This is dax at mohawk. Chevrolet were so excited. We are bringing back to you the bolt ev thats right, the bolt electric vehicle, its all electric im gon na go over the vehicle with you today. Show you some of the specifications, show you what kind of mileage you can expect out of it, how to take care of them and were just gon na, have fun im gon na give you a walk around just like, if you were here in person, come on Lets take a look Music Applause, Music, all right, so welcome to the front of the chevrolet bolt ev. Look at this. It looks very sharp its elegant, its been designed for aerodynamics. That is so that the air flows smoothly over underneath and around the sides of the vehicle. When you come up close to this one of the first things, youre going to notice is theres no grill theres, no air intake. There is, alas, no combustion engine. It doesnt need air. This is all closed off for maximum aerodynamics. Wow friends, look at this come on over its going to be completely different from what youre used to seeing underneath the hood of a car theres no serpentine belt, theres, no alternator youve got all these orange wires and plugs over here. Come take a look at this. Actually, the motor the elect the all electric motor is tucked way back down and underneath there, its not very big but thats the power plant thats supplying energy to your front wheel, drive ev.

All this. A lot of these components are actually designed to either heat up. The batteries or cool them down, they have an optimal operating temperature of about 70 degrees, fahrenheit thats, when they work best and a lot of what you see here are elements that keep them at that temperature. Again. This is completely different from what youre used to and for safety reasons, see all the orange in the event of an accident. This identifies for first responders, which lines cannot be tampered with or cut. All right lets. Look in the back now. Okay, welcome to the back. Half of the chevrolet bolt ev its really sleek. You can see all the way to the rear of the vehicle theyre, keeping a very sleek design. If you look on this one, for instance, you can see our parking sensors. This is a combination of sonar and camera. As youre backing up it lets, you know when youre getting close to an object, be it another vehicle, a wall or possibly somebody jogging with their dog. Its a part of the chevrolet safety sense that soon is going to be standard on every single chevy. That comes out of the factory, now take a look at this trunk space, its mighty big, for what youre getting out of a hatchback with the seats up, you still have over 23 cubic square feet of storage space back here and take a look. How deep this trunk is? It goes down all the way to the tops of the batteries with the seats down Music that space almost triples to 66 cubic square feet of storage space, its a lot.

What we have here is a little sun cover. You can keep these, you can take them out if you dont want them put them in your closet, if you like them for privacy and keeping the sun out, these will pin up to the top of your hatchback and theres your space, its a lot for a Hatchback chevrolet always always makes a point. You are going to get a charger every time, thats going to work for your home, theres other brands that charge more for this. You have to buy them separately. We dont do that at chevrolet come on. I want to show you the front and some charging features that go with this. All right lets talk charging its very important right were on an all electric vehicle here. So what are we going to do to get energy into? This were gon na plug it. In this is so easy again with chevrolet youre, always gon na get a level one charger just like this one, and it can plug in easily to any of your three prong 120 volt plugs at home. Youve got your charging unit here very easy, theyre, always going to look like this. They go easily into the receptacle, and just snap in they should never have to be forced, theyre, very easy to use its a seven prong plug and it draws a lot of energy again. This is a level one charger. You can fully charge a completely depleted battery.

In about eight hours with the level one charger, the dc fast charger, thats called a level two charger. It can be installed in your home, its an easy upgrade and it will charge your car in less than half the time from the level one. So ive shown you the outside weve taken a good walk around it lets go inside. I want to show you, the interior, the aesthetics, the stitching, definitely the big head unit and go from there and see what you think come on wow, hello. Folks, look at this space in here i get so excited getting into these listen im, six foot two! I have plenty of room in the front seat of this bolt ev lots of room. I dont even have the seat back all the way, its bright look at the b pillars, the a pillars look at the design, its so bright and happy starting up here. You know, just like your modern car youve got usb ports. Youve got auxiliary, youve got 12 volt down here for more chargers and accessories that youd want to plug into your vehicle. Look at this shifter its a little different from what were used to theres no column, shifter theres, certainly no mechanical one. This is all electric, but this will put you into gear. Whichever way youre going front or back youll also have an e parking brake, an electric one, okay, again, not mechanical, but its great, and it saves the heck out of your brakes coming up here.

I love this infotainment screen that comes standard on the bolt ev, regardless of what trim level you get. I love this thing. Its an 11 inch screen, android, auto standard apple, carplay standard plug it in look at this. This is the lt trim level. Its got heated seats standard even on the lt one of my favorite things about the bolt. Ev is the energy button on here. You can hit this and find all sorts of amazing information. You can look at your energy consumption charging habits and so forth. You can look at your energy flow. This is one of my favorite ones right here, itll show you, the electric motor itll show you how its distributing power its even going to show you when your regenerative braking is happening and its sending energy back to your batteries. Its really brilliant, this is the screen. I keep it on. Okay from there, i always go up to the driver information screen its huge, its got a huge speedometer on it. Over on the left column, you see all those green bars that shows how much of a charge you have right now and it shows you an estimate on how many miles you have left per your current charge. Moving down to the amazing chevrolet steering wheel, i love these just like every other chevy out there, the right side of your steering wheel, thats your media, its your communications, its your phone. Looking up some other information on your driver, information screen, as well as your media.

On your infotainment over here thats, your drivers experience your heated steering wheel, some other options on your information screen, of course, its your cruise control as well, very sensible, very practical. Like all late model, chevrolets power, everything youve got power mirrors, you have automatic, running lights, automatic daytime running lights. This is a brilliant vehicle. Its been out for some years now and whats coming out for 2022 is gon na, be even more brilliant. Okay, friends, i hope that was a warm welcome to the chevrolet bolt ev isnt, it a brilliant car, its really sleek. I hope you love the interior too. I love the insides of these vehicle, theyre bright and happy. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me here at the dealership, theres links below to our website theres links below for more information on the bolt evs go to too theres amazing information. There you can put in the chevrolet you can put in the bolt ev you can put in the bolt euv and even look at different years hit the like button.