If i asked you to name an electric car, you can almost guarantee that the nissan leaf is going to be right up there, its not going to win you any points on pointless. However, since then, nissan havent really had too many electric car offerings. Until now, they were waiting to release something really special, and this is their all electric suv, the nissan aria. How fantastic does this look in todays video im going to be getting a closer look at the nissan area, which is nissans rival to the volkswagen id4, the skoda, enyak, and also the tesla model y and finding out if its got, what it takes to take on Those cars, so if that sounds good, then please keep watching, and if you like, electric car news and electric mobility then make sure you subscribe to the channel at just over 4.5 meters, long and 1.8 meters wide. The new aria is almost identical in size to the cars that it will be competing with. The nissan aria is ready to explode into the market, with sharp styling competitive range of up to 310 miles and an impressive 389 brake horsepower performance variant. A beautiful collaboration between designers in both europe and japan from the ground up the nissan arian, now strikes a new dawn for nissan, its bold and stylish, but its also quite sleek and simple. You have lovely design elements like that horizon line, which runs all the way from the front of the car round to the back.

It also is a suv coupe design which combines all the practicality of an suv with tons of interior space, but the sleek coupe roof line, which gives it an almost sporty feel it sits on 19 inch or 20 inch alloy wheels, which all come with some funky Aerodynamic alloys around the front of the car, and the first thing you notice – is that black grille at the front, of course, its not really a grill thats underneath which is used to cool the batteries. But this houses all of the technology for the nissan arrias new safety features, and if you look really closely it has some japanese inspired details which look fantastic and are mirrored onto the inside as well, which ill show you later. You have those led front headlights which are slim, and you also have these led daytime running lights, which frame the grille. So what are the battery and range options available? The entry level ref front wheel drive gets a 63 kilowatt hour battery with a range of 223 miles. The next model up gets a larger 87 kilowatt hour battery and a more potent front wheel, drive motor, delivering an extra 77 miles of range. Totaling 310, as well as some more power, then theres. The option to add four wheel drive with 302 brake horsepower and up to 285 miles of range around the back and that horizon line blends seamlessly into the rear lights, which now have a light bar all the way along the tailgate and rather than just the nissan Badge its spelt out across the boot, it feels sporty.

You have this fantastic spoiler and at the bottom you have a rear diffuser, which hasnt been made to look like a combustion car. It has its own design elements which i love inside. The boot youll find 466 litres in the two wheel: drive model – all 408 liters. If you opt for the four wheel drive which is bigger than the nissan qashqai, but slightly less than youll, find in the skoda enyak or the tesla model y ow. What is grey is that it does have that fantastic nissan usability with the split boot floor, meaning that your luggage wont roll around, which i actually think is fantastic and the electric boot comes standard on all models. Rear interior space and practicality are usually high on the importance list when it comes to family cars, and luckily the area ticks a lot of boxes for one. These rear doors, open nice and wide like on the nissan qashqai, meaning loading things like baby seats into the back is a doddle once inside that feeling of space that you get in the front is carried on to the rear of the car. Ive got a decent amount of leg room and a nice amount of headroom, even though ive got the panoramic sunroof, which does slightly eat into the headroom. What is great, though, is due to the flat floor and that adjustable center console. It means that the middle passenger has got a ton of legroom legroom for the middle passenger has got to be one of the best in its class.

Amenities are good back here as well. Ive got a center armrest with a couple of cup holders. Ive got a usb and usc charge port and heated rear seats, plus a tiny little design element which i love is the isofix fitments are hidden behind zips so that they dont get dirty not to be cliche journalist but inside. The nissan aria is such a nice place to be. They said that they wanted to give it a living room ambiance, and i seriously think theyve achieved that with a subtle glow that comes from that lantern down there on the center and remember when i said they had that japanese influence, which is mirrored onto the inside Yep that has that japanese detailing and its also mirrored onto the doors as well, and it gives everything a subtle glow of color at night. I love that theres so much space as well. Look how much leg room ive got and thats with this center console in this position, because it actually slides backwards and its electric, which is really great and thats. Not the only clever gadget in this car either theres a lot of gadgets which make it feel like a car from 2022. One of my favorite is the touch sensitive buttons which are built into the dashboard. When this car is turned off, you cant see them at all, but when its turned on and you touch them – you get a little vibration, which makes it feel like youre, touching a physical button theyre also on this center console as well drive modes, auto park e Pedal and this little open and close press that and out pops a little table which you can put um, i mean what could you put on that its quite small actually isnt it? I dont think youd be able to get a laptop on there.

I guess you could put a small ipad on there or you could pop your phone on there that that might or work not. But i guess you could always hide things in it or snacks. I always go to snacks, but i dont know. Let us know what do you think you could pop on the table below you, get two 12.3 inch sweeping touchscreens which look fantastic and theyre standard as well, so you get those across the whole range of cars, although i guess you would hope from around 41 000 Pounds the touchscreen is very nice, though the feedbacks good, the feedback, isnt, quite as good as on these buttons. Here you dont get any little buzz to let you know, youve touched them, but everything works very well and it looks modern and fresh. It also comes with quite a lot of built in technology as well. You have a voice activation and you also have amazon built into this car, so you can link it to your home and you could ask it to amazon turn on my heating, and it would do that for you, which, i think is brilliant its a way that Nissan are trying to connect us with our cars and our homes. The entry battery rear is 7.4 kilowatt, ac compatible for home charging, while the more powerful version is able to charge up to 22 kilowatts when plugged into an ac free phase charger, it can also support charging speeds of up to 130 kilowatts.

The arrival of the nissan aria also marks the end of the road for nissans association with chademo charging hardware, while the leaf will continue to use the connector. The aria, along with future nissan electric models, will use the more common ccs charging port theres. No denying that this is quite an expensive car, but it does feel like you get what you pay for. Everything feels really high quality youve got this lovely soft leather wrapped steering wheel, which is actually in a two spoke design, which i really like. Youve also got a great mix of materials, including the imitation wood effect. Youve got that bronze detailing that runs all the way along the center of the car, and then youve got this imitation alcantara everywhere. You touch feels really soft and interesting. Even the plastics that are used in this car have little bits of detail on them, so theyre not left completely plain overall, it just feels a real step above a lot of other cars in this market Music. The nissan aria has three different driving modes: a normal economy and sport. Opting for the economy mode will reduce your amenities and get you. The best possible range out of your battery opt for the sport mode and it stiffens up the steering making it feel far more engaging the normal mode is the perfect blend between the two and most likely. What youre going to sit your aria in most of the time? If you go for one of the all wheel, drive models, then you get a fourth driving mode which is snow, the flat underbody, also aids aerodynamics for high speed stability.

Its also got plenty of power. Even the entry level version offers 217 ps, while the alternative, bigger battery variant has 242 ps both get to 62 miles per hour in around 7.5 seconds and have a top speed, limited to just 99 miles per hour. Stunning, design and forefront technology does come at a cost. Prices for the real will start from 41 845 in line with such rivals as the audi q4 e tron. However, with no models available for the government grant, we cant see it. Selling, like hotcakes prices, can also rise to an eye watering grand total of 58 440 for the e force performance variant.