The new kona ev Music lets start off our walk around to this top of the line electric vehicle at the back. As we come around, you can see the led tail lights that are standard on this kona and, as we pop open the trunk, you can see plenty of cargo space with fold down rear seats, perfect for the family, whether youre just grabbing, groceries or taking the kids To hockey practice and as we head around to the side, both the preferred and ultimate trims come with 17 inch aluminum wheels, as well as just a sleek, unassuming but stylish profile, sure to turn some heads Music now at the front of the vehicle. Here you can see the redesigned grille, as well as the led headlights and daytime running lights, and as we pop the hood, you can see where the magic happens. The new kona ev produces 150 kilowatts or the equivalent of 201 horsepower, as well as 290 pounds feet of torque, which definitely gives it a kick compared to regular ice suvs. Furthermore, the kona ev offers a 415 kilometer. All electric range never worry about your battery. Getting you to work and back, it also only takes approximately 9 hours for a full charge, using a level 2 charger, or only just over an hour at a 50 kilowatt level, 3 charger. All right lets get out of the cold and take a look inside here. In the back seat, you can see theres plenty of space in the leg room for any passengers, whether its small, kids or other adults and as an added bonus on the ultimate models.

You can even have heated rear seats too. Now lets check out the sleek and comfortable design of the front seating area, as well as the great safety and convenience features, the kona ev sports, a classic comfortable design with plenty of space. So your commute is as comfortable as ever. It also comes loaded with a few futuristic upgrades like notably here the 10 inch full digital cluster, as well as the great infotainment system. This model has an 8 inch touchscreen display that comes fully loaded with android, auto and apple carplay, as well as a wireless charging pad Music, its nice to note as well, that the kona ev comes loaded with three different driving modes from normal eco and sport. The simple click of a button. Finally, we have to point out that its packed full of other features to provide you with the most comfortable and convenient commute possible, like hyundais blue link, adaptive cruise control and hill start assist and not to mention the plethora of safety features to keep you and your Family safe, these include blind spot collision avoidance, assist rear cross traffic and forward collision avoidance, assist lane, keeping assist and, finally on the ultimate model. It also has both high beam and highway driving assist features all right, guys well that wraps us up on the new kona ev. If you have any questions about it or you want to take one out for a test, drive yourself feel free to reach out to me at the number, at the end of the video and id love to be able to help you out.