First off this car really does look unique. I mean from the front end: it looks a bit like a futuristic range rover that light bar across the front looks absolutely lovely but down the side. It kind of looks a bit like a cross between an suv and a postman path fan, but somehow in a good way. A black trim on the bottom really does accent the shape of this car and i think the rear end of this car theres lovely lights. I think it just looks, looks real, modern but not futuristic. I think cave done a great job designing this car now kiera. Thankfully, given this car standard, traditional door handles, which, again, i really prefer you open the doors up to find some real, stylish looking door cards when you get in the car, find this real neat steering wheel and a well laid out dash with these gorgeous leather seats. Then youve got your 10.25 inch infotainment system, air conditioning your drive, selector heated seats, heated steering wheel for some reason here. How about the heated steering wheel, switch on the passenger side, but hey how two cup holders electric handbrake very nice? So lets start it up now. This instrument, cluster, i think, is real neat and kind of understated and theres not too much info there, which is great. The only thing im not too sure about is the speed is, on the far right hand, side. I really prefer that to be in the middle move.

Over to the 10.25 inch infotainment system and youve got sat nav on there. Youve got battery and range information, and then you can change to radio youve got your dab. Youve got bluetooth, so its nice in the front well lets go and have a look in the back now. The back of this car is much like the front. Its real comfy lots of room and lovely stylish door cards and again well do legroom test and again im five foot, seven guys, but still that is just acres of room back here, very spacious back here now. Last time i drove this car. I really thought the boot was a weak point, but today seans been helpful enough to put some keys in here. Weve got a medium case, two small cases, Music and a large case in there as well, so its actually quite a usable boot. Even though it looks kind of small now before we crack on guys, please make sure you subscribe to the channel. Weve got plenty more car reviews for 2022 and a few little motorbike videos as well. Now this car got a tremendous spec, so the starter, this car has got a 282 mile range, which is fantastic, and on top of that, this car will do nothing 60 and 7.6 seconds, which is all you need for the public road. In my opinion, to top it off, the interiors got so much kit. I dont know where to start so for starter.

Weve got this gorgeous leather interior kia really can make a nice interior these days, its very impressive. On top of that, youve got heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, although the button for the heater steering wheel being on the passenger side has somewhat thrown me. I dont know why theyd do that. On top of that, youve got a 10.25 inch. Infotainment system, including sat nav and youve, got your dab. Radio and youve got your bluetooth and youve got your android audio. All the things you normally get and this car also comes with a 10 speaker, harman kardon stereo system which ive tested, and it sounds epic and its very loud. Now, if you buy this car from kia, it will set you back just under 35 000 pounds which, when i first heard that i thought well thats a lot of money for a kia. But when you think of all the kit youre getting and its a big car and its an ev power train with good range and good spec inside as well its actually a bit of a bargain, especially compared to the competition even kias own e, nero range e. Nero three – and this has got a bit more kitten on the e3 and enos three cost are three and a half thousand pounds more. The kias ev6 starts at around 40 grand and then the ford mac e, which is slightly bigger and slightly nicer inside that cost.

An extra six thousand pounds as well, so you think actually this is pretty good value for money, and on top of that it looks epic and its really individual as well theres. Not many of these sole evs on the road, so youd be different to everyone and i think thats worth extra money personally now this car is once again from car and cab care and car and cab will be selling this car for 33 and a half thousand Pounds in white – and i think, by the way it looks epic in white and for all of the colors itll – be just under 34 000 pounds, which is still a good saving over heres less price. Now weve got a look at the specs. We have a look at the car uh. We look at the value as well. I think now its time to go for a drive so first impressions, well, the kia soul. Ev seems stable sturdy, its comfy plenty, quick, smooth, really quiet, and a lot of the problem with the evs is that because the engine makes no noise because the motors are really quiet, you hear a lot more road noise. You hear a lot more noise coming in through the seals in between the doors and the windows, whereas this car seems it seems well built because im not hearing much noise at all now were gon na hit some nice little b. Roads now guys were gon na put the foot down jesus christ.

This thing goes like an absolute rocket but whats it like. When we come to a corner, i mean that was i mean it was slow corner, but that was flat absolutely flat, no body roll whatsoever. Oh, my god, yeah took that corner beautifully. This is a surprisingly sporty ride. I mean, even though its comfy, you dont, feel the it cannot take a corner. It feels pretty flat around the corners, its quick. The throttle is responsive in sport mode. This could easily be all cars to all men and women. Now ive got to go poke around this car today, ive got a good look at the specs. Ive got a good driver as well, and the only bad thing i can find about this car is the charging speed. Now, in this day and age, a lot of evs are charging. You know 80 in 10, 15. 20 minutes this car zero to eighty percent. On a fast charger takes 54 minutes, which is quite a long time to be sat at the service station. However, you think about it. If youve already done 250 miles, um you might find you want and ill break at the service stations have a decent lunch. Rest. Your legs a bit so is that really such a down point im, not too sure actually and again the booth. You know it looks a little bit small to me, but, as we saw before, were still packing for four suitcases, so its not actually that small.

Now last year i posed the question: would i buy a kia soul, ev and i said no well, i think ive changed my mind completely today. I think this car is rocking. I think its plenty quick. I think it handles great. I think theres loads of space and it looks fantastic and theres so much kit as well, and adjusting to 35 000 pounds from kia or just under 34 000. Pounds from car and cab represents tremendous value for money as well, and if i was on the lookout for a well sized ev, this will be, i think, top of the list so guys. Thank you so much for watching.