It is to give you, though, a clue to the car that were getting our hands on plus it comes with this, its own rather satisfyingly practical set of luggage, including this rather fetching bomb bag. Now its a close relative of the tiny urban four wheeled friend that is guaranteed to make you smile the citronami, but take that make it less cutesy more rugged and ready to feature in an episode of sas who dez wins and you get this. The citroen ami buggy before i tell you all about this funky little thing. Please do like and subscribe to and do let us know whether you think the ami is perfect or perhaps a little bit pointless. Perhaps the buggy makes it an even more intriguing car. Okay, so heres the deal. Essentially, the buggy is just the same as nami, but its had a bit of an action man makeover in a vague not actually to the citroen mahari, which was a lightweight plastic bodied utility vehicle that citroen used to make back in the late 1960s until the late 80S now at the moment it is just a concept, but there is nothing ridiculously silly about the changes and it shows how easily the ami could be customized for extra fun and function, theres already the ami cargo on the way, which is basically an ami with extra Luggage space instead of a passenger seat for those small last mile deliveries in cities. So it makes sense that another version of the army gets a bit bolder.

So you get the same 5.5 kilowatt hour battery underneath as the standard ami, the same 46 mile range and the same 28 mile per hour, top speed, which all means that ami life is about cities and towns, rather than motorway cruising now youre going to do your Charting from this point here, citroen would actually provide a three pin plug adapter. A full battery will require a three hour. Wait, but dont worry, it wont require a full driving license, because the army itself is technically a quadricycle. Now what that means is that it doesnt have the speed all the safety requirements of a car. So, yes, the buggy concept shares all the same underpinnings as the cute ami, but then the citroen designers have been allowed to go a bit mad and modify it. Taking inspiration from everything, from furniture to construction, to trainers and modern lighting, and i can kind of see that the one thing that stands out is that the buggy has a sense of humor is incredibly fun and according to citron, the buggy is dedicated to leisure and Designed for adventure, although im assuming that were talking about really quite local adventures, and rather gentle leisure, because this is still basically a tiny plastic. Four wheeled moped with only front wheel, drive and a very modest range. But if you want to criticize the ammi buggy for not being properly hardcore well, i think youve kind of missed the point completely, because this is about showing how creative you can get with some really quite simple ingredients, its all about the detail with this ami buggy.

Now some are quite obvious, like the safari style editions, i mean i absolutely love this. This is an army with bull bars, headlight grills youve got the wide arches to cover those chunky. Well, small but chunky mud tires its a bit like seeing muscles on a teddy bear. If you get what i mean um, its also got this light bar, which i love so cool and very essential, of course, for all those midnight trips to the beach and safaris uh youve also got the roof mounted spare wheel, which a just looks really cool and Of course, its ideal for when you drive over that discarded cocktail umbrella, then there are the doors or the lack of them, because, instead of doors, you get these little swing away. Pods that hold bespoke bags and yep. There are a variety of handbags that go with this car and im, not even kidding theres a bum bag that clips into the steering wheel, a sailors bag that goes here in front of the passenger and these bags that go into the quarter doors. So it does have doors by the way sort of there are these zip in rain, covers for when things get a little bit wet, which is another nod to the buhari which had a similar arrangement. Now the rest of the stuff is kind of window dressing really and but good window dressing. I appreciate this now. A lot of the storage that we touched upon earlier is portable, very nifty, and some of the elements are 3d printed, like the mirrors, so nice and easy to make and replace or maybe get creative at home.

If you have a 3d printer get accessorizing now, there are flashes of this lovely acid, yellow all over the car uh, which actually i quite like it makes it a head turner people are going to see this car coming a long way off, especially when youre bombing It down to the beach now theres this phone holder here and theres, also a removable speaker that can go behind the steering wheel. So you are beach party ready at any time now. Another little detail, theyve done is theyve, actually labelled each side pilot up here and co pilot on the other side, and even the seats are numbered one and two, which is very useful, because i do get a little bit confused at times. Ive kind of got the feeling that the ammi buggys ideal work environment might well be as beach transport from ones villa in the hills or for local pottering around somewhere hot, where doors arent very necessary, which is why it makes perfect sense to be taking it. For a drive in a car park in coventry now in most cars, you couldnt say youd done a thorough road test at these speeds in a car park. But this ami buggy is probably the exception to the rule. It seems to be exactly the same as the ami to drive except bouncier because of the wheels, which means it has very little suspension, but, to be honest, doesnt really go fast enough to worry about the ride quality that much, i dont think anyone really thinks this Is supposed to be a serious transport solution right, its a bit of fun at a time where we all probably need a little bit of extra fun in our lives, and i do generally think if you lived near a beach, then this would be absolutely brilliant.

No emissions, quirky, fun and practical, and if the leasing prices are to be believed, you can get an ami for the same price per month as something like a posh mobile phone or tv subscription, so its not gon na break the bank. I think probably the thing that bugs me the most is that its just ever so slightly too slow. You know i get the rules and the regulations about it being classed as a quadricycle, which means it cant be too fast, but with a top speed of just 28 miles per hour, i mean youre kind of running the risk of being overtaken by committed, cyclists and Thats, just gon na be embarrassing now its absolutely fine in town traffic, but i have noticed that for local stuff, the odd bit of a road or trip between rural villages, for instance, is actually verging on the uncomfortable. So what would it need? Well, the army as standard has about eight pretty horsepower or six kilowatts of power. So if we upped that by say 25 to give a 45 mile per hour top speed, then i think youd immediately feel safer and have a car with eight kilowatts of power, which i suppose would make it the ami eight. So would i actually have an ami buggy? Well, i live in london, so the average speed is about three miles an hour, so top speed isnt going to be an issue, but the biggest beach thats, the local lido and sand pit, also the weather isnt ideal.

So i think personally, i would be more tempted with the ami with windows and heaters um, although i would take some of the accessories with me. I mean the matching yellow luggage that fits into the buggy like a perfect jigsaw, love that um plus. Of course, i think its something to aspire to, because if i need an ami buggy in my life, then obviously i will have the beer its summer villa to go with it right as ever. If you want to know more about anything electrified, the citroen ami, renault twizy or any other more conventional electric car, then please do log on to electrifying.