I cant remember the last time i saw one at an auto show much less on public roads, which is a terrible shame, because this all electric suv not only looks amazing, but it drives well and is surprisingly functional if youre shopping for an upscale battery powered utility Vehicle something like an audi e tron, tesla model y or maybe even a higher end ford, mustang machi. You should absolutely consider this super chic jag still a looker, even though its no longer the new hotness, the ipay still looks like a concept car that escaped an advanced design studio. The vehicles, rounded rectangular grille, is all jaguar all the time and a familiar face for first time: ev buyers that may find more unconventionally styled rivals to avant garde, but those arcing front fenders that almost impossibly short hood, the unadorned body sides and squared off rump make This suv, both beautiful and unmistakable. I especially love the pop out exterior door handles they feel sturdy and built to last. Yet look so cool when retracted, allowing the vehicles flanks to flow, uninterrupted from wheel arch to wheel, arch leering, led headlamps, a 750 portofino blue metallic paint job and the standard. Two tone 20 inch wheels complete this ipaces ensemble. If youre feeling frivolous and dont mind a likely degraded ride, you can spend a little more and get this suv with 22s, which should really make a statement not new but decently improved for 2022. The ipace gains a handful of minor, but impactful upgrades.

One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of new infotainment tech in the form of jaguar land rovers pivi pro system somewhat controversial people seem to either love this multimedia arrangement or dislike it, though i am firmly in the former camp with a clean, almost minimalist look: Pivi pro is drop dead gorgeous on this vehicles, 10 inch touchscreen that design simplicity also makes the system a cakewalk. Cakewacked use functions are easy to find, so you dont have to go rifling through half a dozen menus to accomplish simple tasks. Naturally, both wireless apple, carplay and android auto are supported and you can connect two phones simultaneously via bluetooth. The only downside is that sometimes pivipro can be a little laggy, but this is not a major complaint aside from that upgrade all eye paces now come standard with a powerful meridian 3d sound system over the air software update functionality has been enhanced and engineers have improved. The vehicles re juice ability by adding a new 11 kilowatt ac onboard charger, which enables this jaguar suv to absorb 63 miles of range in just 15 minutes when hooked to a 100 kwdc power source, further. Bolstering its roster of tech, a new 360 degree, camera system and a rear camera mirror are now offered in this all electric suv, powerful performance, adequate range with two motors and a permanent all wheel, drive system. The ipace is graced with ‘4 horsepower and 512 pound feet of torque heady, if not quite lucid air dream edition numbers still thats enough firepower to deliver a 0 to 60 mph time of just 4.

5 seconds and boy howdy. Does this suv feel every bit as quick stand on the accelerator and the i paces nose, lift the vehicle rockets you down the road with giggle inducing force terminal velocity is 124 miles per hour for a vehicle that weighs around 4784 pounds. This performance is impressive, but beyond its brute power, the ipaces acceleration is super smooth and extremely linear. It blitzes forward with practically the same vigor on the highway as it does right off the line. Some evs lose a noticeable amount of steam as speed increases, but not the i pace. The handling and ride quality are as youd expect for an electric vehicle. The i pace is always planted in sure footed. Thanks to the lower center of gravity provided by its underfloor battery pack, the steering is free of kickback, though its not particularly engaging while the ride quality is refined and smooth. Despite the sizeable wheels, the air suspension does an admirable job. Smothering roadway imperfections, this bit of tech also allows you to adjust the ride height, elevating it for slightly more ground clearance. If you want to venture off the beaten path, though, this is by no means a rock crawler. As for tech, the i pace comes standard with rain sensing, windshield wipers lane, keeping assist blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and surprisingly, smooth and attentive adaptive cruise control. You know the usual suspects these days. You also get a power operated tailgate as well as heated power.

Folding mirrors, a liquid cooled 90 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery pack serves as the ipaces sole energy reservoir, giving this example an epa estimated range of 222 miles, which is an adequate if not awe, inspiring figure. Still. That number pales in comparison to the model y, which offers 330 miles of range when properly equipped that tesla is also significantly more efficient. This example is estimated to return 78 mpge city 71, mpge highway and 75 mpge in mixed driving. In comparison, the thriftiest model y is rated at 140, 119 129. On the same test cycles. The ford mustang mach e is appreciably more efficient too. Oh couture interior, the infotainment system is the biggest change made to the ipaces interior, but the good news is the rest of the cabin didnt really need to be updated: theres, beautiful and supple leather on the seats and door panels. The dashboard is covered in a swath of squishy soft plastic and the various switches and controls mostly feel good. The dual zone, climate control systems, temperature and fan speed, as well as the heated and ventilated front seats, are all adjusted by a prominent pair of dials on the center stack, each of which has a small screen in the middle. You push or pull these knobs to activate different functions, which is a great idea, in theory, at least because it reduces clutter in practice. However, this arrangement takes some time to get used to, and mental processing, to remember what dose is what the dials themselves also feel.

A bit fragile cheaply clicking when you push or pull aside from that theres also a small 5.5 inch screen for handling other climate related functions, though it looks a bit incongruous and appears washed out. The eye pace gets high marks for comfort. The front chairs are plush yet supportive, and i love that the lower cushions can be angled up significantly to provide loads of support for your thighs. This suvs, aft accommodations, are also surprisingly roomy, offering plenty of space for heads and legs plus the outboard spots are heated, and passengers have access to two usb type c ports and a 12 volt power outlet. If theyre relegated to steerage, the only things adults have to complain about are the surprisingly restrictive door openings which make you contort your body in unusual ways to get in the backseat cargo space is another feather in this jags cap. The vehicle offers 25.3 cubic feet of space behind the rear seat and 51 cubes with the backrest lowered. Both counts are comparable to what you get in a honda hrv though. Unfortunately, the load floor is not flat when lowered the rear. Backrests are still noticeably angled. Aside from in cabin storage, the epace also has a small front trunk. It clocks in at a whisker less than one cubic foot enough for a briefcase or a couple grocery bags, but thats about it. An ev worthy of your consideration when shopping for a 2022 jaguar. I pace its pretty much a one and done deal.

The vehicle is offered in a single trim and with a sole battery size. The base price is around 70 350, including 1150 in delivery fees, which is not cheap, though this suv does feel like its worth. The asking price, as it sits the example shown here checks out for 73 095.