You can see costco there on my left. How good is costco yeah first stop is to go to ikea and check out the ev charges. Theyve got there its not a bad day today, so uh yeah. We should get some uh some good weather for charging and for filming for a vlog theres ikea. There ahead of us, it should be fun. This place is huge, its huge thats part of the reason why i love uh marston park. I think it just reminds me a bit of a bit of america. I guess everything seems to be quite big. Theres, a bunnings there swing back around the roundabout theres, the ikea or ikia. However, you want to pronounce it all right lets. Take a left here i will into the car park. This is a huge ikea ikea, much bigger than the tempe one. I think more open space all right lets switch left here. I love looking for ev charges, its part of the fun. I think lets go right here. I think its in this corner here here we go there. It is right there ahead of us. Well marked. Look at that four spots: yeah four spots: how nice okay lets take lets, take one of the middle ones. Lets have a look at the screen there. Okay, how is my parking job oof hit the barrier? Okay lets go check it out all right: electric vehicle charger charging instructions plug your cable into the car, then into the charger charging will start automatically and end if your battery reaches capacity optional, download the eo app and scan the qr code to monitor your charging session.

I guess we can monitor from the tesla app when you return unplug the cable from your car after charging. Please move your electric vehicle to allow others to use the charging station. The marked spaces are for electric vehicles. Only i like that one. Please move your electric vehicle to allow others to use the charging station after charging. Yeah thats good etiquette right there, so its a type two mana keys charger, its an ac charger and uh thats. The phone number, if you need uh help at all all right lets, have a look at the charge box itself so ill just show you this one to start with, so you might come around and see that its black, like that right. So when its black, like that, all you need to do is just touch the screen and then youll see that touch to start, because i touched it earlier so thats why its uh theres a display there so lets go touch to start all right. So its a wall box, you can see the charge fox logo there up there, it says deployed by jet charge which installs charges so its a 32 amperes charger. So lets plug in hey lets, see the wall box logo down here, wall box, tidy, install all right lets, uh open the model, 3 charge port. All right ill, just show you folks, its type 2 mana keys. All right plug in blue should go green soon. Okay, so it hasnt gone green, so lets have a look at the charger so see what happens when we press start ready.

Okay, interesting, i need to press start charging charging equipment, not ready. Okay, charging equipment, not ready Music. Maybe i need to press play a few moments later. Okay, so i couldnt get it working, but i checked plug share and i scroll down to the comments. So this is where plugshare is really handy and ive got comments here from other people. Saying works well need the charged fox app to start charging, so i suppose they could have probably made that clearer on the evsc box there, but uh lets uh go to the charge fox up, and here we are in ikea marston park lets, go to details and Im plugged in there so 3757 station, three seven, five, seven right there and uh. Well, just press start on the charge, fox app cool, okay, all right! So i had a click and there it is on the box there. It says charging at 32 amps and it matches the charge fox charging your car all right lets check the um port here, so yeah, flashing, green thats, a good sign and inside the car state of charge, currently 68 its charging at 12 kilowatts, which is maximum for Model 3, 16 amps, 242 volts. Okay, because were good, ev citizens im going to check in as well so check in there im charging now and im getting 12 kilowatts duration, one hour, yeah thats, probably about right and lets press submit. So that way, if uh anyone wants to charge and all the spots are full, they can always message me and ill move.

My car, okay, a nice big sign here, its electrifying. The charging points in our car park already help you recharge your electric vehicles. While you shop and by 2025, we want 100 of our deliveries from this store to be made using zero theres the same typo made using use zero made using zero emission vehicles too theres the website. Okay, so ive noticed that this sign has been blanked out. I wonder whether theyre going to be putting new information or new instructions, given that you need to use the chargefox app to get things going, because that, certainly that current sign over there is not quite correct it doesnt charge automatically. You need to download the chargefox app to get things going. I do like that sign, though its very self explanatory electric vehicle charging points, thats, nice and theres one on the other side too. All right so were going to stop our charging session and uh. You cant. Actually stop it from the wall box. Uh youve got to go through the charge, fox app, so lets press stop. Charging stopping your charge session just a moment, got to click there and uh nine minutes charging and it was free, so thats good to know and had a click on that box lets unplug the car. So when the symbol is white like that youre good to go literally just wiggle it out like that, and because were good, ev citizens im gon na wind, it back and put it back where it belongs: nice and tidy right everyone.

These are the free ev charges here in ikea marston park in the northwest of sydney. As i said, please download the chargefox app to make sure you are able to access these charges.