My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the jaguar. I pace specifically the black edition and this video is in partnership with insta360, which is this little 360 camera that im going to use to film some of the shots in this video ill put up on the screen. What way ive done the shot, but i will have a separate video totally describing how to use this insta360 when youre reviewing a car but lets get straight into it. Ive wanted to review this car for a couple of years and i finally got my hands on this. This is a black edition, so its theres two editions in ireland. There is the regular i pace and then theres a black edition depending on the market. You may get a se or a hse version bush two versions here in ireland and you load the black edition from a couple of different styling queues from around the car itself. You will have an all black grille, so a surround and also the elements of the black part of it as well. This grille is unique because it has a cut through that comes right. The way up into here and comes out into here, given a dry coefficient of 0.29 and everything else around the car, is all black as well. So youve got active air on the underneath. This is actually closed off. Youve got your black cro your glass black along here youve got your active side.

Curtains with your glass black along the side led matrix, sorry led lights, and then you can spec matrix ones. There is a front inside that. Well talk about that in a second. These are the 20 inch glass black eyelashes that you can get. You can spec up to 22 inch with an optional extra and theyre about four and a half thousand euros. Your charging port is on the front left side. No matter what side the steering wheel is on and that has ac dc ac up to 11 kilowatt dc up to 100 kilowatt and well talk about that when were out charging, i better do it now in case i forget ac 11. Kilowatts is great, but you may not have it at your house, so overnight itll take about 13 hours to charge this from zero to full and then on dc youre going to get about 100 kilometers every 15 minutes. If you can get a 100 kilowatt plus dc charger glass, black detailing along the side, youve got your wing mirrors and glass black theyre retractable with the indicator built into it. Youve got your retractable body colored and theyre hinged at the front, which i didnt think they were going to be because they can put they pop out straight away to you. Youve got your privacy glass in the black edition and you also have your panoramic sunroof. This is active, um air suspension as well, so very nice style wise won a couple of awards when it came out in 2019, one of them being world car deer, another world green car of the year.

So it was ahead of a time even with the key ev6 now coming out. A lot of people commented on that video ive done a couple of videos on the key ev6 how the style of it is very reminiscent of the jaguar eye pace. This sometimes gets forgotten about, and i dont think its fair because it set the trend. It was the one of the first ground up evs, taking tesla out of the way competition youre talking your audi e tron, your mercedes eqc, your bmw ix3, but overall from this angle from all angles out to my opinion. In my opinion, i think its a stunning looking car and its black edition with the glass black elements really nice lets have a look along the back moving down along the back and again similar to the high end ioniq 5 and the key ev6. This doesnt have a rear wiper, but they have a coating on it and, to be honest, it seems to have worked over the weekend that ive had it. It has a top spoiler and they say that it funnels the air down and it has a rear lip spoiler on the back of the boot as well. Youve got your eye pace on the left. Youve got your leaping jag in the middle and then youve got your ev40 all wheel, drive all of the jaguar pieces are all wheel, drive and the 400 is it to do with ps? Is it to do with the brake horsepower because theyre the ps is 400 ps? The brake horsepower is nearly 400 brake horsepower, but it is a powerful car zero to 104.

8 seconds. You can get gesture control. This model doesnt have it, but it does have a electronic tailgate on jaguars website. They give dry and wet um literature, and so just over 500 liters dry over 620 odd liters wet, and you have a subfloor in underneath there as well for your cables. It has a 24, it has a 40 20 40 split. It has some coat hooks. It has a 12 volt, it has some um tie off points and some rubber straps as well um, decent sized bouche and pretty well laid out, and i like the size of it as well, and it has that parcel cover as well. Some more glass black elements in underneath the rear, diffuser lets have a look on the inside whats. It like on the inside of the jaguar eye, face good big size door, good, build quality. This isnt built by jaguar themselves, its sub contracted out to a specialist called magna. They have the jaguar sill plate, uh interior, great clunk, interior wise. They have a couple of different options, light or dark. I think its called ebony – and i think this is called pearl or could be ivory ebony and ivory um. Oh, both models ha both trim levels in ireland have the meridian system, 11 speakers, or you can upgrade that to a 16 more power, 16 speaker more powerful model. Three memory, presets youve got your mult. Your central locking youve got your all your electric adjustable windows and wing mirrors and you can lock the windows in the rear for people if you dont want them to open up large three spoke style steering wheel, and on that then, you have and its push button To start, you have your voice elements and your sound on the left hand, side with a her thumb, scroll wheel and on the right hand, side, youve, got your cruise control, etc.

Your heated steering wheel, part of it left hand, stock, is lights and indicators right hand, stock is window wipers, etc. Over my right knee is you can open the front. You can open the boosh and theres the handbrake element of it as well, and you can raise um the headlight level in behind the steering wheel, youre. Looking at a 12.3 inch, digital tft display left hand. Side is your speech and what mode youre in and then on the right hand side. Then, whether youre taking charge to or from the battery you are. You can have your trip summary up there. You can have um a number of different elements in that display. The buttons on the steering wheel just revert back to them as much as theyre glass, black and you think, theyre a haptic, theyre, actually physical buttons that you have to press in which is good. I, like that um you can get a heads up head up display and moving over then youve got your 10 inch um privy pro system thats across all of the jaguar land rover, and this has android, auto and apple carplay, decent enough. A lot of menus in there but yeah im happy enough. Would it took me a couple minutes to set up my profile and also to link in my phone underneath that then youve got your on off and your volume rocker, your hazard lights and your start? Stop a lot of fingerprinting areas that the metal is nice, but it does attract a lot of fingerprints and the slant on the uh on the screen.

Good. But again just your fingerprints – and i only have this five or six days and its already dusty and fingerprinty, and its only me getting in and out of it. There are some panels around the place and overall in front of the passenger side and on the doors. So this is glass black. Currently you can get a monogram, aluminium kind of a silver effect. You can get, i think, its a walnut and then you can upgrade it to a carbon fiber. So you can change the interior elements of it. Moving down then, to your heating and ventilation system, you have turn knobs for the temperature, its dual zone and, if you press them in, you can have the three level heated steets and you can get a little dual screen to spare for down here for an extra Four or five hundred euros, and that will give you rather than touch panels and buttons, underneath that, then you have, on the left hand, side your drive mode. So you have your eco sport and comfort, and you also have the ability to put it into um what they call a rain ice snow mode. And then you have your speed, limiting you have traction control off and because it says the adaptive air suspension, you have the ability to raise and lower. The actual lets me go up. Thats me going down on the right hand: side youve got your drive neutral, reverse youve got a nice little pocket in underneath here you can get a wireless charger.

Let me have a look to see if it is on this one. It doesnt say it is but thats where it goes. If it is anyway, youve got two size cup holders. Water bottle wont fit on the small ones more for a coffee cup, but it will fit in nice and slow in the big one. And then you have a decent sized um armrest storage unit with a 12 volt and usb type. A and a usb type c seats are lovely and youve got your jaguar element. Embossed on the headrest up top youve got that panoramic sunroof on the black edition. You have your sunglass holders, youve got your reading lights and your sos buttons. You have two meridian sound speakers above it as well wing wear sorry, sun visor, with light nice well specked out well fitted a bit too much glass black for my liking, but you can change that to silver to wood or to carbon fiber for a card that Was designed and came from market in 2019, its as good, if not better than some of them that are already out there theres a nice mix of touch of tactile buttons, its very well made no squeaks or rattles great visibility. That is a heated windscreen as well. Um, im 188 centimeters six foot two ill set the seat for me, because this is it because this is a bespoke um. Electric vehicle platform im expecting good things from sitting in the back, but lets jump into the back and then well take it out for a drive its a bit dark back here because of that privacy, glass and that sun um panoramic sunlight is a bit tinted.

But space wise youre hot talking a couple of um centimeters between my knees and the actual back of the seat. Youve got your magazine. Holders seats are nice and not too restrictive and visibility wise, the because its dual zone, you dont, have any controls back here for it, but you do have two usb type cs and a 12 volt not a totally flat floor, but not far off good size space. In the back uh decent size, no, not actually pretty small because of those sounds theyve gone with sound more so than space, which is probably a decent thing as well. Two eye suffix in the rear. You have your central armrest, you have your cup holders and then you can also knock down this chair there. We go in that 20. 40. 20 split, which is really good. If you want to put something along through seats, are good heads are good. All those nice lights back here as well, very good coat hooks. Your ventilation is in the b pillar, very similar to a kia. Ev6 and youve got your charging points in your center console yeah good space bench is probably a small bit, no actually its, not bad. At all and head height, because the panoramic sunroof comes back youre talking for me, four or five centimeters lets, take it out for a spin whats it like driving the jaguar. I pace its probably one of the best electric cars ive ever driven.

Do you know how theyve done it, but they put a lot of thought into it. It is 50 50 weight distribution, so its all wheel drive. There is an electric motor on the front and on the rear it has nearly 400 brake horsepower, 400 ps and nearly 700 newton meters of torque. It has um, even with these 20 inch alloys on it. Its still like that was cobblestones back there. Now there is active air suspension in this, so that will help obviously, and it does um lower the vehicle when it goes on higher speeds as well, so theres the benefits of both sides of it that greater ground clearance, if you do need it, i cant see This going off road too often, but it is uh like this – is not a great stretch of street and its handling it very well lovely drive, steering wheel is probably a bit on the big side but thats to accommodate this large 12 inch screen behind it. I wonder what the wading depth is, after that massive puddle back there, the um the seats are comfortable. The pickup is good its very little wrong with this car price is probably um its on the expensive side. It is um starting off mid to late a 70s and this one with the optional color, and i think it has the optional air suspension on it as well. I think thats optional. It is up around 83 000 euros, so its not cheap, but youre up against the likes of the e tron youre up against the likes of the bmw, ix3 youre up against the mercedes eqc and all within a good um all within that price bracket and theyre.

All excellent electric vehicles, in my opinion they are expensive, but you you get what you pay for and and the jag jaguar apologies. I dont mean to call it jag in the jaguar. You are getting it um. There are no corners cut, in my opinion, theres another one charged in there, but the new dc fast charger is a 191. So, with that 400 brake horsepower, youre going to be getting 0 to 100 kilometers and 4.8 seconds, so its well able to match the best of them. One area that the jaguar pest probably doesnt excel in is its efficiency. It has a 90 kilowatt hour battery 87.5 84.7 kilowatts hour of that are usable in the on the website. Its saying numbers of kilowatts per 100 kilometers is between 22 and 25. This has a trip summary of around 1500 kilometers and its doing 26.9, so thats. What ive driven this week and also previous people are reviewing it so its a bit on the heavy side and with regards to usage, but also in its own weight at around just over 2600 kilograms, so over two and a half tons. So its a big car. But like any size, suv and electric youre going to be getting a lot of that uh in battery weight, youre going to be getting a lot of that. Just the overall heft and size of it. Weve already talked about the charging and it being 11 kilowatt on ac, which is great and on dc then up to 100 kilowatts, the some people like faster uh dc fire charging, but like youre, going to be doing well to be finding over 100 kilowatt plus dc Fast charges in ireland so um on a 50 kilowatt to go from 10 to 80, its going to take about 85 minutes.

So its still going to get enough to get you to the next place that youre going to go. Dont have head up display on this model and im: okay with that. This comes in 12, different colors, two solids, the white and the red, and there theres no extra class for those and then 10 metallics with two premium metallics. So this celestian blue, i think its called or celestia or blue it. It sits in the middle and so its the you pay for it, but its not the most premium. Color thats available wltp is about 430 odd and av database has given it a real world range of about 380 and im. Getting that when i got in and it was full battery, it was up in the high 300s. Thatll all dictate depend on the outside temperature. How you drive it and if youre new to the world of evs, there is a huge disparity there with regards to whats claimed versus what you actually do and time of year and how youre driving city versus motorway or highway. But overall, let me know in the comments what you think of the jaguar eyepiece and specifically this black edition, whether youd be a fan of the blacked out elements or youd prefer those uh silver, slash, chrome elements, hope youve enjoyed todays review. If you can leave a like make sure you leave a comment and share and if you havent already subscribed, please do so and remember if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review.