You know that right morning morning today we are at um stuart and we come to um test drive the e6 is that right right, the byb e6 electric, fully electric car very exciting day for us today. Well, give you a look around, and this is a white one. They have a beautiful blue one inside. They are showroom very nice, but this is the white my wife seemed to like they would prefer the white color so were going now for a test drive. I just want you to see the car and what it looks like very, very nice. All right lets see what happens inside. Okay seat belt is light and then, where the emergency is its its open all right. So what is it? The brick is very, very sharp on this car. The back is very comfortable. Its very big and spacious inside the steering is very soft. It doesnt really have a stiff steering very very nice um. It seemed to feel a little bit a little bit nicer than the leafling. You need to drive this its. It has a very nice feeling what a nice drive in the back. It seemed to be in the economy mode because i think the leaf is more quicker than it. It seems like it does it have salesman. Does it have economy more than our our sports? More? Yes, it does yes, okay, yeah its not as quick as the leaf um in the economy.

You know this rides very nice. It does yeah its very smooth, its not bumpy around the back either. No, its very smooth im surprised very comfortable, very spacious, around the back. You have a lot of legroom. You know that i was told that these cars are rough. Car drives no thats, not true yeah, its nice, its really its amazing. So we are going down south camp road. Now, yes, yeah, and you know sometimes well have a few bump spots and so forth very very comfortable car yeah very comfortable. How do you think this drives in comparison to the suzuki? Is it this is okay, the four wheel drive yeah, the one you have what you call your vitara, the vitara feeling it it feels. Very nice feels the same no and its more spacious than the suzuki. I think this is smoother yeah. It feels smoother, although ive. Never driven in the back seat, so okay, but the front seat. This is smoother yeah right. Well, i think the front and the back of the the car usually is about the same. But this is nice. Well, yes, the only the only nothing in any sign in any sunny front and the back have a different drive. Yes, but this is good. The only thing, the only the only thing ill say is that the power, let me tell you something well, i dont need phone yeah, but its very nice, very quiet, so people today we are driving a ev, the e6 ev test drive in it and its really A very nice car, byd byd, yes, build your dreams.

This is nice, were gon na, go around around the boat and come back? Yes, if you look right in front of us, this is where we are now um. So when you look at the screen im not even going to play with this screen here – and it has this screen here – it has a regular um, dashboard clock. You know with all the information on the dashboard um. Let me take a stop right here. If you look at this dashboard, it has, you know its an eco mode, okay standard. This is your charging. It is not at a hundred percent, apparently it is in kilometers. You know the air condition works real. It has you know all of this stuff at the back also yeah air conditioner at the back also yeah its a very nice car leather seats. Very nice seats are lit and it feels nice look at this and it has the same control like the leaf, and it also has the start. Stop button just to leave a lot of things inside here is very similar to the nissan leaf. I would say so: how do you put this in the in the sports mode yeah? I would love to feel the power in the sports mode while im in the car, no no its just that its going to be a little quicker all right. No, i dont think its nice. I need to have tip steering its still kind of up undone, really yeah.

I like that. I just dont have the power. Where is this roundabout? You know i dont know how to use a roundabout anymore. You want me to come on around the world. No, i will give you the drive, i can go back clean. I want you to take a drive and see this is really very nice. I mean it drives. Nice, Music and the seats are just very nice in the front in case youre short like. Oh, yes, it has a lot of space in the back and you have a lot of food space in the back yeah, its quite spacious, yeah, Music, Music. They did set up this car go from zero to tinder in about four seconds. You know so its very strange, so thats, the only thing that concerns me. So how do you stop it? You just press this button and its in park. You just press p and its in park. Okay, and you just turn this um drive our reverb. So here is lynn shes now test driving test driving the electric car here now the e6 salesman. I dont hear you say anything about the e6 center. No, what is your is the first youre driving in it its not the first thing. I am just glad that you guys are enjoying it says. My name is nigel nigel, okay, yesterday its very comfortable, its very smooth, um, its the first. For me, the the the only other electric car i ever ever, driven in the town, the next one thats over the next, oh its also here you can right, okay and and one of the things with um this this car is, is really how it is so.

Spacious, i mean, and it is – and you know something this is made in china – i didnt you know this is made in china. I need everything this is made in china and it is such a nice nice. It drives so good trying to look up the police Music, all right its right here. Yeah just follow the bike. Man, if hes going the right direction. That is you just keep to the right of the roundabout. So would you like to test drive there? I think we should test our keep. Keep right. Yeah were going to test right. There um, i wont drive it. I dont want anything i wish. If i knew about that im singular, i dont need a big girl. I need to make sure when i come in with some pieces here: no, we should just go in the tongue and have the feel of the tongue. I dont know what that is, but ill go. Is it here yeah? This is dog, it could be in any lane Music. So if you never feel such sharp breaks in your life, youre breaking us up, so so one of the things everybody dont know. No. The next person you hear talking in the background is my sister. She dont want to be in the video. No, she doesnt want to be in the video, but she thinks this is a fabulous car. Yes, anybody who can invest in it. I think you should invest, because this is the way of the future electric take away from the gas and start with our electric cars.

And, of course you can do the solar treble does solar, so thats. One thing you can do: he does the um, the solar energy, so he can install it. So you have that available, so youre, actually saving money and saving gas so that this car suits a tall person as well as a short person its. It has made a – and you know why, because its made in china and the people im shocked them know, so they need to make accommodations for the liquor. Children. People like us right were laini little people like us who have to drive these big people cars. So this is also a nice car for teenagers, because guess what you buy this for a teenager, you dont, have to be worried about buying gas all the time. Another thing with this: you know you know that accident accidents, they are usually much safer than a gas engine, because the battery is under the bottom. It has a cage, a metal cage under the bottoms of a side impact its very um, its very good with accidents. Also, well, you know, the tesla yeah is very good. With accidents. Well were not planning to have any accidents in the car, its a lovely car and then the byd also um is very very up there with the technology, with the blade battery its one of the safest battery out. You know that you can actually puncture this battery. You can fire shut through it, you can drive a nail through the battery and it wont explode.

So this is one of the safest technologies. Another thing with stuarts selling it. You can be guaranteed that the service will be second to none. You think service, yes, service. At stuart is second to none service. There is amazing, the staff is amazing, its amazing they attend to you. They look after your problems and you dont have to worry. You just drop your car off and pick it up. We dont have that jamaican disease, where you have to worry that theyre going to steal out your parts and steal out this. You dont have that texture. I have never experienced it very good service disease. Music. Very much turn no, not destroy the other one. You know i would like to find out about the power if it before your your pocket here. Yes here so who know the car the poor, as in yeah, does it have absolutely sports more yeah? Well, the persons that knew about the car that came and kept that seminar with us. They are not here right now, so you didnt absorb any of the information. Well, they never spoke about the sport and yeah is quicker than it. I would think if i feel that way, but were not trying to race, you know, were trying to have a car thats safe and nice to drive lisa. I wouldnt buy this car as a man. If i dont have that power um, we can park there, sir um. Okay, there is no, you guys are solar panels like the honda feet.

They just set it for driving yeah its of cruise control. Yeah sit on it on the steering wheel. There thats cruise control, youre right here, are we going to the town first, so in closing um we really enjoyed the test drive of this byd. I hope i can afford to drive. One of these. My only thing is that the salesperson dont know how to put it in the sports more sports, more mode right, so i think the power is not as i would have expected it, but a very nice car.