This is the bmw i4 and i think it could be the first proper drivers, electric car in singapore Music. So just a little bit of background. So far, all the evs in singapore have been suvs or they have been. You know front wheel, drive cars if they dont have all wheel, drive their front wheel, drive car, so theyre nice to drive, but theyre, not exactly drivers. Cars in this way lets say a bmw 3 series is which leads us to this. This is the i4. So basically, the electric version of the 4 series grand cru page. Now we have a review of that car, the m440i grand crubay, if you want to look at it on check that out first, but lets focus on the i4 right now right. So this is called the i4 and obviously you can see the eye badge bmw. I is, of course, the electric sub brand of bmw, and while we have the big so called nostril grille here its also outlined in blue and theres, the eye badge – and you notice also that this grille is not actually open like it is on a combustion car. Its closed off, because this is electric: when we come around the side, we have 19 inch aero design wheels and also we got a blue side blade and the cool thing about this is that it actually extends down the entire length of the car and is even Under the door seal you a course of that later yeah and if you look at the back of the car of course, the big difference is that there is no exhaust pipe.

We have a diffuser again with the blue eye. Highlights there but overall looks a lot like the 4 series brand coupe, which is not a bad thing. You know the kind of fastback sedan shape very elegant, very aerodynamic and, of course, has the flat door handles like the 2 series active tourer which just launched in singapore recently. So here we are on the interior of the i4 and theres a little bit of a mix between old and new bmw. Of course, when i say new bmw i mean the ix is the new eb flagship. We did a video on that. Please check it out. So you know what were talking about and all bmw will not old, but what i mean its current bmw, 4 series, grand coupe a3 series, the clar platform, so the iphone runs on the clar platform, and why is that relevant here? So that means i still have this gear shifter here in the conventional layout. A lot like the four series grand copay, but here is the different part. This is straight out of the ix. This is the bmw wide screen, so i have the 12.3 inch drivers display. I can customize the stuff i want. According to the content, the heads up display as well and next to it is the 14.9 inch infotainment display so just like on the ix. This is a touchscreen, but we also have the bmw. I drive controller now note that this high drive controller is no longer present in the 2 series active tourer, all right, so weve done a bit of playing around with bmw osa were still getting used to it, but obviously its a more modern interface.

It looks very clean and um we quite like it generally, but were still getting used to it like i like the colors and the animation, but were not were not used to the whole. App driven kind of menu system like if this is gon na be a drivers car. Why are the app icons so small? It should be really big and obvious so that, when im driving, i know what im looking at, of course, this being a very modern new bmw. We have all the connectivity and app based features that they have um bmw, connected drive, theres, also the personal assistant that can do everything from uh control your temperature to the window, which can tell you what your tire pressure is when you make services or very useful Features to have another cool thing that um we havent really played with is the app feature. So this iphone, you get your app your bmw, app and um the really good security code, one two, three, four: five, six ta da with bmw. So we can do everything from you know: control the car look at the state of charge all that sort of thing, and this also has the smart key feature where i use my phone nfc to unlock the car, so very cool, very modern. But right after this were not going to drive it just yet were going to put it through our 4 carburetor practical test to see how it does in daily life and then were gon na drive this baby, all right so im in the back seat of the I 4 and then were gon na see if our guy luke can actually park this thing.

So now, okay, look, youre up, hey guys, so today well be trying to park. The new bmw i4 were gon na, be seeing how easy it is to park im gon na put her in reverse and, as you can see, we only have a reverse camera. We dont have a 360 camera, so this is gon na be interesting and, from my rear view, mirror yeah. I can tell you know: visibility isnt, that great, so i guess thats one of the drawbacks you get when you want something very you know coupe, like yeah yeah turn park, assist on and lets get cracking all right: the birds, Music, so whats visibility like from the Side mirrors luke, so you know like, like i said this is very koopa like this is not yeah, something that makes me feel very tall okay, so it does feel a bit cramped yeah. But then again i guess tit for ted. You know this is very sporty. Very stylish, so i think its pretty good okay, so did you get into the lines or not straightening her up now we go so, of course, keep in mind. This is a compact uh, not compact, executive segment, car so on the same size as a three series. Something like a x1 would definitely be easier to park right all right, youre done so not too bad. It took a while, but i think you can get used to it eventually. So how would you rate it in terms of easiest part? Wow? Okay, if i give it out of a five lets, put her into park ill, give it out of a five.

I would say its honestly easy handling wise, i would say, like a four out of five visibility. However, i wont say its the best, so a decent three: three: five: okay, cool, okay, guys. So right now well be testing. How easy it is to connect your phone to the new bmw i4, so bear in mind: ive not seen the interface whatsoever, so this is literally my first time trying it out so right now, im just going to be switching on my bluetooth and okay media there. We go mobile devices connect the new device searching lukes iphone, go for that and im guessing its gon na prompt me to pair it. There we go pair and allow pair again use apple, carplay, okay, its buffering, as you can see, turn on wi fi and use carplay. Okay! Well, its pretty straight forward to me and its done there we go. Allow super easy super convenient of everything that you need here. I think this ill give this a 5 out of 5. super straight forward. No nonsense! You know really straight to the point: well done: bmw, Music, all right, so this is test two test, three or whatever. You know what i mean were gon na test, the rear seat, space of the i4 and so notice. Just like the normal four series, grand coupe, we got a lovely handleless door. We got our frame, oh so beautiful, but notice that the door portal isnt actually that big and theres a bit of a high seal here.

Of course, the batteries are under here ill. Give it to that later, but im gon na get in and show you the space were quite white people arent. We yes were quite right. People are you squashed, okay, so how comfortable you guys? I mean if we get the care on this, you like kill each other. I would say its, maybe for two, its its okay, but three is a bit of a squeeze. Yeah three is quite a squeeze yeah, but head space wise, i think yeah decent leg room is pretty all right, but i do feel that my feet are actually correct. So actually, im kind of ive got this much in space. How about you youre taller than me? Wow youre crushing thats already yeah, so the side comes in as well because of the so again like what what you said just now, the coupe is starting. You have to pay a price for that. Essentially, this is a full series. Grand coupe but uh like i wanted to point out so camera for wild kai um with all evs the batteries in the floor, which means the whole car kind of rises up. So you see here um just like on the mercedes eqa uh. My knees are so high right now, theyre, so high. Look at that look how much bass i got right there and if you like, to sit low like me in the drivers seat, you theres no space for your for your feet to go in yeah and there still is a transmission tunnel in the middle of the Car, so that is the legacy of the old cla flat platform, but you know two adults: okay, two adults, okay and three: three squeeze yeah, so dont be carrying the whole family of adults in the i 4.

Okay guys. So now were going to see how practical the boot space is on the bmw i4. Now, as you can see, what we have here is 470 liters and lets grab this. Thank you darren. So im going to be testing to see if it can actually fit a set of golf clubs, so lets check it out now i can tell that you got these flaps here, which is, as you can see, very convenient. It sits really nicely now. If you actually fold all the rear seats down thats an additional space of a total of 1290 liters check it out its huge okay moment of truth, the i4. How does it drive low center of gravity, nice, fastback body style, rear wheel, drive its a bmw, so it performs, as we expected it drive very nicely, especially in the bends, lots of feedback from the steering wheel very planted and, unlike some ebs, when you push it, It doesnt go and you start to feel really heavy and you get and all of a sudden you go whoa. This car is really heavy because its not that heavy its just over two tons. So when you push it, it gets better and better, of course, up to a point always drive safely on public roads, but as far as we could push the envelope very enjoyable car really like uh bmw to drive, so that does meet expectations there. So to compare, why does it behave that way its a little bit lighter than the competition just over two tons um? The only thing like in this is the tesla model, 3.

. Of course, 0 100 and 5.7 seconds. Uh 340 horsepower not super quick in a straight line, but with the instant electric top it feels very fast and very punchy very nice to drive. So you also notice that there is no m spot version of this. This is only the i version so to speak. So theres no import steering wheel, theres, no m sport, you know formats and all that stuff, but the car looks good for that. Along that line, the only sporty one is the m40 which will be available in limited quality teas in singapore, according to bmw, singapore. But what you guys also want to know is how the car behaves in real life at normal speeds, and i can say it rides pretty well a little bit of a jiggle a little bit of that uh eev wont when the weight comes into the. When you go into the bumps uh and undulations, but its not that bad uh it doesnt jiggle like an suv, its just rather quiet, the ix is more refined, but this is still quite a quiet car and just like the ix and the ix3, this car has The fifth gen of bmws electric drive technology, which, as we found from those two cars, is really efficient, so ive done just under 100 kilometers in this car we got around 20 kilowatt hours per 100ks and thats because i was driving like julen and also that i Didnt do that much highway.

I think on longer runs and when we get a chance to test it out in our written review, i think we can easily do maybe 18 kilowatt hours 100k, which translates to more than 400 kilometers per charge easily so very efficient. Its sporty its fun to drive looks quite cool, very impressed by the i4, so competition and conclusion the competitive competitors we mentioned just now already. Basically, there are only two other ev sedans that are around this price segment. So bmw doesnt know the exact price of this car yet because we just got the car its super new uh supposed to be low 300, but once we get the proper price were gon na do a proper breakdown. Okay, we finally have a confirmed price on the i4 and originally, when bmw told us, the indicated price would be around 330 thousand dollars. We were very impressed because you know the four series grand coupe itself. The 420i already starts at 300. Grand the 430 grand coupe is already about 350 grand, so we thought wow 330 grand for the i4, where the performance in the straight line is better than the 430i pretty good deal just like the ix3 is, but the latest price of the car shows us is Exactly three hundred and eleven thousand dollars, eight eight, so thats what three on two grand, which is a bloody bargain. In my opinion, now high performance versions of the tesla model 3 and postar 2 cost about 250 grand, so its still quite a bit more than those cars.

But those cars are premium cars, whether or not their luxury cars, its still a bit fuzzy. But you know the bmw i4, its a bmw, its got all the stuff. The bmw should have. It feels luxurious. Its nice to drive got a lot of technology and it feels a step above those cars. Actually so i think 311 grand for this car a real steel. So i want to remind you guys that, as this video comes out, uh bmw would have launched this car with full pricing and details check out our new story on car for everything. But to take away for this, the bmw i4 is that its a really nice car to drive, i actually enjoy driving it. It doesnt feel like every other av on the market and, of course, its a bmw. So i think you know i will take it over. Most of the evs out there lets not talk about the porsche tycoon rear drive because i didnt drive it, but thank you for watching our review of the i4.