So you can open it from there and the charging will be done so approx for the one full charging. It will run for 306 kilometers, Music, Music, hello guys. My name is tawandi motive. Welcome back to my channel. So today i have tata tigor evie the evie vehicle. Finally, we are gon na talk about it. What are the differences and about the kilometers? How much running at the one feeling? Okay so lets talk about it around before we go and review the car? If you havent, subscribed my channel, please go and subscribe. My channel right now lets start the review. So today what you see here, its a tata, tico ev. So finally, you dont need to go to petrol pump. We have an ev available here and it is in a trend. People are buying it. Okay, so lets talk about it. What all we get here so here you get the normal projector headlamp! Okay, if you see here, you get the drl option here and here the fog lamp, the eevee since its a ev. You get the strip here if you see its kind of in bluish color, so its a dual tone here, you get to see the eevee badging here you get to see the normal body, color gray, nothing more here! If you see we get the kind of alloy wheel, but they dont call it allowable its the updation of the alloy wheel, its quite different. Here you will be able to see the color and the tire section if ill talk about so its a 175 by 65.

R14, you can see here, okay, so it is looking really good. You get the 4vm in a glossy finish with the side indicator. Okay, here, if you will see you get the chrome finishing completely okay, which connects here and the roof part. If you see here, you get the sharp fin antenna and its, it is also in a body color, okay, rear part uh. Here you get to see the led tail lights. Okay, with the side indicator. Here we get the tigo badging, and here we have a tata logo. Here we dont get any viper washer defogger here its a soft fin antenna and the high mount stop. Okay. Here we get the two parking sensor and its a av badging again here here you get to see the camera placement so thats a good thing here you get to see the reflectors and downside again the dual shape: the stripe kind of bluish stripes. You get Music uh, the backside door if ill talk about so here you get to see the chrome door handle here. You get the twitter option power window control. Here you get a sort of space. This is a water bottle holder, and this is a speaker placement. So seats this how you get the seats here, you dont get any adjustable headrest, and this is comfortable. Let me see okay, so after i have enough space. Okay, i mean decent space available decent leg room here. You dont get any rear, ac events, but you get a space to keep your mobile here.

You get the door handle, i mean the grab handle you get it here, the both side – and here you get the halogen lamp, and this is how the front dashboard looks from the rear side. It is really looking nice and due to that dual touch. It is looking bit different, impressive. Now lets talk about the front part here you get to see the request sensor. Okay and here the one thing is: they still have that old, locking system center, locking they should have given like ultros, but no worries. Here you get the chrome handle again: uh power window controls child lock. Here you get the finishing here. You get the soft touch here, its a water bottle, holder and the speaker placement. So the seat here you can recline it from here here. If you see you get the adjustable headrest, so thats a good thing, and here, if you see they have a dry arrow and see it is comfortable, looks like okay here. If you see uh again at the ac events, they have given touch. Okay, i have a dual tone here: its a piano finishing and staring if ill talk about. So this is how you get the steering here. You get the tata logo here, you dont get any control, but here you get the multimeter control. This is a headlight controller and this is a viper control, and this is how the instrumental cluster looks. So that remains same no changes in that here.

The middle ac events again the surrounding by a dual shade, so thats, a good thing. The hermann infotainment system will remain same no changes in that here you get all controls. This is the automatic climate control ac. You get here here you get a usb control, and here you get the 12 volt charging socket. Here you get a kind of a space and this is automatic version, so its a neutral reverse drive and sport mode. All you get here. This is a cup holder you get here, and the glove box looks decent, not too big, but okay uh here at the core passenger side, you get the vanity mirror. This is the day night irvine you get and at the passing driver side also, you get the vanity mirror thats a good thing here you get the mic placement and now here the plastic is hard, so thats a good thing now lets talk about what is important. So this is automatic version, okay here for the charging point, if you want to fill the charging to ev vehicle, you can just open it here, and this is the place where they have given for the charging. So you can open it from there and the charging will be done so approx for the one full charging. It will run for 306 kilometers. Okay, so here you get the electric engine: okay and the this is available only with the automatic transmission, and it runs for 306 kilometer per charge.

Once you charge it, it will run up to 306 kilometers and the charging time the tata has mentioned around 11.5 hours. For xz plus variant and the safety features, if ill talk about so you get the two airbags abs, with the ebd center, locking child safety locks, the passenger air, airbag silk belt warning door, jaw warning, etc, hey guys so that was overall review about the ev. I know that was a quick review, but i had to tell you the changes, more changes which have done from the normal to go to the ev, so that was about it, and i think this is the time now where you should buy the electric vehicle. If youre planning to buy might be after five years, uh uh, you will see most of the vehicles running on the road ev only ev vehicles, so we should take initiative now so thats it uh. Today. It was all about ev, so see you in the next video and if you havent subscribed my channel. Please go and subscribe my channel right now. My name is tavandi.