good value and youre not giving up on much so far. Lets explore the mid trim and now were going to be exploring the sel in a little bit more detail. This is corbin congrats on your new car thanks. What do you think of it by the way i freaking love it its my first tv uh, never going back to internal combustion after this first ev, but you already have a youtube channel, of course, covering a bunch of things and going in depth with this. Looking at obd data going over charging really nerding out proper stuff appreciate that so weve created a list of all the differences we could find between the se and the sel and believe it or not, theres a lot so lets go through. What are we starting with so we got powerful inside mirrors here power folding side mirrors. Could you show those in action? So here we go power, folding side view mirrors nice.

Those are manual fold. I presume thats right power liftgate in the rear, ill jump in the back seat. Oh nice interior choice in this car too yeah the teal interior with the tan vegan leather, yeah, wonderful, thats, the next step up from the ses you get the the nice leather interior. You get the uh led light accents, get the home link, mirror yeah, so its also auto dimming, correct, auto dimming and you have ambient lighting. As you mentioned, yep, which is wonderful, uh anything else inside the car that we can think of got the heated steering wheel up here. Oh nice, i got it on right now, uh we got a wireless charging pad for your smartphone yep, which is definitely, and you can option two different interior trims with sel right. So, rather than just the base cloth in that car, you can spec white or black, or i guess, gray or black seats in this one uh yep you get this. There actually is three colors theres, the teal upper with the tan lower theres, also an all tan and theres. Also an old black got it, but you made the right choice. I didnt make the right choice. This ambient lighting is wonderful, really cool, yeah, its really customizable um. You got rear seat, ac vents, oh so, for dogs, especially, you know. We have big dogs. This is a mandatory thing or, if youre going to uber with your car, you dont get the vents in the back of the standard car and so thats.

Definitely a worthwhile upgrade all right. People really like that. Yep in terms of driver assistance, we got highway. Driving assist 2 in here, which adds auto lane changing on the highway. It also has junction crossing assistance which will prevent you from getting t boned in an intersection supposedly right, so it has extra sensors from hda2, where it will look for cross traffic and potentially help to avoid a collision or at least alert you in that scenario, correct. Well, thats a pretty comprehensive overview there i mean thats for a couple thousand dollars plus or minus. It seems like a lot of things that you know, especially just with this nicer interior materials. The air vents to me are a big deal. The ambient lighting, the one thing i wish you could spec on the mid spec – is the glass roof i do wish. I could get that too. The only other thing i would add from the limited would be the heads up display as well. The heads up display yeah with the augmented reality and well show you that, of course, when we jump over to this car, i think hyundai product planner should add, like a thousand dollar or 1500 standalone option. Just for the sunroof, the mid level ev6 has an option package where you can add the sunroof which, and it has cooled seats, and it has usb c ports what is hyundai doing living in the stone ages with usb a by the way.

Well, thank you. So much for showing us your car, i really appreciate it and subscribe to your channel. The link will be in the description and the pin comment. Yeah id appreciate that it looks like they closed the gate on us getting out of here. We dont know how to get out youre laughing yeah thats funny, and now you actually join me on the following day, a sunny day where the torrential downpour right as we were about to film the ionic 5 limited trim just got too aggressive. So lets go through everything. The limited trim will get you now that youve seen the se and the sel side by side and the one thing i dont think we mentioned that the sel trim gives you. I just want to show you really quick. Is the um dimmable and homelink rearview mirror there so thats on the scl anyway lets continue through. I have a list here of all of the things that you get with the limited theres a ton. You know look this car it sells. 56 57 000 were getting into serious money for the all wheel drive, but the first thing that you can easily tell if its a limited are these wheels. Now the rear, wheel, drive and all wheel drive limiteds actually have a different size, wheel and tire. The all wheel drives come with a 255 45 20 inch wheel. The rear wheel, drive limiteds, i believe, come with a 235 might be 45 r20.

So its a little bit narrower, i dont, know the exact tire size, but at least according to the documentation i found the rear wheel. Drive will have a slightly different wheel in limited trim than an all wheel, drive limited other changes. Youll notice, of course, are all this bright work, the silver side plating here the silver accents on the bumper, and i think it looks really. Nice youll also notice high gloss black trim throughout here and on the mirror mirror surrounds, which i think looks pretty sweet guys. What do you think about this spec to me? This is the spec, the ultimate spec, the might. The hard thing might be to actually take care of this paint, the shooting star with the green interior, i think thats, the interior to go for its the same one. We saw in corbins sel car – i absolutely love it here. Are the greens starting to look a little bit more green anyway lets continue? You get rain sensing wipers in the limited why the other cars dont have that i have no idea, and then we get onto the inside of things im, starting with right off the bat. This amazing glass roof to me that transforms the entire car. I really think they should have had this on the sel trim. It would have made it so much more attractive to buy and the problem is hyundai isnt, bringing many ioniq five limiteds into the country. The majority are ses and mostly sells to be honest, and i think its a real shame, because this glass roof is wonderful, so they should have had that on the scl, in my opinion, charge an extra thousand dollars for it, whatever it would be moving around.

We have a passenger seat that now is power with eight way adjustments and then the driver seat has this lounge function, which is pretty sweet, so you can put up this little rest. It does take a little while but ill show you a cool trick to actually put it all the way so youre sitting at a charger like we are now youre going to put that there youre going to rotate the seat sort of front up back down and Then youre gon na put the back rest there. I was actually just hanging out in the chair just like this. It was super duper comfortable, and i found a trick where, if you just push and hold this button for a second, it will return the seat back to its normal position, which is wonderful speaking of seats back to its normal position. The limited trim also gets you two memory positions here on the side, which is super nice to have its amazing, how many little things that the limited gives you that kind of almost makes it worth the money. In my opinion, for me i would only have a limited but again im spoiled and love nice options and nice cars. So you know you dont have to get it im tot. I actually think the value is probably the mid spec model um. You also have oh back to the seats theres, even more things, heated and ventilated, of course, so the other cars were just heated.

You also have um the relax seat, of course, like we mentioned so really just the ventilation on the seat and it gets cold. Some other things you get inside are the heads up display with augmented reality, which is really cool the ar stuff, the augmented reality kind of gimmicky. But i have to say where hyundai put the speedometer in this car is right, where my eyes at least look at the wheel. I talked to my dad about it. He didnt find it to be an issue, but the head up display is transformative and it really just makes that a non issue at all lets take a look one last thing on the front seats here you have this center console that can actually slide forward and Back like this, why you would need that? I have no idea, not sure. Now we get into the back seats where we have these shades. You know the greens really coming out there, that is cool love, this interior. This is the best interior by far and then back here. These headrests are adjustable and they can actually come out in the other cars. I didnt realize this theyre sort of attached v6 mustang, ripping it not improving anyones day theres your rear power outlet, which is kind of nice vehicle to load functionality without the need for the adapter. By the way, the adapter does not come standard with the limited in the us. You have to buy it as an accessory thats where you plug in here, and it you know, lets you pull some power out.

Forgive my bags back here. They claim that theres, a removable cargo cover so im guessing thats. This is in the limited trim, but not the others. I didnt notice it in the other cars. It has two positions, so you could either put it in this front position. If you want to recline the rear seats, all the way or you could remove it entirely, so i think this is something i would remove, but its again totally up to you lets see if im missing anything, oh big, one, of course the sound system. Now the standard sound system is not bad, but this gives you the big subwoofer in the back and again its not that amazing of a sound system. I dont think the jump is huge. Ive listened to both now but being a music nerd like i am. This subwoofer transforms the listening experience for some electronic music and stuff like that. So i really love that and then we get down to really just some technical differences here to the limited that give you some more. The first is a surround view. A 360 degree camera view on the screen, which is pretty nice. You get this um, this situation, where you put your turn signals on and itll show you a video screen of whos in your blind spot, which i really like. You can have smart park, which, if youre hyundai its smartpak from the commercials. If you guys remember that and um, i think thats it thats everything.

So there you have it all the trims of the ionic five wow, this wind and weather is wild out. Here today i have to say: im just juicing up im actually taking this over to go, see my grandmother id love to get her opinions and thoughts on this new, i would say: futuristic car, but still harkens back to the 80s feel and vibe its you know. Either way, i think the the key for me is: you should go the way i would approach this is based or max the mid spec is nice and really does give you a lot of good things, but if youre already stepping up to the plate for an Sel, in my opinion, youre, not gon na – remember the three grand or four grand whatever the upcharge is. I think it might actually be five grand well do a whole price comparison. Of course, in the middle of this video uh just spend the money. This is so much better, it looks so much better. Its got the glass roof, its got the cooled seats to me. This is this is worth it, but again, if youre leasing, the car or you just cant find these, because the limiteds are rare. The sel is a great option and then the standard car for value you just cant beat you get some of the best ev technology, great warm weather, range, cold weather range. This car is not amazing in but well see how that that does over time and you get really good driving dynamics all for reasonably priced vehicle for a 74 kilowatt hour battery pack, sorry 77 kilowatt hour battery pack.

Well, there you have it. My thoughts are extremely positive on this car im charged up enough to make it to my next destination. I over charge, because this car charges so fast that its 70 degrees outside so im, loving it and ill see you all in the next one.