Like a gee whiz or a handmade british sports car like a tesla roadster, it was a car. Nissan figured out how to put electricity into a car without losing any well car, and that was impressive, even if it did look a little bit like a spade. Here we are 12 years after it came out, and the aria is promising a fresh take on evs tech that we know twinned with fun and when you think about it other than the point and shoot into the distant insta talk. That is the ev party piece. Has been missing from some when the aria eventually comes out, it will be available with a number of battery sizes ranges. Things like that. So the entry level cars like this one gets a 63 kilowatt hour battery and front wheel drive with that. You get about 220. 223 miles of range throw a bit more money in the pot and you get an 87 kilowatt hour battery with that you get 310 miles of range, its quite respectable, really but again front wheel drive. Eventually, you will be able to throw even more money at nissan, and with that you get your 87 kilowatt hour battery, but 389 horsepower. That means not to 62 in a shade over five seconds, which will be quite exciting. I think we can all agree, but you do get a hit on range. You get less than 250 miles to play with. Interestingly, the r is available with both 19 and 20 inch wheels.

If you go for the 19s, you get more range spec 20s and you lose about 15 ish miles now. All of these figures by the way are pre homologation but thats. What theyve told us thats what it is at the moment. Naturally, it comes with fast charge. Tech and can get 186 miles of range on a 130 kilowatt rapid charger in 30 minutes tech and toys aside im most excited about the way it looks its quite handsome: okay, its got tall sides, but its more its rather impressive. What nissan was going for with the aria was that mix of its three core pillars: electric cars, for like the leaf crossovers like the qashqai and sporting stuff, like the gtr. Now, while i wouldnt go so far as to say its got, the spirits of the gtr, it nails the other two. This is, though, really fun its light, its bright, its airy and its entertaining to hustle. When these go out on sale properly. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy them ill. Tell you what i cant wait to have a crack at the really powerful one with all wheel, drive thatll, be hilarious, bring it bring the noise or not. Noise dont bring the noise, bring the silent, bushing and speed our base setup of a 63 kilowatt hour battery with 218 horses and 221 pound foot may not sound like a recipe for fun, considering its weight, but nissan says its good for nauta 62 in seven and A half seconds which is pretty brisk 100 mile an hour top speed, though less so fight with the button on the center console thing here, and then you can put it into sport now.

Nissan obviously wants this to be a sporty car. It wants it to be fun and i happen to have millbrooks famed hill route in front of me. Ive got an idea. Now. Sport mode makes the steering a little heavier and makes things a little bit sharper. What i want to know, though, is, is this actually fun, or is it just were going to make it feel sporty by making you put more effort in now? What nissan has said is that its designed to be grippy, so you can throw it around a little bit and not worry that its going to spit you off the road, and you can feel the grip man its you can play with this. This is entertaining you. Can really put this into corners and you feel the car lean, the suspension doesnt, you know, put it gt3 tough. You can feel the car lean, but you can really hustle it. You can push it and itll keep gripping and gripping and gripping and gripping and gripping. If were coming up to a hairpin now, so weve got a nice straight bit like this, and you go bit oh car compresses down, which is excellent, fun. Your foosh does that and then you pitch it into a corner, and it just keeps gripping man grip, grip, grip, grip, grip, push it more push it more push it more push it on the exit and youre fired away. I am entertained the steering it feels good.

It feels good again, its still not gt3s, but the extra weight does add something to the experience you can hustle this without feeling guilty yeah with all the grip you can play with it. You can really enjoy its, not mobile. I think you have to be something of a spanner to get one of these out of shape. I mean dont. Get me wrong, never underestimate the power of human stupidity, but this is fun its a fun little car not little its a fun massive car. This is fun its its a fun big car, its a family suv, crossover thing that doesnt make you feel like youve given up thing is its a smart package when it comes to space, theres loads for passengers and 466 litres of luggage. Space in the two wheel, drive and 408 in the e force, all wheel, drive version theres, a plethora of driver assistance, tech on board to keep you safe and do some of the hard work for you, oh, and to up its eco cred. The majority of interior trims are in synthetic leather, a 63 kilowatt hour battery front driver like the one i was playing in kicks off at about 42 000 pounds, not small change, but not so much youll worry about re. Mortgaging your house, i like that. I, like that, a lot roll around we go im. I need to go in now because, if i keep going, i will probably have an accident because im being a child, this is an averagely powered family crossover and im having fun its making me do a giggle, fantastic, and you know what i love the look of It its a very pretty car, its a very, very pretty car, practical, quick, fun, stupid switches, stupid switches, weird instrumental and this prototype one theres, a few somethings rattling in here somewhere, but yes, arya, good arya may live hello.

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