Sometimes a single automaker has more than one case in point: the 2022 kia niro ev. This crossover has been around since 2019 and its one of the pioneering bevs that broke past the 200 mile mark. However, the nero is now sitting on the same lot as the newer, more stylish ev6. Unsurprisingly, theres some overlap between them, but how much weve driven both and the kia niro just might be all the eevee. You need Music in this video well explore the features of the nero eevee outside and in well. Take it for a test, drive and see how practical it is as an everyday vehicle. Well also compare its pricing range and other critical metrics with the ev6, in addition to a couple of its closest competitors. But first lets take a look at how todays tester slots in with the rest of the family. The nero comes in three flavors theres, a hybrid, a plug in hybrid aka, a p heav and the fully electric model were evaluating. Today. The hybrid np have used a four cylinder engine coupled to lithium ion battery six speed, dual clutch automatic transmission and electric motor both make around 140 horsepower and 200 pound feet of torque combined. Meanwhile, the nero ev single electric motor makes 200 horsepower and 290 pound feet of torque and puts it down through the front wheels that makes it the most powerful member of the nero family, perhaps more impressive. It also beats out the bass trim of the ev6 in both metrics by 33 horses and 33 pound feet.

Looking at efficiency, the standard nero hybrid is rated for as much as 50 miles per gallon, combined dependent on the tires equipped. The neuro p have can travel up to 26 miles in all electric mode and is epa rated at 46 mpg in ev guys. The nero is good for nearly 240 miles of range and is rated at 112 mpge, since it first appeared five years ago. The nero has always embraced the fact that it looks well normal, its essentially a hatchback, with a very slight lift and an upright greenhouse. So, yes, the nero ev flies under the radar. This is the bev for you. If you want something that doesnt scream. Look at me. Well save for the dairy gear, blocked out, grill and turquoise accents like the exterior. The interior is fairly conventional. There are regular buttons and only one bigger screen instead of two massive panels in the ev6. It does have some neat touches, though, like the rotary shifter and a center console thats disconnected from the dash that gives you more space for your knick knacks. Additionally, the nero ev has a reconfigurable center console with retractable cup holders for extra flexibility. Four average size passengers will fit comfortably despite its compact dimensions, thanks to its taller profile. Theres, a lot of cargo space too, and the rear seats fall completely flat. More on that, in a bit, you get great visibility all around something that we think is compromised in the ev6 because of its aerodynamic styling.

The material quality is typical, mainstream fair. There are lots of soft touch, surfaces and padding and the harder bits feel durable. We do wish there was a little more sound deadening, though, because theres a good bit of wind noise at highway speeds. This is the department where the eb6 excels being positioned higher up in the lineup hyundai and kia are well known for user friendly infotainment systems and its no different in the nero ev. It may not be the newest ui, but still quick and intuitive the available harman kardon audio system is pretty nice too, and its easy to customize versus the ev6 youre, only missing out on a head up, display and augmented reality for the built in navigation system. If safety is your main priority, then youre in for a treat because kia gives their cars plenty of driver assistance technologies as standard automatic emergency. Braking with pedestrian detection, highway, driving, assist and blind spot monitoring are all present and accounted for. The only feature missing on the nero ev is automatic lane changing on the road. The nero ev is more of a cruiser, but somehow it manages to be almost as fun to drive as the ev6 its pretty comfortable and has a cushy ride over the majority of road surfaces. As for the steering its accurate and weighted nicely, adding to the cars, approachability put your foot down and you get quick acceleration from the electric motor thanks to its instant response.

Youre, never short on power, making it essential to get around slower vehicles even with the car. In eco mode, thanks to the 64 kilowatt hour battery mounted under the passenger compartment, the neuro ev center of gravity is super low. As a result, it feels confident on the road and doesnt have much body roll its no hot hatch, though the ecofocus tires squeal quickly. When you get a little enthusiastic through curvy roads, additionally, the suspension is tuned more for daily usability instead of sporty handling. There is one big problem, though, and thats wheel, spin. All of that torque easily overpowers the front wheels spinning the tires for a good bit from a standstill once it bites theres, decent grip, but keep in mind youll end up squealing the tires a lot. If you get a little too eager Music, you can tell that the nero ev is an older generation vehicle. Once you start using the brakes transitions from regenerative to mechanical braking arent as linear, and you have to hold the left paddle to bring the car to a complete stop via one pedal driving. Now that you know what its like to drive lets break down. Some of the critical specs with the nero and its competition, but first, if youre, enjoying this video, why not subscribe on the evie pulse channel youll, find reviews and features on the latest electrified vehicles like the mustang, mach e kia, ev6 and bmw ix? We expect the second generation kia niro family, to arrive in dealerships by the end of the year, but spending time in this first generation car shows that its still compelling.

In fact, we think it gives the ev6 a good run for its money in a few ways. Heres how the vehicles stack up, as mentioned before the nero ev, is rated for about 240 miles per charge. The most inexpensive ev6 configuration called the light clocks in at 7 miles less and heres something else. We bet you wouldnt guess. Deniro beats out the ev6 in total cargo capacity ever so slightly. It gets 53 cubic feet of grocery getting in luggage. Hauling room, kias newest ev, on the other hand, tops out at 50.2 cubic feet as for price. The base nero is about a thousand dollars cheaper than the ev6 light and tops out at just over forty seven thousand dollars, including destination. If youre looking for more equipment in an ev6, youll need to upgrade to the long range models which will cost you at least forty eight thousand dollars, and the pricing goes up from there. If the neuro ev is on your shopping list, then its likely youre, also looking at similar evs like the nissan leaf plus and volkswagen id4, the former is among the least expensive bevs sold in the us with a starting price of just over 33 000. A fully loaded leaf plus will cost you just over 38 000, but its range is the lowest at 215 miles per charge. The leaf also trails other options at only 30 cubic feet, but keep in mind this car is essentially a compact hatchback.

The id4 single motor version, on the other hand, starts at forty two thousand dollars about eight hundred dollars more than the nero ev and maxes out at forty eight thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. That gets you the same 201 horsepower as the nero, but a driving range of up to 280 miles for the single motor version. The id4 is also the cargo capacity winner of this pack at 64.2 cubic feet. If theres one thing holding back the nero ev its the 100 kilowatt peak dc charging rate being the newer cars, the ev6 and id4 can both dc charge at higher peak rates, resulting in shorter trading times. Most notable here is big brother kia, which says 217 miles. Can be reclaimed in only 18 minutes of charging, even when you consider that the value proposition doesnt exactly diminish, especially since none of these use an overly large battery before wrapping up lets, revisit some of the pros and cons of the nero ev. As for the good, we have the roomy interior, which makes the nero more practical than its size might suggest. It also has a lot of safety features as standard equipment and user friendly tech features. Finally, the nero ev manages to stay under fifty thousand dollars fully loaded, making it a great value. The trade offs include a noisy cabin and for some, the conservative exterior styling, however, the biggest one may be its peak dc charging rate, which is lower than most new bevs on the market.

The ev6 may be the new hotness on the block, but the nero ev is the long established entry that quietly paved the way for those looking for something, approachable and practical. Give the nero ev a look despite its age. The value proposition and substance are still there, especially if you want a fully loaded, long range bev for under fifty thousand dollars for more on the 2022 kia, niro evie and the rest of the lineup visit to read our full article. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up.