You see nissan basically invented the modern electric car with the leaf back in 2011, and here we are 11 years later with the brand hoping it can do it all over again. So is this new nissan everything that we and they want it to be, lets find out, as you can see, the area isnt a family hatchback like the leaf, but rather an suv and better still its got a kind of fast back, almost coupe like profile, but And heres the key bit looks, can be deceptive. Clever styling elements, particularly around this roof line, mean that space inside is much better than you might imagine. So lets start in the back and its good news. The area feels really spacious, even with the front seat set up for a six foot driver like we have here, theres plenty of leg, room and headroom. The windows stretch quite a way back too so theres loads of light in here and thats emphasized further. If you go for one of the cars with a panoramic roof, whichever way you look at it, passengers in the back are going to have very little to complain about, unfortunately, its not such a pleasing story. When it comes to boot, space front wheel, drive models, get 466 liters reduced to just 408 liters for the e force, all wheel, drive versions, thats only a fraction more than you get in something like a volkswagen golf and a fair chunk down on, say an audi Q4 e tron theres no storage in the nose either as nissan chose to fit the heating and ventilation in front of the dashboard rather than behind it to free up space on the inside, and actually it really seems to have worked okay, so you dont get the Biggest boot, but just look at all of the room you get in here now normally youd have this huge chunky center console rising up from the floor, but not in here look the floor in the front is completely flat.

You might not find that as helpful as you do in the back, because youre not going to be scooting from one side to the other in the front, but it really emphasizes that feeling of space once youve soaked. All of that up take a look at this. Now, if youre coming from a leaf, the area will feel otherworldly. It feels really fresh, modern and cutting edge. The new nissan logo, which you may have noticed on the outside of the car, is replicated on the steering wheel. But the main event is this: completely digital instrument, cluster and infotainment system, which is miles better than youll, find in the leaf its really responsive, and it has loads of features like voice control and over the air updates. So its a huge improvement, even though we must admit that most people will plug in their phones and use apple, carplay or android. Auto every version gets those two 12.3 inch screens and wireless phone charging, as well as heated seats and a heated steering wheel, step up through the range and youll add ventilation for those seats plus features like a huge head up display. A gorgeous opening panoramic roof and an electric secret storage compartment that you can use to balance your laptop or ipad. Whilst you wait for your car to charge this ones only a pre production prototype, but even so quality is really impressive. Everything feels solidly screwed together. The panel gaps on the outside are nice and tight, and the materials on the inside feel really up market.

So all of thats very handy considering this has a starting price of just under 42 000 pounds, thats, hyundai, ioniq, 5 and mustang mac e kind of money and not a million miles off the bmw, i4 other cool and quirky features. Well, i dont want to like this touch sensitive panel for the heating controls its a bit more style over substance and buttons would be easier, but it does look slick and when the cars off the buttons are almost invisible, then theres this sliding center console. But you know raking it backwards and forwards is so 2010, this ones electric. There are several models to choose from when it comes to picking your area. The entry level advance gets a 63 kilowatt hour battery and a single electric motor, its got 214 horsepower and will do 0 to 62 in 7.5 seconds. The official range of this base model stands at 223 miles, upgrade to the evolve, which nissan expects will be the biggest selling model, and you get a larger 87 kilowatt hour battery and 310 miles of range. It gets a bit more power and more kit prices start from around 51 000. The all wheel, drive models, get the bigger battery and a good chunk more power, but range takes a hit. The fastest performance version will only return 248 miles to a charge, but lets ignore range figures for the moment and focus on what this area is like on the move. Now the leaf felt a bit safe.

It was always a bit predictable, a bit slow and steady, but the area couldnt feel more different. The driving position is good theres loads of seat adjustments and visibility is better than you might expect. After seeing that narrow rear screen from the outside – and while this is an suv, it sits on a dedicated electric platform, just like the volkswagen, id4 and id5, and the audi q4 e tron that i mentioned earlier. The weight is centered really low in the car. So while it may be a bit longer than a petrol powered nissan qashqai, its also lower and wider, so it feels really planted on the road moving off. It doesnt feel that exciting, but the different driving modes transform the way the area drives, swap it into sport mode and it feels genuinely quick and it changes direction nicely too. So, even though this is a pre production model, theres lots of promise here and while its tricky to make any hard and fast judgments on ride, quality and refinement. Given that were on a closed track today, you still get the impression that its really quiet and that its going to ride really well on the uk roads and then theres the brakes nissan nailed this from day, one with their e pedal set up in the leaf. But for whatever reason, things seem to have toned down here, which is a shame, because we really like the ease of one pedal driving, so we dont know why theyve not carried this forward a leaf.

Strong point has turned into an area weakness when it comes to charging the area is competitive, but not class leading. Crucially, though, this car has ditched the leafs chademo socket for the more popular ccs connector. That means a maximum rapid charging rate of 130 kilowatts give or take exactly the same as the id4, resulting in a 10 to 80 top up time of around 35 minutes. Depending on the model you go for ac charging at up to 22. Kilowatts is possible even as a prototype. The area shows so much promise its really impressive, in fact its spacious, at least in the cabin its quiet good to drive, and it looks fantastic, in my opinion, its only really now, as we see these proper second generation evs come to the market that nissans experience With electric cars really shines through, we reckon this things done enough to keep existing leaf. Customers happy, but also enough to bring plenty more new buyers to the brand too head to drivingelectric.