This is a new development on trion road in linfield, on sydneys north shore, on the left, there youll see the village green, its a new development and to find the car park just drive past it. This was the old tryon road car park, thats been redeveloped, so drive past it and then turn left first left and you should see the parking sign there. There we go and apparently the ev spots are on b1 and there are commuter parking spots as well with extra electric vehicle charges reserved for them, and i believe there is two hours. Free parking at east keep staying east at linfield village car park; okay, all right! So no signage for the ev charges so well just have to try to find it ourselves its a very new development. As you can see, and normally sort of in the back corner. I think i can actually see them there. We go so theyre, not actually in service yet but uh. So there we go theres uh, three ev link charges, but theyre, actually one two, three four five ev charging spots painted well ill, go down and have a look in a second, but i just want to bring you around to b2 and b3, while were here just To see the other charges and well come back up and review the v1 charges so circle back around go down to b2, which is apparently commuter parking interesting to see how they reserve these commuter spots for the train station, which is only a very short walk from This development, okay, so here we are on b2 theres access to the shops here, okay, so uh, so some more in the back corner there so lets see.

This is the commuter section transport new, south wales, okay, take a photo of that. Okay, i look theres a good sign there. Electric vehicle charging so ill just show ill show you that in a second, but down here, weve got one two: three four five spots marked again so kind of almost an image mirror image of upstairs and theres one. Two three three boxes for ev link. Still in this area, i think each box there are two charges. So really there are six ev charges here on level. Two might go down to uh b3 to see what else is down there going deeper and deeper okay. So this is now b3: oh theres, some signage there, electric vehicle charging and once again down here one two, three four five spots marked four spots marked, but only two boxes. There we go. There are four charges down here in b3: all right lets head back up to uh b1 in the public charging area and uh well go check out those charges. Oh look theres another one here, so theres one more here now this is uh quite good, so this ones really close to the entrance of the shop. So its back up to show you. I need to be useless, yeah, so theres an accessible parking spot as well. So thats quite good for um. I thought this through theres a ev charging spot with an accessible parking spot for those who need it very close to the shop entrance.

So well done. Linfield village car park, its very thoughtful swing back round and finally, back up to b1, so obviously theyre not in operation at the moment, but we could still go down and have a look at them just to confirm that each box has two charges installed: Music, okay, So were back on b1 of the uh linfield village green car park on tryon road. As you can see, there are ev charging spots here just in the back wall before you go back down to b2, its quite well signed electric vehicle charging. One two, three four five row f. So look for row f. So at the moment the electric vehicle charging spots are not actually in operation, just yet theyre out of service, clearly but im sure in time they will be operational and they are schneider electric boxes and i confirm that each box has got two charging ports there. So there we go and they are type two ill, just lift it up nope. I cant lift it up all right, so theyre currently locked so, but you can just see through the perspex there. They are definitely type two and uh same with this one. Oh wait! This ones only got one: okay, its only got one theres one here, so there you go sorry. This ones got one only, and then this one has got presumably two as well thats. Why? I never assume anything everyone there you go. This one can be lifted up.

So this one, i can confirm, is definitely a type two right there, as is this one as well so thats definitely type two okay. Well, there you go. That makes sense five ports for five charging spots here at east linfield. So, as you can see, the charges dont have a tethered cable, which is why i do recommend that you always carry a type 2 ev cable with you. For this very reason. So in our front we always have a type 2 ev cable like this one, so that will plug directly into those boxes and yeah. So that is for the car end, and this one is for the charger and thats. Why theyre quite handy to carry around and theyre available from this ones from ebsc, but they can also be purchased from other places, as well very handy to carry with you in your car and its just a very short walk to the shop entrance lets go see What we can find? Okay, so theres lift access in case you need it even just use the steps to head up there then field village, green b1, village, green and linfield, and down steps to b2 and commuter car park, as well as b3 commuter parking. Okay. Here we are so parts of it are still under construction. Assuming its done. They look very nice village green. There nice place to hang out a lifts there. If you wanted to use them from the car park.

Theres, a runaway spoon cafe, there ill grab some coffee from there, some more shops there and its just a short walk to the railway station.