For someone like me who wasnt necessarily thrilled with the styling options that the ev market had to offer in those first couple of years. But since then theres been some aesthetically appealing options that have come to market things like the jaguar. I pace the audi e tron, the new mustang mackie and, of course, the ioniq 5 from hyundai for its retro styling and then theres kia theyve brought this its called. The ev6 and i for one think the styling looks pretty stunning um and today, with thanks to john hughes, im going to take you on a bit of a tour of it before getting it out on the road and seeing how it drives and uh well see. If the ev6 is a real contender in the ev market, Music prices start from under 70 000 for the base model, which i think they call the air. And then you have the rear, wheel, drive, gt line, which is this one here, and that starts at around 75 000. They both share the 168 kilowatts that they get from their single motor. The range at the moment tops out with the all wheel, drive gt line which will set you back 83 000, but youll make benefit of 2′ kilowatts from that model, but hold on to your hat, because theres going to be a gt model coming out and we Estimate that youre not going to get much change from a hundred thousand dollars, which is a lot of money for a kia, but keep in mind.

This thing is going to be pushing 430 kilowatts, and i, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on one of those for a bit of a test drive, but lets get straight into it, and i want to start with styling and its hard to believe that This is actually based on the same egmp platform that the ionic 5 is from kias sister company hyundai. The front looks very futuristic, especially with these led running lights. Kyra is calling it their digital tiger face im, not sure i can quite see that, but i certainly do appreciate a nice led running light down here. We have the radar cruise control sensor and these louvers down here they actually open automatically for extra cooling. We have a camera mounted in the front grille area and, of course, kias new corporate badge on the bonnet. All right lets talk about the side profile and im, really not sure whether to call this an suv or a crossover it kind of sits in between. But i love this swooping roof line and this kind of blacked out section here for the windows uh its a little bit lancia stratos, i heard another journalist saying i guess i can kind of see it with the way it comes up here. Youve also got these funky wing mirrors, which have got this sort of concave external shape, which is really cool and, of course, your evs flush mounted door handles which are sitting proud at the moment.

Obviously, because ive walked past with the key uh wheels, 20 inch wheels come standard on the gt line and although they are designed to be aerodynamic and all that kind of stuff, kiera worked really hard to make them look not too nerdy. If that makes sense, but its at the back of the ev6, where i think the designers have turned it up to 11., i love this light bar that runs across the whole width of the body and these kind of metallic looking sections textured here, theyre. Actually, your indicators, which is a really nice touch, youve, got your charge door back here, which you open by giving it a little push. Well, cover charging a little bit later and to close it, you can just hit this button here or just give it a gentle nudge, and it will shut im somewhat concerned, though, to wonder how many of these kia is going to be replacing, because in its open Position it kind of does kind of hang out, so i think a few of these are going to get smashed off moving on up here we have this spoiler sitting on the roof um its a decent size, but i do love how it juts out the side Here – and it really makes your eyes kind of come down to these wide haunches on the rear. Fenders youve also got a small puddle light sitting underneath all right lets. Look at the cargo space.

Okay, the tailgate is power, operated theres, a small button down here that you can push to open that or you can use your key. That will reveal 500 liters of usable cargo space. There is a little bit of extra storage down here as well. Youll also find some additional storage in the front, but, to be honest, its quite limited on these not so bad on the rear, wheel, drive models, but the all wheel drive models i think, are reduced to about 26 liters. So you wouldnt want to be putting anything big in there. There is actually a specific storage space for your cargo blind which actually lives underneath here, which is really handy and a nice touch. And if i pull these levers, we can fold the back seats down and now you have 1600 liters of usable cargo space, okay, moving on to the interior and im going to start here in the back seat, because i am just amazed how much space i have Got back here now, im six foot tall as a point of reference. Ive got my drivers seat in the position that i would normally have it, and i have just got acres of room here, which is absolutely fantastic. Now kiera managed to do this by moving the front wheels further forward and the rear wheels further backwards, and that gives them so much flexibility with the design of the interior headroom. Also, okay, ive got about an inch and a half until my hair touches the roof.

So you guess you wouldnt, want to be too much taller than say six foot three. You also get two usbc charge ports which are cleverly integrated into the front seats. Your climate control vents are here on the b pillar, theres an armrest in the center, with some cup holders, which actually retract to give a bit more space in that cup, holder, section and just down here there is a 240 volt household plug where you can plug. In other devices to charge right moving on to the business end of the cabin – and i just want to address the elephant in the room – you might be watching this and have preconceived ideas of the level of quality associated with this brand. But i have to say if this is the direction that kia is going, i am 100 on board from the soft touch materials here on the armrest to the funky design of the dashboard here and the patterns they have and the materials through to the switch gear. Here on the center console, everything is really really top notch now. Is it mercedes or audi levels of quality? Well, probably not, but for the price point kia have absolutely smashed this out of the ballpark. Now talking about this center floating section here, i really love the design language here. Youll find your ev power button. Youve got controls for your heated and cooled seats. You even have a controlled for a heated steering wheel which in sunny western australia not quite sure, if thats relevant but its nice to have it, and at least there isnt a blank switch there and check out this cavernous storage space down here, i suspect thats going To be great for handbags, unless theyre super huge, you also have your rotary gear selector at the top here, and there is some mood lighting that runs around the edges here, oh and, of course, theres the wireless charger for your phone nice and convenient in the center.

In front of me, i have two 12 point: inch uh displays the one on the left. Here is a touch screen and that controls all your navigation, audio setup and all that kind of stuff and in front of me, obviously, is the drivers display, and that shows you all your crucial information that you need, whilst youre driving theres also a really funky augmented Reality head up display which actually projects your navigation, markers or arrows onto the road in front of you, its really intuitive, really easy to use, and it makes the whole system really user friendly. Now i just want to address this center panel here, which is actually a dual purpose panel, but its received a bit of flack from some of the motoring journalists. So, essentially, with this button here you switch between your map, navigation, audio controls to your climate controls and so the functions of these rotary dials on the edge changes. So at the moment, ive got it in climate mode. These will control your temperature and, if i switch it back, we have file and tune on this side and volume and power on that side, and the complaint is that its an extra button push to get to where you want to go. But, to be honest, unless youre one of these people that constantly adjust your climate control, you just go into the climate. You set it to auto, set your temperature come back into your navigation menu or your audio menu, and you can enjoy your car in its perfectly climatized cabin with its climate control running.

In the background, its really a non issue for me now, as you would expect, the tech is absolutely loaded in this car on this center menu. Have everything from your navigation through to digital radio. You have an ev menu, which you know, gives you information on your state of charge and where the nearest charge station is theres, even a quiet mode, which redirects audio from the rear speakers away from the sleeping children in the back seat and a voice. Memo function. In case you have a brilliant idea on the road and you desperately need to record it now talking about sound systems. Kia have actually teamed up with meridium for the sound system in this car and i have to say its really impressive im coming from a car with a bang olufsen sound system and, comparatively speaking, this one is definitely up there for the price point i reckon kier Had nailed it on this one, oh and before i forget along the dash here, there is mood lighting and you can, of course, change the color to suit whatever mood you might be in so lets talk about the seats and i really love the two tone. Design of these seats, with the contrast stitching that sort of runs through this alcantara type fabric in the middle, i will point out: the interior is vegan friendly, so no need to panic. No animals were harmed to make the interior of this car. The headrests ive got to say, im, not 100 sold on they kind of jut out a bit theyre very proud, and they constantly sort of push your head forward.

I get the cool design and all that, but i think there could be some improvement as to the position of the actual headrest here now. Those headrests do make sense, though, when you engage this cars party trick, which is fully reclining front seats. So when you pull in to recharge your ev, you can recharge yourself with a nice comfy power. Nap all right lets talk. Charging lets just open the charge door here again and youll be greeted by what is basically the industry standard for vehicle or ev charging, with ac at the top here and dc down at the bottom. Now, with the ac, this thing will charge at a rate of 11 kilowatts and through the dc up to 233 kilowatts thanks to its 800 volt architecture. Now kia claims, if you can find the right charger, you can charge this car from 10 battery right up to 80 in as little as 18 minutes, which is a perfectly acceptable amount of time for a quick tinkle, buy some snacks and maybe stretch your legs all Ev6S in australia come with the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery in the rear, wheel, drive cars thats, claiming you a range of around 500 kilometers uh drops to 480. If you have an all wheel, drive variant. I suspect, though, given what ive experienced on the drive today the real life applications that will drop just a little bit. The other party trick. This car shares with its ionic 5 cousin, is its a vehicle to load capability.

So with this adapter here, which you basically plug into the charge port back here, that gives you the ability to plug in any household items, whether youve got an espresso machine or a microwave or whatever you like up to 3.6 kilowatts and im sure thats going to Be pretty handy on a camping trip, so thats a quick walk around of the new kia ev6, but before we get it out onto the road, i want to know what you guys think. What do you think of the styling? Do you like it? Are there places that you think they could have improved upon for the price point? Leave me a comment down below and let me know what your thoughts are on. The styling of the ev6. All right lets hit the road as youd expect being an ev. Its very quiet in here kiera have done an excellent job, insulating the cabin i will say at high speeds, theres a little bit of tyre noise that creeps in, but thats being really really picky. On the steering wheel here, youve got your controls for audio lane, keep assist radar cruise control and all that good stuff and youve got these flappy paddles at the back here now these actually adjust your regenerative braking and in its maximum setting. You can actually drive this car on one pedal on the throttle, pedal, obviously just think of all the money youll save on brake pads youll also find your drive mode button which lets you cycle through eco, normal and sports driving modes and thatll change.

The way that the steering and the throttle response feels non adjusting dampeners on this car means that the ride wont change, maybe thats, something that we can look forward to in the gt model. But the suspension has been tuned to australian conditions, so overall, this car actually handles better than the ioniq 5.. One of the features that i really love is the lane change assistant, the graphical display that you get in the drivers display. So if i put my indicator on ill get a small screen which will actually show me the camera view of my blind spot on whichever side im indicating to, i think its. A really really clever feature and kio really hit the nail on the head here. And i suspect its going to be one of those features that once youve lived with it youre going to wonder how you lived without it, Music. On top of that, youll find a whole raft of safety equipment on this car, including autonomous, braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection. Youve got rear and front cross traffic alert. Youve got lane. Keep assist with the active assist here on the steering wheel. Youve also got front and rear parking sensors and a really trick 360 degree parking camera which well run across a little bit later, but lets talk about acceleration so in the rear, wheel, drive models. Kia is claiming a 0 100 sprint in around 7.3 seconds. If you upgrade to the all wheel, drive model that reduces down to 5.

2 but hold on to your hat, because the gt model thats coming out next year is claimed to do a sub 3.5. Second dash to the 100 mark. And that is something im very excited to experience, but just cruising around town, this rear wheel drive model is more than capable and being an ev. Of course you get that instant torque. Whenever you put your foot down now, i mentioned that 360 degree camera before so lets check that out resolution is good, could be a little bit better, but its definitely going to get the job done. Theres, a rafter views that you can use for all sorts of applications, including the 360 degree spinner, which you can sit here and spin to your hearts content. So the ev6 certainly ticks a lot of boxes, but its not all rainbows and unicorns heres, three irritations. Although youve got a wireless charging pad right here, android, auto and apple carplay wont work unless theyre plugged, in which kind of defeats the purpose, despite all the room in the back seat. Long legged humans, like myself, are going to find that your legs are not really resting on the base of the seat thats, because the batteries are obviously mounted on the floor. Its made waste by the fact that you cant actually squeeze your feet under the front seat. Just because it sits so low, so you kind of end up going a little bit side saddle and looking a little bit awkward.

These indicators are pretty cool, but i think here has missed an opportunity here and at the front to make them sequential indicators come on kia who doesnt love a sequential indicator anyway, its not all bad heres. Three things on the ev6 that are going to make you smile. These have got to be some of the coolest reversing lights in the market. Kind of reminds me of an aston martin vulcan. Its very exotic passengers in the back seat generally have to make do with. However, their seat is set up, but not in the ev6, where even us plebs here in the back can recline our seat. This is the key to the new ev6 and youll notice. These buttons on the front here which allow you to remote control, your car in and out of tight parking spaces if someones parked like a douche next to you and you dont, need to be in the drivers seat very handy neat trick. Cant get it to work right now, but im sure theres, something in the settings that allows me to do that. So there we have it a full walk around of kias new ev6. This car has been a bit of a surprise for me and its a refreshing. Take on the evs in the current market id go as far to say that if i was in the market for an ev, the ev6 would be near the top of the list. But i might hold my judgment until they release the gt model because, with nearly 600 horsepower, that is sure to be a lot of fun but im interested to get your thoughts.

Guys. Leave me a comment: what do you think of the styling, the tech? Maybe youve got a newfound appreciation for the kia brand as a whole. Is the value proposition there, for you comes with a seven year warranty and its definitely a lot of car for what you get. Let me know in the comments below id like to extend a massive thank you to john hughes kia in victoria park for lending me their one and only tester. For the day. Now, if youre in the market for an ev and the ev6 has tickled your fancy go and have a chat to the guys at john hughes, but probably wouldnt, leave it too long because im told theres only 500 of these coming to australia at the moment. So dont hang about give the guys a call, theyre really really friendly to deal with, but thats it from me guys. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did hit, that like button, consider, subscribing and make sure you hit that notification bell so that you dont miss any of our future reviews.