Please subscribe to this channel to get the latest video updates. Thank you. Music Applause, Music Applause, Music lexus may introduce a sleek plug in sports car according to a recent preview of toyotas next generation of electrified vehicles. While we dont have official lexus plug in sports car horsepower or range specs, an early concept reveal shows an all new two door, with a mclaren style, look and low slung stance, reminiscent of alexis lfa as far as a release date. We dont yet have official information on when the electrified lexus sports car will arrive in the us toyota recently teased its beyond zero lineup and its goal to ramp up production by 2030.. Will the car be a fully electric vehicle or a plug in hybrid? For now that remains an open question here. In the u s separately, toyota may introduce an f sports car that could take the form of a next gen mr2 in terms of the lexus brand. The next electric vehicle consumers will see will be the 2023 lexus rz, which appears to be an electrified take on the popular lexus rx.