Assuming that most of you already know, this is the first fully electric car from the Mercedes thats developed everything in house from the Mercedes Benz., So the EQS 2022 450. Well, as you can see right from the beginning, this particular one is finished in the Graphite Metallic together with the Nappa Leather inside its black, sorry blackbrown interior.. So what are the great things about this car? Well, first of all, the vehicle is equipped with 107.8 kilowatt hour battery that it has inside., So this vehicle will be propelled as far as on the horsepower to put on this car its for 329 horsepower and 417 pound feet of torque that vehicle generates., This particular Vehicle is a rear, wheel, drive., So many of you. How fast would it be 0 to 60 its 5.5 seconds? We do produce, as well as the EQS 580., Its a lot more rare than this particular vehicle that one it will get to 0 to 62 miles per hour and 4.1 seconds. So it is a faster, it has a dual motor, all wheel, drive and a few of the other things.. But let me tell you: what are the standard equipment on this particular vehicle. Well, starting from the front instantly recognizable far as in the shape of the vehicle? Its quite a bit unique., We claimed that Mercedes Benz EQS has the lowest amount of the Draco efficient, 0.2000, so least resistance to the wind thanks to its shape and the design.

Again recently recognizable EQ fascia thats, going to be common for all the vehicles that are Coming out., So on the front we can know that the vehicle has the digital light. With the projection on this vehicle thats able to project an Adaptive High Beam Assist that comes standard in each vehicle.. This particular vehicle comes with the 20 inch wheels. This one, its based upon the new Mercedes Benz star new shape new design of the steering wheel, its a little bit different.. Some people love it when they saw it. Some people not so much depending on the taste, but you can choose the several other wheels. This one comes again at no extra charge., So now, moving on to the other part of the vehicle comes with the 360 camera. As a standard Driver Assist System does come standard, you can recognize that because it will have the two cameras right here on the top. With the sensors as well on the front part right here, thats, where the sensors for the short medium and the long term radar, its part of the vehicle can drive itself for a while., Then the Active Blind Spot Assist comes standard within the Driver. Assist Package Active Lane Keeping Assist, comes as the standard Pedestrian Recognition comes as the standard and theres many things that we can list that comes with the Driver, Assistance Package.. I would encourage to some of you that are interested more in it to type in Mercedes Benz Driver Assistance Systems and will tell you all about this package.

. So lets move on to the other things that come standard in the vehicle. Panorama. Roof comes standard on each one of them. Oh some of the things I cannot forget. Many of you ask me: what is the warranty on this battery that we have? The warranty on the battery is 10 years, 155 thousand miles.. Yes, its a long time.. 10 years 155000 miles warranty that its on the battery the vehicle comes standard with the four years or 50000 miles warranty, since this is our first EQS. First, electric car from the Mercedes all completely developed in house.. The vehicle comes also with the first two years or 20000 miles: complementary maintenance for the purchases of the 2022 model year and also for the first two years. Mercedes has free charging on the electrified America network, which is basically just anywhere. So, if you would choose lets, say, do not use that you want to charge this vehicle at home, which most of the people do. The vehicle will need to go from 10 to 100 percent charging and a 240 volt outlets, specifically for the electric cars that will take you 11.25 hours to go from 10 to 100.. If you would like to use the DC charging system, that is only on the public. Basically, this vehicle has 200 kilowatts capability. It will take you 31 minutes to go from 10 to 100 to fully charge this vehicle. The range should have maybe mentioned that in the very beginning, .

.. ALARM ACTIVE What you can see right here. The vehicle comes standard with the 360 guard system. We have that for this vehicle, the vehicles windows down and the vehicle was locked. So, as soon as my hand went inside, the vehicle noticed the movement. This comes standard and its sounded the alarm., So the theft deterrent system comes stated in this vehicle and it was by accident, demonstrated to you on this. The vehicle. Welcome to the interior of the EQS 450 and right before the interruption that I have with the Guard 360: our theft deterrent system. I was about to tell you what is the range of the vehicle when its fully charged when its at 100.? You could go 350 miles on the base up on the regular charge. Those are the EPA ratings. We have the some of the magazines and some of the Europeans that measured the European standard that measured this vehicle, the distance and the charge, and it cant take it to a 422 miles on the fully charged vehicle.. Like I mentioned you again from 10 to 100, you can go in 31 minutes 200, kilowatts DC fast charging or, if youre charging it home from 10 to a fully 100, you can go in 11.25 hours.. So lets move on to the other standard things that you get in this vehicle.. What do you see? What do you assume? Yes, pillow? Not that many vehicles come these days with the pillow for the driver as well as for the passenger.

Move on to the other things we do have the Ambient Lighting thats come standard.. This particular model does come with the Active Ambient Lighting vehicle thats. Three options that this particular vehicle has right: here. Does come with the Burmester 3D Surround Sound System as a standard part of the vehicle., These two screens that they come in that come as a standard. I know many of you would ask wheres that huge screen when everything else, even this trim is a screen. Just a 56 inch hyper screen. That is an option for a 450 comes standard on the 580.. A lot of people like that does look impressive, but on the 450 comes standard with one screen, thats right in front of the driver for the information, and you can change many of the menus or the displays and which sort of the display that you want to Exchange right, here. Also into the infotainment system that it comes here, navigation system again comes standard with the special EQ Routing.. So if you put the address where youre going to go but youre going to go, the vehicle will optimize the vehicle driving. So it can save you the most battery and gives you the power when you need it., So it will be highly encouraged that you use navigation wherever youre, going even to the places that you know.. Okay, as I mentioned, the 360 camera does come standard on this vehicle. Apple, Carplay, Android, Auto, does come standard on this vehicle.

Panorama roof. I want to mention that again does come. Standard.. This vehicle comes with the black leather, together with the brown as a two tone, and you have a very, very fine stitching that goes in the top and across the vehicle does definitely look impressive. So just to repeat many of you, this is the EQS.. This is the electric version of the S. Class. Dimensions of the car are just about the same. On this vehicle. 10 degree rear axle steering comes standard on this vehicle.. I think its a great point, and especially on the larger vehicles. Exterior Sound Generator for a pedestrian safety that comes standard, but you would expect that as well to come on the car. Keyless Go with the seamless door. Handles yes does come standard. Heated seats, ventilated seats. Does come standard on the vehicle, as you would expect on the product like the S Class. Standard equipment on this vehicle, its a new generation MBUX, Mercedes, Benz User Experience that comes standard on the vehicle, so basically artificial intelligence that you can voice command. Any of the features as far as on the on the vehicle with just a simple keyword, it starts with the Hey Mercedes.. Okay, I just wanted to show you the rear part of the vehicle. This one of my favorites points about this vehicle on the helix design. The rear taillights, when you unlock that lights up really nicely looks super cool and also the trunk space of this vehicle, one movement of the foot.

It will open the trunk if you have items to put it inside so with just a regular trunk. It gives you the 22 cubic feet of the storage space and when you fold down the rear seats its 63., Its a lot as far as on the trunk space, you can remove this part right here fairly easily and you can fold down the rear seats that Will again give you the 63 foot of the storage space.? Yes, this vehicle does not have the spare tire. Does have the tools underneath and your case that you would need to inflate them, but those are the run flat tires as far as on most of the vehicles now these days.. So at this point I would like to close the trunk and close this video. My name is Bojan Savic here at the Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale.. Thank you very much for watching this video and Ill see you on the next video from Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale.