The amg eqs is the first all electric amg model with specifications that impress everyone thanks to the more powerful electric motor mercedes, has increased power to 751 horsepower, which is available in an optional boost mode. While standard output is 649 horsepower, the suspension has also been tweaked to be firmer and sportier, and the amg get some extra driving modes. The amg model has the same battery as the base eqs, but has a useful capacity of 107.8 kilowatt hours, so the range should be similar. The eqs is a new model in the mercedes lineup, with amg versions arriving a few months after the base models, eqs450 plus and eqs 580. As you might expect, mercedes will give the amg eqs a big boost compared to the non amg eqs. The amg version deserves more power, mainly because it is an all electric car, with a six figure starting price. This high performance ev wont come cheap, mainly because it has a long list of customization options that will add to the cost, but with such good performance and such a high price, the amg eqs will stand up to other fast tv luxury sedans, like the audi e Tron gt porsche taken and the high performance tesla model s plat mercedes has made it clear that its ev models will have the same luxury as its petrol powered luxury cars and the amg eqs is no exception. It offers the same ultra screen setup with a huge screen that spans the entire panel.

The main difference that we can highlight is the additional driving modes and amg performance display. Mercedes also offers a wider range of trim options, including carbon fiber and aluminum. Amg models also feature false, sounds channeled into the cabin in an attempt to add some oral emotion to the silent acceleration. Even if its not an original sound, some people might find it quite attractive. The eqss huge screen is, unlike any other infotainment system weve seen it uses mercedes mbux software, which allows the owner many custom display options. It also has an available head up display with an augmented reality function. The amg eqs has a similar setup to the standard eqs with an electric motor at the front axle and a second electric motor at the rear, providing all wheel drive but theres plenty of extra horsepower available with the standard amg eqs, delivering 649 horsepower well up from The eqs 580s 516 and 700 pound feet of torque opting for the amg dynamic plus package pushes those numbers even further, with enhancements delivering 751 horsepower and 752 pound feet. We thought the amg version felt faster than the standard eqs on our tour and mercedes claims. The car hit 60 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds and using launch control mode in corners. The large heavy eqs is stable and firm with better body control than non amg models. But despite the amg suspension tuning in rear axle, steering its not as agile as other ev sedans like the taken.

But we can say that the amg model has a smooth ride. From the standard eqs, as the amg eqs has the same 107.8 kilowatt hours battery as the non amg model, wed expect it to offer similar range on a single charge. The amgs more powerful electric motor might be a little less efficient, meaning its epa rated range might be a little shorter, perhaps less than 300 miles. Mercedes. Make similar charging claims for the amg eqs as a base model because of its fast charging features. The amg eqs. Will come standard with the driver assistance package, meaning it comes with features like adaptive. Cruise control automatic emergency braking in lane keep assist key security features include standard automatic emergency, braking with pedestrian detection standard lane, departure alert and lane keeping assistant adaptive cruise control available in semi autonomous driving mode that electric amg is sensational. Agree with that, like the video and subscribe to the channel and the biggest highlight for us about the mercedes amg eqs, is the fast acceleration, charming interior comfortable ride. But the biggest downside we need to bring up is that it feels big in the corners sounds a lot like weird non amg, fake songs, but to end this quick review. Wait: the video isnt over yet the amg ups, the volume on the mercedes, eqs, luxury, electric sedan, adding more power and a slightly more aggressive, look inside and out agree say in the comments. Have any opinions against it lets discuss it in the comments too.

The mercedes amg eqs version makes us understand why one of amgs, most famous cars, is called beth hammer. Mercedes performance arm is known for clenching its fists, crushing the competition with the utmost precision of engine and steel, so amg faced a dilemma when it came time to approach its first electric performance sedan, an upgraded version of the two engine, all wheel, drive mercedes benz, eqs 580., we may think that it would be enough to increase the power of the amg eqs and we would already have a standout amg and we cant say thats what happened, but it got close visually. The amg eqs differs only slightly from the eqs 580.. Its rainbow silhouette and short nose proportions, dont quite fit the usual shape of an amg machine. Closer inspection reveals a vertical chrome stripe instead of a start grill at the front and a hint of aggression as the ducktail spoiler moves on the trailing edge of the sloping rear deck. Other details, such as gloss black, finish, chrome, front, splitter, side, air intakes that have the function of redirecting air in front of them front wheels for better aerodynamic efficiency, in addition to having a diffuser style rear can only be seen by hardcore observers of the eqs, implying That theyre dealing not just with 516 horsepower, but an impressive 751 horsepower during typical driving the engine produces 649 horsepower. The engine that causes the eqs to exceed the speed limit is an improved version of the eqs 580, while the gasoline engine has titanium coated, pistons and valves, the electric motors feature upgraded windings that allow it to take in more current, which in turn produces more power.

Electric acceleration has the same but amg struggles to maintain its history of rear wheel, drive thrills in sport and sport plus modes here engineers have given the amg eqs, a slight rear bias for torque delivery, and the stability control system allows for a slight slip in normal Driving torque distribution is checked and adjusted 10 000 times per minute. To avoid a second of inefficient power delivery, the cooling system to keep the engine at the correct operating temperature. There are liquid cooling channels on the rotor shaft, as well as amg specific ribs that act as radiators for the stator and ceramic fins on the inverter. Do the same. Direct drive transmission is kept at the proper temperature by an oil cooler on the way coolers played with ceramic fin. Thumbs conditions can be challenging for riders, but the eqs moved confidently even through slippery corners. It doesnt look small. The cars am gestation. Didnt include any major weight savings. It weighed over 5600 pounds in total, but it curled the tail and corners with flat footed authority. The role of the rear axle steering is actually to get the amg eqs through the corners, but the biggest difference from the standard car is the control of the big bodys bumps and climbs. While the suspension is still multi, link, front and rear with airbags, the components themselves are amg, specific, bushings, bearings and brackets have been redesigned or modified from other amg models. Rebound and compression cushioning are independently adjustable, providing greater range between comfort, cushioning and motion control.

The result is that floats and dips from other eqs finishes are gone. The amg eqs has carbon ceramic rotors behind its 22 inch wheels in general. It is an impressive car, mainly because it is electric. It delivers a lot of power and agility even with a very high weight. What we can expect from the amg for the next models is more and more amazing cars and, if you think this amg eqs is amazing, like the video subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications, tell us in the comments which car you want to see.