This is the first all electric car from lexus this ones the premium plus spec that one comes in at about 46 grand and it has a claimed range of miles. Competition for this car would be things like the full mustang mackie, the polestar 2, possibly the kia e nero and, of course, the skoda enyak and the vw id4 lets check it out. These 17 inch wheels have a great tire profile to help with that ride, quality. Whilst its not roomy in the back, you can accommodate four six foot: adults, although there could be a bit more room to put your feet so before we get into anything. Ev related whats. This thing, like as a car, forget the fuel whats it like as a car, so that means whats it like to drive, and you know what its really nice um its not exceptional in any particular way, other than being very comfortable, extremely smooth and just really nice To drive so we took the kids down to weymouth this weekend and for the first time in about five years, my daughter fell asleep on the way home and, i think, really thats testament to the fact that the car is so comfortable, really comfortable seats. Really nice ride and and obviously its very quiet being an ev so onto the interior. Build quality is very good, as you would expect with the lexus. Some of the plastics are a bit harder than i would like for a car of this price point and um.

It there does seem to be a little bit of an odd mismatch. Youve got these lovely luxurious seats, really nice gear, selector and metal surround its got very chunky, leather steering wheel, which feels quite luxurious. It wont be to everyones taste because its so chunky. For me, despite having man child hands, i find it really really comfortable and it feels super luxurious. Really, nice quality leather on it as well. Youve got an analog clock sitting up there and then youve got this tiny little screen, which feels 20 years out of date. To me, its a seven inch screen and if you go up to takumi level, i believe is where it kicks in you get ten point something inch screen, but its just really low res and the infotainment system in general does not really belong on a lexus. This car that im in right now has a 196 mile range. Obviously, that drops by about 20 30 miles, if you put the air con on, as is the case with most evs, and it doesnt have particularly fast charging, so this ones got a chademo connector rather than the ccs, which is like the european standard. If you like, and that can do 50 kilowatt charging at its maximum youve, also got a traditional type 2 connector on the car, so you can plug it from a granny plug which comes supplied with the car or from a normal home charger. So boot space is another thing.

Thats slightly disappointing is 367 liters. So you get a good weekly shopping there. There is a cubby space beneath where you can store your charging cables, although once you take them out its quite difficult to get them back in, but whats really lacking is the the frunk. I think you could live with that boot space. If you had the frunk to put your cables away as that space beneath the boot is quite tight and, of course, if youve got the boot loaded and you need to get your charging cables out, it means unloading the boot to get to them. I think a frunk in this car would have worked really really well, because this car was designed as a hybrid vehicle or a petrol vehicle, primarily and converted to an ev at a later stage. Theres no franc – and i can understand the reasons for that im. Just cruising along now 50 miles an hour and you couldnt really be in a more comfortable place. Its very quiet, obviously theres a bit of wind noise from the mirrors, but really its quite quiet, its very smooth, its got really nice ride and for doing a little cruise it its an absolute joy to be fair, its also quite sprightly when it wants to be Being an ev, obviously it can deliver its power rather quickly, not 60 time on this car 6.9, but it does feel quicker somehow, as evs often do the main issue with it.

If you want to get that power down is actually getting that power down. If you accelerate too enthusiastically, this is a front wheel, drive car and very quickly that traction control kicks in so its not its, not always easy to put that power down. But if you do want a little burst of speed, you want to overtake something believe me, you wont be left wanting this car just has the standard stereo system and the sound quality is absolutely more than adequate. You have to go up to that top takumi level. To get the upgraded sound system which is levinson, amazingly, you also need to go up to takumi to get built in satnav. So whilst this carls got android auto and apple carplay as standard, you need to go up to the takumi level to actually get built in satnav. Thats no drama for me, because i much prefer to use apple carplay to most built in systems anyway. The layout of everythings fairly familiar you dont, constantly have things binging and bonging at you. You dont have to search through menus to perform basic functions, so it does have a real simplicity to it that a lot of cars dont anymore. So if you were going to go out and pay full price on a new car and youre looking in this sort of segment, you know youd be foolish, not to go and look at the competition, because there are all round packages that are a bit more compelling Than this one, when it comes to shelling out your hard earned cash, what i will say with this is that there have been some absolutely fantastic lease deals.

If you watch my lease deals of the month videos, you will have seen these featured quite a few times. Some of the lease deals that have been on them have been fantastic value for money, especially when you compare it to some lease deals on some of those cars that dont cost anywhere near as much as this one. These could also make a very good use buy in a year or two because lets not forget toyota lexus the one of the worlds, most reliable car makers. So here we are having a little poodle through the new forest with ponies are plenty in the way. I think this one might be on a suicide mission and this cars really in its element, its just so smooth so quiet. A lot of evs can have a very firm ride because of all that battery weight. This one doesnt its a really nice ride without being too boaty, despite the imperfections that this car has, and it does have several ill still be sad to see it go because its just a nice thing to sit in and drive. I think, if theyve, given this a bit more range, a bit more storage space and a better infotainment system and possibly a better standard level of spec id be absolutely raving about this car. But as it is, i cant. But what i can say to you is its not a bad car, its a good car, its just not an exceptional car.

So whilst this their first ever, all ev is not the best car theyve ever produced. Lexus and toyota have got plans to put out some really exciting vehicles in the next few years, and the thing we know most about lexus and toyota is they produce reliable cars. Durable cars really solid cars, and we shouldnt expect their evs to be any different in that respect to their internal combustion engine cars. So, if youre in the market for a small midsize suv, certainly check one of these things out, if youre not too worried about infotainment systems and youre happy to just use your apple, carplay or android auto, you dont need a massive screen. You know by all means check one out and, as i said, there are fantastic lease deals on these from time to time and despite the fact that others may have a much cheaper sticker price than this, if youre looking at a lease, you really can get a Deal on these quite often ill put a link to lease loco in the video description and that will go straight to lexus ux 300ds. So you can check out the latest deals for yourself. Please give this video a thumbs up guys and please subscribe to the channel. If you havent already done so, the data on my previous review video suggests that over 80 percent of you watching this wont be subscribed.