You all know that i have been an advocate of electric vehicles and i have reviewed many of them so far. However, most of the manufacturers have only focused on manufacturing scooters, but there is one company who has made an electric motorcycle that is revolt so buddies. The revolt rv 400 is a motorcycle built to outshine conventional motorcycles in the bustling traffic filled streets in our cities. This motorcycle, this electric vehicle, has a ground clearance of 215 millimeters wow and it also has usd front forks that is upside down front forks, which is only seen in performance, oriented motorcycles, and you also get a 240 millimeter disc brake in the front, which has a Combined braking system, so, if you press the front brake, even the rear brake would get applied on its own. Now. This rv 400 has many unique features which are not available on any other evs and the most unique one which i find is that you can swap the battery. You can literally take out the battery from this motorcycle and you can put in a fully charged battery or you can carry this battery to your home uh in any floor in your building, and you can manually charge it using a portable charger. Also, you can use the my revolt app on your cell phone to find a nearest charging station. Where you can swap your battery. You can control a lot of uh features of your electric vehicle using this app.

That is, you can start your electric vehicle. That is the rv 400. You can shut it off. You can get access to trip history. That is how many kilometers youve ridden and all that data, and you get battery parameters wow and geofencing. Now geofencing is basically you can restrict the access of your motorcycle, the rv 400 to a certain gps location, and if someone writes it out of the gps location in a 360 degree, radius, then automatically the software in the rv 400 will shut the electrical system off. So this is a great security feature and this headlight wow it looks absolutely beautiful, futuristic and like something which has come out of a science fiction movie. I have tested many evs so far, almost all the reputed brands in our country. However, i got to see this from the bottom of my heart, that is, after testing this revolt, rv 400 for about four days continuously, riding in different conditions, different situations charging the battery multiple times. I have to say this that this revolt, rv 400, is one of the most reliable evs with regards to the battery range and also the whole customer service, and the ecosystem around this ev makes it one of the most trusted brands. Today. Another beautiful feature of this ev is that we know most of the evs come with different riding modes economy, normal sport, hyper, etc. However, to switch the modes most of the time, you will have to operate the touchscreen or you would have to get into the menu system.

However, this revolt, rv 400, has simply given this option with physical button on the right side of the handlebar, and it is extremely easy to switch between all the three riding modes. Also, who does not like the inline four superbike sound. We all love it, and this ev produces that sound, replicates that sound flawlessly wow wow, also the speedometer the instrument cluster. This is automatic. What i mean by that is in the daytime. There would not be any backlight saving uh the battery and in the nights or in the evenings when the light goes down. The backlight on the instrument, cluster, the speedometer, comes on automatically my dear buddies thanks for watching. I strongly recommend all of you to test ride. An electric vehicle, if you have not ridden an electric vehicle so far, i bet that you are missing something very serious. I suggest that you go to revolt, showroom uh in any of the towns that you live and go take a test ride. If you liked this video do give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends and if youre not subscribed to my channel, you are missing out on important videos like this.