You also know that we, like the whole electric car movement – okay, not all of it, but we like quite a few electric cars. So we should really love the xc40 in its full electric version. So, on the other hand, the ev market has grown significantly, since we first saw the xc40 with some major players stepping into the ring weve learned to expect more from all electric vehicles, so the xc40 electric has a lot to live up to lets, see if it Does in terms of design, we always loved the boxy, yet quirky scandinavian minimalism of the xc40. Now, for me, the front falls a bit short because of this unfortunate typical benchmark gorilla solution. Now, if it had been a little bit lower like fully integrated or maybe even a little higher, it might have looked better, but its just this kind of inch thats floating. Yes, they dont have the need for a grill, but they also dont have the need for a glued on cover. Instead, surely there has to be a more aesthetic solution now why it might be the standard for evs in the industry at the moment that doesnt mean im obliged to like it. The overall design is familiar from the other xc40 models and we love it. Its a wonderful mix of sharp lines that have some finesse and not devoid of features theres just enough to make the xc40 recognizable appealing and unique without going too far in any way and thats good, typically, european styling.

In a nutshell, the wheel design is familiar from the feb good looking 20 inches. Now the xc40 is no stranger to our roads, so lets get to the real deal behind this car. There are two electric motors with combined power of 300 kilowatts and 660 newton meters of torque, now, of course, theres petrol and plug in hybrid versions, but were not here. For those today open the bonnet and the theme from the grill continues. You wont find the motor, and even when you lift the copper youll only find a cable hey. It took my cable. The official range is 418 kilometers, which is not bad at all. The one thing thats, not really praiseworthy, is energy consumption. Sure 418 kilometers of official range is nice, but it also packs a 78 kilowatt battery. The eqa 250 is far easier on the battery, at least in official terms. The reason for this is all wheel, drive and, frankly speaking, awesome acceleration now ill. Tell you how it feels to drive in a minute, but 4.9 seconds to 100 should give you a hint. Youll also be pleased to know that if you use the fastest dc charge option, you can get induced up to 80 in 40 minutes. Well, its not bad, but its not really class, leading an 11 kilowatt, three phase, ac charger loads up the car to 90 percent in eight hours. Sadly, the most basic household charger is really useless, requiring two to three days to fill to 100, not joking, really two to three days its really an.

If you must option on our tests, we found that we were only averaging about five kilometers of charge per hour and thats, not great. If youve been following us, youve seen a bit on how powerful eb acceleration is. The xc40 is among the feistiest examples of it. Its a rocket as soon as you plant your foot from standstill, thats evie talk for you as tempting as it may be, to accelerate all the time like this. You actually need to spend some time driving in practical conditions. Sometimes i mean most of these will be daily drives, and for that purpose the xc40 is just awesome. The range is sufficient its dimensions and shape make it a nice city car and you get the elevated driving position. It can be a calm drive and it can also give acceleration thats beaten by few other cars on the road. The only downside is the price of these kinds of evs, and this one is no exception, but well get to that. Okay theres. Another downside that i need to mention, unlike most other evs theres, only one regen, braking setting now its either off or its on, and its strong when its on like strong and the only way you can turn it off again is to go through the touchscreen, which Is not that easy, thats a bit inconvenient when other evs give you a physical button or let you control regen, braking from the paddle shifters, but once you get used to it honestly, youll just leave it on all the time its so nice, you dont even barely, Have to use the brake, it just does it for you, so you can just tap your foot at the traffic lights.

The regen braking is really part of the ev driving experience and its actually a huge positive suspension is also pretty good, but it can be a little jumpy on bad roads, nothing unexpected, really its a car with a small wheelbase and pretty nice handling control. Now something i havent seen yet well, when i first got in this car. Of course i was looking for the on button, but there is not one so pretty much as soon as you open the door the car turns on and to drive. You just need to put it into drive and again, when you get out, it turns off. The interior, design and quality have been one of the xc40 strong points for a few years now, and it is the same in the pure electric version as well. Once inside the quality is apparent, although some of the styling is a little, i dont know like starting to date to me now, like piano black im very over and not sure about this pattern. I think that the metallic or the wood grain would look a lot better, but one of the big things that we know we have to bring up is: why is the design not more specific to the eb, because youve got this huge like transmission tunnel here, but I mean im assuming theres, nothing underneath it. Why not condense that space a little bit add a little bit more leg room and it even comes all the way into the back with that bump in the middle between the two seats on the floor.

So does that need to be there i feel like it could be refined and specialized further. The materials are awesome, seats are so comfortable and the controls are minimalistic yet really easy to use and again that portrait orientation for the infotainment system, which, while it was unique, it is now becoming less common as well. A lot of the other brands are moving to landscape with the likes of tesla and the new s class mercedes, changing the direction as standard you get things like leather upholstery, awesome digital instrument, cluster that can also show navigation, dual zone climate, the mentioned large infotainment screen Digital radio, wireless phone, charger, 360 degree, camera keyless entry and a harman kardon sound system and of course, there are far more features than that, but when you get these features as standard in a car, you know that its a good quality. The xc40 is a success. In terms of practicality as well, interior storage is ample with two cupholders up front: deep armrest bin box, a spacious tray in front of the gear lever and pretty large door bins with bottle holders. Now there is smartphone integration, which has worked really well, but theres, not apple carplay, as far as we could tell, but many of the infotainment apps are google apps, so once you log in it should all be familiar and personalized. Also, this car has its own independent internet connection and also like tesla, can support over the air updates, and there are air vents in the back here, which is always welcome in my book.

They also continue the upright air vent theme from the front and, although its not my first rodeo in the back of an xc40, i am always surprised and pleasantly so about how spacious it is, and it is noticeably for a small car and pop quiz. Does anyone know what these are for? We didnt get the info while we had this shoot and i dont know theres four of them leave your answer in the comments its boxy exterior styling, which makes great headroom understandable. Legroom is great as well as the knee angle, but again do we need this transmission tunnel here. Do we, of course, exterior dimensions, have to show some limits now why its very comfortable for two people, its not really a three person back seat? It does have the features of usbc two charging ports here: optional, heated seats, um mat, puppet mac, net pockets, door, bins and pockets, and your cup holder in the back here. Lastly, the boot is pretty large not only for this class, but also for electric vehicles that have a motor in the rear, as well, with 414 litres of space, with the seats in use. Its really functional and another great safety feature that weve noted on this particular car is Music. There is a safety stop mechanism for the automatic boot, lift and drop theres, also an underfloor storage for a bit more space, and it helps keep the boot nice and clean. Now volvos have a reputation of being very safe and thats for a good reason.

Just some of the standard features on this model include auto emergency braking, speed, assist blind spot warning, active cruise control, rear cross traffic alert lane assist lane departure warning road sign information, ongoing lane mitigation hill start assist hill, descent control, reversing camera with a 360 degree function And now the xc40 recharge, pure electric, is not cheap by any means. It starts at 77, 000, not cheap, but also in line with pricing for other electric cars, actually its like 200, more expensive than the mercedes benz eqa 250, and i reckon the xc40. Maybe better bang for buck now. Yes, we did love the eqa 250 and you can see that in our review. But the xc40 is a nice package, so much of a nice package that this my 22 model is now completely sold out. So if an electric xc40 tickles your fancy, unfortunately youll have to wait to the model year 23, which will have different features and specs. So wait for our review for that one, and thanks again for watching cartel tv and dont forget to follow us on social media.