In 2020, the company announced its second zero emissions model. The mg5 evs 8 then improved it a year later, with a larger 61 kilowatt hour battery to create the mg5 ev long range model that were going to look at here. This, the uks first and cheapest ev estate offers a 250 mile combined driving range. An increase of 36 miles over the original 52 kilowatt hour version all for a reasonably conventional price, exciting, possibly not clever, definitely Music, even with the aid of the governments plug in grant a budget at all around 30 000 pounds. Doesnt get you much these days. If you want your next car to be a full ev, certainly not much thats family sized unless you opt for one of these, the mg5 ev a rather different kind of a state and one thats a lot easier to justify. Now that mg has relaunched it in the long range 61.1 kilowatt hour battery form were going to look at here. You might not have yet registered the existence of the mg5. Basically a europeanized version of a model from mgs chinese parent group saic the row e. I five the brand first launched it in 2020 with a 52.2 kilowatt hour battery that offered a modest 214 mile driving range. Customer interest was also well modest, but this car is now worth the second look, not only because of its longer 250 mile potential between charges, but also because it gains mgs pilot driver assist system that offers extra camera safety tech most of the other evs.

At this price point are smaller and cant go as far between charges. In fact, at the time of this test in early 2022, there was only one other ev estate car on the market, the porsche tycan cross turismo. In short, the mg5 offers something a bit different, but would you want one thats what were going to find out Music Applause, its a sign of the times that you cant have any sort of combustion engine in an mg5, not even a plug in hybrid one and Its a reflection of the needs of the european market that the single ev model we do get is quite a lot more powerful than the version offered to the chinese. The output of this long range 61 kilowatt hour model unchanged over the original 52 kilowatt hour version is set at 156 ps, thats 42 ps more than the far eastern row. Ei5 version of this design, reflecting the fact that family folk here have been conditioned to expect their evs to be quite quick. So this one gets to 60 miles an hour in just 7.3 seconds on the way to a rather unev, like top speed of 115 miles. An hour those family folk will be expecting a reasonably long driving range too. They didnt really get it with the 214 mile figured offered by the original model. But this long range versions – 250 mile combined figure – is a bit more like it to get close to that.

Youll need to have selected the most frugal of the three available drive modes eco and made proactive use of the three kers regenerative braking settings, the most powerful of which slows the car noticeably off throttle. You wont be expecting much from the drive dynamics and you shouldnt, but the steering is reasonably well weighted and the ride soaks up sharper, bumps and speed humps quite well. Youll need to be careful with your right foot its easy for the power on offer through the single speed, auto gearbox to quickly overwhelm the front tyres, modest reserves of traction. Pushing on a bit offers the opportunity to switch out of the default normal drive. Setting into sports, and as with most evs body, roll is controlled by the low placement of the battery in the chassis floor, longer, trips, in particular, are aided by the inclusion of mg pilots. A package of active safety features, including adaptive cruise control with lane keep assist and automatic emergency braking Applause. Music Applause, Music mg already sells the markets most affordable, family sized ev crossover the zsev, but while that model wont be quite big enough for some families, this contender the markets most affordable, ev estate, just might be the exterior styling unchanged. With this long range model is restrained and conservative, and not particularly suggestive of a budget brand in profile. A crisp shoulder line runs above the door handles with lower creases that give the flanks some shape. These 16 inch meteor alloy wheels are standard and silver roof rails.

Decorate this plusher exclusive version, whichever variant you opt for, you certainly get a lot of metal for the money. The mg5 is 4.54 meters long which, to give you some perspective, is about 100 millimeters shorter than a ford focus estate, though this mgs 2.6 meter. Wheelbase is only 43 millimeters shorter than that forwards. This chinese contender is 1.82 meters wide and 1.54 meters tall too up front by function: projection headlight with led daytime running lights, flank a central grille with six silver bars and a central brand badge behind which the charging point resides at the rear, a silver strip links The tail lights, theres, a subtle, roof, spoiler and chrome, finishing decorates. The lower reflectors lets take a look inside up front. The specialist motoring press has been a bit disparaging about the cabin ambience, but its actually, not that far off volume brand standards without feeling, especially plush. Even in this top exclusive spec variant with its white stitched, leatherette upholstery still mgs getting there and clear efforts have been made with cabin quality, the piano black, trimmed lower, console the silver inlay panel around the center fascia vents and the bright work adorning the steering wheel. The cup holders and the climate controls mgs tried to meet the current prevailing class standard for infotainment too, with this 8 inch center monitor, itll, usually display in this split screen format with audio navigation and apple carplay options, easily accessible, and this silver center control acts.

As an activation and back button, a small car option at the base of the display connects you through to screens with driving assistance, comfort and battery heating options. Anything else you might need to know can be found in the instrument binnacle, which combines a central seven inch screen with rather curiously on an electric vehicle outer analog dials, the left one for speed and the right being an ev power meter when the ignition is fired. The outer edges of both analog dials are completed by the edges of the center screen, with a green battery percentage graphic on the left and a blue voltage display on the right. The central part of the screen can show a drive, assistance, graphic or settings options, but will usually be kept in its car mode, by which you can view electrical information, tire pressures, a digital speedo or trip computer data. What else? Well, you sit quite high almost like an suv and theres plenty of interior storage, space, a big glove box, large door bins and a lidded compartment between the seats twin cup holders reside below the gear selector dial, with a little cubby next to the electronic handbrake plus. There are narrow compartments on both sides of the central footwell tunnel. A slide back lid under the center stack reveals twin usb a ports and a 12 volt socket time to take a seat in the rear. Now on the back seat, theres, ample, headroom and legroom. Even for taller occupants – and you can fit three adults in without much trouble.

Thanks to the relative absence of a central transmission tunnel twin usb, ports are provided along with seat back pockets, big door bins, coat hooks and the upper grab handles twin cup holders in the center armrest and the usual isofix child seat fastenings. Finally, this is an estate car, so youll want to know about boot space, which is rated at 578 liters, with the rear seats in place around the same as a ford focus estate for reference thats about 200 liters, more room than you get from an ev hatch. Like the volkswagen id3 theres space beneath the floor for a spare wheel, but mg doesnt provide one still, this is a usable space, an adjustable height, boot floors included. There are netted areas left and right, plus you get a warning triangle and a light on the left. Unfortunately, though, theres no ski hatch for longer items or 40, 20 40 seat back split fold, the 60 40 split rear bench flat in this mg5 and you can extend your storage space to 1456 liters, Music Applause Music. There are two mg5 ev long range trim levels base excite and exclusive at the time of this test. In early 2022, the asking prices for this estate after deduction of the governments, 1500 pound plug in car, grant started at around 28 000 pounds for the excite variant or around 30 and a half thousand pounds for this top exclusive version. On the other side of your mg dealers showroom, the same sort of money would get you the slightly smaller mg, zs ev thats, a full electric crossover or if you wanted, the combination of ev and engine a slightly larger suv, the mg hs plug in hybrid.

If you want this much metal from other brands in the ev segment, youll need to pay more or if you want to keep your budget at or around 30 000 pounds. Youll need to accept a smaller car, a little smaller in the case of a nissan leaf or a lot smaller in the case of say, a renault zoe. This is also the kind of money being asked for much smaller super mini sized evs like the honda e. The mazda mx 30, the peugeot e208 and the voxel corsa e, all of which means that on paper, this mg5 could look attractive to a family customer, especially when they take a look at the standard. Spec basic sight trim gets you 16 inch. Meteor alloy wheels air conditioning a rear parking camera and a 7 inch driver information display screen plus cruise control. A leather steering wheel, an automatically dimming rear view, mirror three driving modes. Three cares: brake regeneration settings, rear parking sensors and follow me home headlights as well as a seven year, warranty infotainments, taken care of by an eight inch, color touchscreen, incorporating navigation, a six speaker, 3d audio system and apple carplay or android, auto smartphone mirroring. If you want more, this exclusive version adds leather style upholstery with heated front seats, featuring six way, electric adjustment for the driver, and at this level you also get silver roof rails. Also, air conditioning power, folding heated mirrors, smart keyless entry with push button starts rain.

Sensing wipers and one shot electric rear windows safety provision has taken a big step forward with the introduction of this long range model. Thanks to the standard inclusion of the mg pilot camera safety package, this includes active emergency. Braking lane keep assist adaptive cruise control traffic jam, assist, intelligent, high beam, assist and intelligent speed limit assist. Passive systems include front side and curtain airbags. Electronic brake assist abs with ebd twin isofix points in the rear, a tire pressure monitoring system hill, start assist and seat belt warnings for front and rear passengers. Applause. Earlier we mentioned this cars 250 mile wltp rated driving range 23 miles less than a zs ev thats. A combined figure mg quotes 190 miles for motorways 279 for rural roads, 334 for towns and cities and 344 miles for slow moving traffic. Some class perspective well youd have to pay over 30 000 pounds for the bigger 62 kilowatt hour. Battery e plus version of nissans leaf to get close to that, and even then youd only get 2′ miles. A mid range 58 kilowatt hour. Volkswagen id3 manages up to 260 miles but thats a smaller car and would cost much more when equipped to this mg standard. All the other contenders you could name are either super minis or small evs, and none can match this. Mg5S range figure and some are well below. You could easily, for instance, pay mg5 money for a honda e or a mazda mx30 and get half as much driving range.

As we said in our driving section, youll need to activate the kers toggle switch, which alters the level of regenerative, braking and therefore energy harvesting and engage the provided eco mode to get anywhere near. These figures in normal driving, wed, say 200 to 220 miles between charges would be more achievable. Charging an mg5 ev is straightforward. Thanks to its combined ccs and type 2 port mounted within the front grille for easy access from either side of the car, but accessed via a rather flimsy flap. The ccs plug in is an enhanced version of the type 2 plug with two additional power contacts for the purposes of quick charging and supports ac and dc charging power featuring rapid charging capability. The car can charge from 10 to 80 in 40 minutes from 100 watt kilowatt charging station. If, of course, you can find one at home, the car can recharge itself using a standard 7.4 kilowatt wall box in around nine and a half hours thats about an hour quicker than mg zsev, which has a larger 72 kilowatt hour battery, either way overnight. Charging should be easy and in emergencies the car can also, of course, be charged via a standard three pin plug, though thatll take a yawning 18 hours. The 61.1 kilowatt hour battery pack is managed by mgs intelligent battery temperature control system and insulated from external temperature variations. So that it can deliver the optimum power and range whatever the weather, as with all mg models, you also get one of the longest, fully transferable warranties in its class a seven year or eighty thousand mile package being standard across all variants.

Rivals such as hyundai only provide five years. Users will benefit from one percent benefiting kind tax during the 22 23 tax year, which means low company car tax think from 55 pounds for a 20 taxpayer or from 110 pound for a 40 taxpayer. Insurance is group, 27a service intervals are every year or 15 000 miles Music Applause Music – here, maybe just maybe, is the markets most sensible. Family car youd have to be free from the affliction of badge snobbery to consider it and have no particular interest in the joy of driving. But if that doesnt bother you, then an mg5 ev might have plenty to recommend it as an ownership proposition. If your next family car simply must be an ev youll get a feeling for just how far the mg brand has come. If you happen to remember the companys last family size model that wasnt a crossover, the unlamented mg6, a car that struggled to find any sort of sales traction at all in the uk market. This mg5 also struggled a bit at its initial introduction back in 2020, but it deserves to find a wider audience in this much improved long range form. The version we ought to have had from the start for the price of a planet, polluting, mid range focus or astra estate.