What are my thoughts? Is it worth a try? I answered this and a lot more in this review. Music, starting at the front of the career nearer youve got this tiger grill, which i rather like and replaces the normal sort of grille you get on the cars and its also got the charging port with a light which is awesome at nighttime. Let me tell you behind here: youve got a ccs2 combo charger, so youve got your ac and your dc, and this is capable accepting uh from 2.3 kilowatts, which is the 10 amp charge you get with the car up to 100 dc on a fast charge. Theres a few accents around the e nero such as these blue tinges on the front and on the rear. Just to note its actually electric got your radar down here and led headlights, the side profile of the car. I actually quite like the front. No, no, the heat or there, the back yeah. It takes all the right boxes. Youve got this little plastic line here along here, which is a little bit of a bumper for car parks and supermarket trolleys, and things like that. Youve got your ketus entry, which, if youve got the key in the pocket. It just says kind of cool thing that youre thinking yourself great look. The mirrors come out and im going to get into the car, but no you actually need to push the button on the door to be able to get into and out of the car Music and then finish off at the back.

Youve got the new kia logo. Large rear glass, you can actually see through quite well a bit of a sloping roof line. Obviously a washer reverse camera, which kind of 480p aka 1990 that could do with an update and quite a good size boot. For again, what is a small suv, the kia inero features a removable roller blind, which is great for keeping prying eyes out. Boot. Space is generous with the seats up its 451 litres and with a seat. Sound 1405 under the floor youve also got space for a spare tyre. If you want to do that sort of thing or conversely, it comes with a foam molding that holds all your charging equipment, that 10 amp 2.3 kilowatt charger and yeah, pretty good package Music and speaking of storage space, it must be mentioned. There is no frontier. Instead, you get a hangover from what was a petrol car. The interior of the kia in era is actually pretty nice gently speaking theres leather steering wheel, leather seats, which are eight way adjustable, including lumbar support that goes in and out. The passenger seat is a manual fare that has six way adjustment, though so its still pretty good. So you can find a nice comfy position, because the steering wheel is also both tilt and telescopic. In and out, the continued use of high quality materials can be felt on the top of the dash here, which is kind of weird, because you dont normally put your fingers up here like this.

This is something that people do in car reviews, but on the side where youve got leather on the actual armrest, so its a nice comfy position as well as here on the center console. So yep beautiful have your hands down the bottom of the steering wheel for comfortable driving when youre cruising, but then its got some really nasty hard plastics on the top of the seals and the back seats as well and down here on surfaces that youre going to Be touching, like you know the glove compartment, it doesnt make sense its black, the piano finish. So it feels a little bit dated and its awesome to pick up fingerprints, um and thats a bad thing by the way but yeah its kind of well. I dont know, but the thing i do like about it is that at night time, wow its the business, the red orange sort of ambient lighting of the all the buttons it gives you this audi, bmw vibe and although the switch gear is very much clear and Typical of the brand it feels premium, it feels definitely a bit above what a normal keyer is and something that i think kids should be very proud of, for the driver. Youve got full control over all the windows, including full, auto for the front windows and increments. For the back, central locking is standard, as well as full control of your mirrors, which also fold in when the car is parked.

Youve got the usual buttons here to control things like your headlight position, as well as a button to actually stop a timed charge on the steering. Wheel is quite busy and a lot going on, but you get used to it pretty quickly and things like voice assistant with android, auto or apple carplay, frequently used app. So it switches between the last three things: telephone volume up and down mute lane, keep assist radar, cruise control and some trip mode stuff on the computer screen in front of you. One of my dislikes with the kia nira is that every time i get into the car and turn it on it defaults to either eco or normal mode, but never remembers that i had it in sport mode. Additionally, it never remembers. I had order hold on also it doesnt. Remember that i had it on cruise control and it doesnt remember that i want lane keep assist honest to goodness. Thats super annoying, so one two three four buttons. I need to push to be able to get this car to where i had it last time and sure on the actual center console here, youve got profiles, but that only remembers settings for things like your volume level and your car radio stations and stuff, like that. Not for seat memory and definitely not for those four different buttons. I spoke about before its really annoying front and center youve got a nice clear pinnacle that displays your stator charge your battery, how much range you have left based upon mode! So if i was to change the mode now from eco to bought back to eco, normal or press and hold it to push into eco plus, which now turns the air con off and yeah its ‘ degrees outside so were not going to do that shared between Yourself and your passenger is this lovely 10.

25 inch screen, which is quite modern, and i like how that integrates the sort of map into the background with that lovely color scheme and again at nighttime. This thing just looks absolute delight: being black and having very high contrast levels. Fingerprints are definitely a theme, but look what infotainment system doesnt have fingerprints on it. The center console is quite complete. Youve got again this nice armrest with storage under there, and a usb port youve got a hearty cupboard one of the four drink spots that you can actually put some cups into, plus also in the doors youve got another four there as well. A cute feature that my daughters liked about honest to goodness: why would you ever do it again its this little thing where you push in the cup holder and oh, it comes out its quite exciting to do. But again, if you have these tucked in your drinks or whatever youre going to have and theyre just going to rattle all around the place, it doesnt make sense Music in the rear seat. Space is actually pretty good, especially for a small suv knee rooms, great head room as well underfoot, not too bad sitting across two people. Two kids baby capsules, no dramas whatsoever, but if you want to get three across the back here, its gon na be a bit squishy lets face. It youve got a very hard center um rest here that actually comes down to work as an armrest for the rear passengers.

So youve got support on both sides, plus the benefit of cupholders, but yeah. Shoulder width is going to be a bit tight and i dont think the person the center is going to appreciate that, but remember its actually. A small suv windows coming down for the rear passengers is nice as well comes down to almost near the bottom, and the steel height isnt that tall either so kids can look out quite comfortably the vents down. The bottom are good, especially very welcome in australia, where we have very hot summers, but an omission that i dont get. Is that theres no usb there theres three at the front, plus the 12 volt socket, but none of the back its 20 22. And why is that and speaking of modern net things, the dome lights, the incandescent bulbs, they shouldnt be on a car built this year. No, there needs to be leds, so i think here could improve on those things. Music ive been driving the kia ener for over a week now, and it has this awesome summary screen of your actual energy consumption, for each trip and, as you can see, is varying between 17.6 kilowatt hours per hundred ks to as best as eight kilowatt hours to 100Ks, which is excellent if youve got more spirited driving uh yeah, you youre not going to be getting 455 clicks out of it, no more, like 400 410 still, not bad, considering its a 66 kilowatt hour battery Music Music.

Can you hear that sound when youre reversing or going forward at slow speed at less than 30ks per hour? It warns pedestrians that youre around and about which is awesome perfect. But i dont understand that, whilst here at a standstill its making the noise after all, internal combustion engine cars, petrol diesel, whatever with the stop start systems when they turn off, like you know, they put the car into best in the engineering run them you dont hear Them so why in gods name, is it going now its a little bit? Frustrating Music driving the kia near up the front is a single motor capital, producing 150 kilowatts of power or ‘5 nanometers of torque, which is actually quite punchy. You think, just back in the 2000s, when you could get holden commodore v6. This thing is more powerful than that. So 0 100 time is pretty respectable. To help with range. You can actually get the car into eco plus mode theres. Actually, four modes: theres eco theres, normal and theres sport, but if you press and hold the driving button it pushes it into this plus mode and uh. By doing so, you can kind of have some fun and game it as to well. If i do this, like take my foot off sooner and accelerate slower, it gives you this actual hey by doing this youre going to get another 100 meters out of the car or another 200 meters out the car, but give you a quick demo now Music.

Oh there we go so we just got 100 meters by letting the car use a regen braking up to its absolute maximum and speaking of gaming, these pedals in the back of the wheel to change the amount of regen you get you you use the left, one To increase the amount of regen you get and that that gives more energy back to the battery when the car slows down or use this right, one to actually put it into a more typical manual or automatic car. So i take my foot of the accelerator and its got a coast, its actually probably using energy. To do this mind you, and can i just make it top tip if you are brand new to evs, get used to using regen braking because its going to give you that additional range and you can slow the car down to almost a near stop almost at Near stop by using your regen, so ill put it back up to three at the maximum and, as you can see the little you know, hey youre doing great here uses eco stuff. This is awesome, but its kind of a hit of a miss that why? If this has got radar cruise control and it can come to a complete stop in traffic and handle, stop start traffic, why cant it actually blend in brakes at the very end and do true one petal driving Music? The kia inero has a full suite of safety systems that youd expect in a calf in 2022, such as rear cross traffic alert cycle and pedestrian warning, autonomous, braking so on and so forth and ill put the full list on the screen right now.

Its comprehensive and not much is missing from this list. One of my top five pet peeves with the care in era, is that why doesnt it have one pedal driving. If i take my foot off the accelerator right now, im in level three regem and i pull on the paddle ive just come to a complete, stop were rolling a little bit because the electric motor hasnt well, or rather the brakes havent engaged. So i it baffles me it its a simple solution: it can be fixed through software and i would highly recommend kia either a dress up, or at least i dont know, im hoping to get my hands on the ev6. Thatd be awesome. Yeah, the ear nearer comes equipped with auto hold, as well as an electronic park brake which, when you put it into drive, will disengage and away you go. But when you come to a stop – and i put it into park mode through the center dial, why doesnt? It also engage the park brake in full every other car driven the last five years. Has this feature its very disturbing if youre like on a slight hill or even a more drastic hill, and you get out the car yeah, the car will shift and its yeah its, not very good. I dont understand why it just hasnt. If i push p, i mean park brake yeah, it doesnt make it doesnt make sense. The ride and handling of the kia ian arrow is actually pretty good, supposedly it wasnt tuned to australian conditions, and this is more like a european setup, so youve got the first.

Instructs at the front youve got multi link at the back and its a little firm, but it doesnt roll it handles really nicely through corners. So if you want to get into some spirited driving and go up the mountain and do that sort of stuff, you wouldnt think to do it in this car. But you definitely can wind. Noise is actually pretty good. Um. You get the usual stuff from the mirrors at the front: the glass isnt that special laminate sort of glass, so its typical noise levels, but compared to, i think, the mg zv this actually a more refined, better experience in here and not as noisy and uh yeah. I think, if better than the tesla model 3 again, it actually feels quite nice in here and that cockpit design it really it gets me going. It gets me excited what are my final thoughts. There are very few dislikes here, such as the one pedal driving which youll get used to the, perhaps more than outdated, looks that might be superseded later this year. The annoying little quirks of how it forgets things such as the electronic park, brake mode of driving lane keep assist and so forth, but there are things that does really well such as that 450 kilometers of range well tuned suspension, even though it wasnt tuned to australian Conditions, theyre more premium feeling interior and the infotainment system that is fast, zippy great looking and has apple carplay and android auto.

But the real stickler here, i think, is price because, as of todays date, this is roughly the same as a tesla model 3 and it doesnt have those front sensors, the tech, the charging network, like tesla, does nor autopilot so id be kind of hard to suggest. Someone go out and buy this, but for others theyd be thinking themselves. You know what id much rather have that peace of mind with kias seven year, unlimited warranty that 150 000 kilometer warranty on the battery and the knowledge that theyre buying something from a car maker who knows how to make really good cars. So my recommendation is this: go out and at least give it a go very soon: therell be an updated model, perhaps or the ev6 is just around the corner as well, and i really like to get my hands on that so here, if you can please let Me have a line over. I really would like to have a go at that vehicle and guys girls. If youve enjoyed this video, please do consider giving me a subscribe. Its absolutely free – or you want to see behind the scenes, content about this story, news polls and things you just dont get here on youtube – join me over here on patreon, where you get all this a lot more from as little as 2.