My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the skoda enyak, but its not just any enyak. This is the sport line version, so its a little bit, sportier looking and well start off right at the front and the crystal face grille. This is an option you dont have to go for it, but its a mermaid kind of a situation. Some people, like it some people, load us, but i think its not too bad. I actually dont think its too bad as well as that, then, the only bit of silver trim youre going to get on the car is the front skoda badge. Everything else is blacked out and its a bit more angular and sporty. You have these angular pieces down here: black glass, black glass black around the actual grille itself, whether you go for the basic one or for the crystal face with that crystal face its part of a pack that you get with led matrix lights. Im not sure if you can get the metrics lights without the crystal grille um, its the enyak shape and size and styling that we either love or dont love. I actually think its pretty nice and i prefer it over the id4 and im starting to like it over the q4 each one as well. I just as much as its a big suv and as much as has this fake grillage going on here. I really like it. This blue is stunning, especially in this color.

Today, moving down along the side, you have uh, 19s or 20s on the sportline trim, and then you can option them up to the 21s and thats. What these are youve got some black flashing here with the sport line, branding on it, glass black, with the indicators built in, and these are retractable glass black around the windows, the b pillar and the c. Sorry just to be, you have your glass black down along here then youve got body, colored, uh, side panels, body colored, doors handles, and these are with the keyless entry and it has you can open and close in there. Youve got your charging port on the drivers side. Well, talk about charging when were out and about and youve got that shark fin area. Overall, the outside look of it, especially in this color, looks really well and especially with that sport line a bit more angular and the black going on around the area. I like it, lets spin around and have a look at the rear as we move down along the back. Youve got these led and with that crystal light for crystal face package, it has the swooping indicators. Youve got that larger spoiler youve got your shark venereal, as we talked about before youve got a window wiper which im always a fan of, and then because of the sportline. Everything is in black, the enyak, the skoda and the iv. This is the 80 and well talk about the difference between that so theres, a 60 theres, an 80 and thats all dependent on the battery size and then theres, the atx, which is the all wheel drive.

This is just rear, wheel, drive the 60 and the 80, and then this glass black diffuser along the bottom boot size. Then youve got 585 liters with the seats up and then you have put the seats down. You are going to be getting around 1710 liters. So substantial boost slightly bigger than the id4, even though its based on the same meb platform, and you can see from what i have in the boot today with all my filming gear. My folding e bike, theres plenty of space in here for everybody lets, have a look on the inside front and rear and well take it out for a drive whats it like inside the skoda, nex, specifically the sportline version with other nx. You get a choice of interiors with the sportline, it is only the one type of interior and it is a dark interior and you get some carbon fiber effect on the sill of the sorry on the door panel and all across the dash. Youve got some nice squishy plastic youve got some leather, slash leather effect. I think its vegan leather youve got your three spoke leather steering wheel and with sport line down at the bottom and then youve got your voice and heated steering wheel on the left hand, side and on the right hand, side. Then youve got your driver assist with some lovely knurled. Knobs youve got your brake regen. You can have different levels on that, then, on the left hand, side youve got your lights and, on the right hand, side youve got your wipers with your speed control cruise control stock on the bottom left hand, side as well, nice silver coated, um steering our pedals Brake and accelerator and youve got your start, stop button and i havent used it all week, because this has the kessie ke ssi kessie uh keyless entry and keyless go so you literally have the key on you.

When you come to the door, youll be able to open it up, you sit in and you put it into drive and away. You go its one of my top features on an electric car just for convenience, its its not that its a make or break, but its so nice and moving along by the top all the way down big head unit up here, but no sunglass holder youve got Your lights and youve got um your sos button. Youve got your frameless um rear view, mirror youve got your 13.3 inch screen decent size and also um fairly responsive, not super responsive, but not bad. Nice integration with android, auto on apple carplay, moving down then youve got some physical buttons, which you dont get in the id4 its sibling. You can have the different modes, the hazard lights, your center lock and your shortcut to your climate and then some quick buttons for max windscreen, clear and rear defogging. Underneath that, then, on this model, you have a wireless charging pad youve got a double cup holder. Youve got some storage. Youve got your tiny little tic tac box for you. Moving for drive, reverse neutral and two stage b, bra regen mode electric handbrake, a little coin. Holder youve got your armrest that doesnt move up forward and back, but it does. It is adjustable up and down and underneath that then youve got a little cubby, a massive pocket. Half glove box seats are great, really nice, and this is on the sport line, see version so youve got kind of alcantara when in the middle and then on the side.

Youve got kind of a leather, uh or vegan leather version, uh decent sized doors, its got. Those id4 handles good size door pockets as well, and its got carpet lining internally. Youve got your skoda ticket holder on the window, as always yeah its a nice interior. It is nicer than the volkswagen id4 that wouldnt be hard, and this is set for me. Probably moving forward a bit and, on that point, its electronically adjustable on the drivers side, with lumbar support and on the passenger side. It is manual lets, take a spin in the back uh before we take it out for a spin sitting in the back, and that seat is set for me. Im 180 788 centimeters six foot two. It was about maybe a centimeter two centimeters between my knees and that seat you have a smartphone section. You have a map holder, youve got a nice, the seats theyre substantial, but theyre, not too big. Underneath here then youve got tri zone. You can set the temperature in the back and you have you: dont have usb type cs. You only have vent that. I can see um isofix three one on the front and two in the rear. Youve got your armrest and then that falls out for your cup holders and it has a hatch to go all the way through as well. If you needed to get into the back headrests on three center seats tight for a third adult if they were small enough.

Yeah youd get it in and then the doors are substantial. What i find with this go to enyak, specifically this version and maybe the other one. I cant remember its been that long and i have a full review of the original skoda. Enyak ill. Stick it up on the screen is sometimes its difficult: the doors dont close theyre theyre, not soft clothes, as in you, think, theyre closed and youre driving along and you get a bong on the dash and this one doesnt have the uh sunroof. So it is because its the sport line – everything is dark anyway, and without the sunroof it is a bit darker as it is, but lets take it out for a spin whats it like driving the skoda, enyak sportline very similar, if not exactly similar, to the regular Skoda enyak its just that it looks a bit sportier, five different drive modes. You have, let me just pull up the molds um eco, normal sport and individual, actually, four, which is interesting. Um there used to be a comfort mode, its not there anymore, so eco, normal sport and individual, its a nice drive its on the mbb platform, its over two tons of a vehicle, two thousand kg. So you, you definitely feel the weight of it, but stick it into sport and you wont be disappointed for the size of a vehicle. It is now its not a um, a sports car by any means, but steering wheel is nice.

These seats are great. If you are going to take corners a bit sharper than you should, there are plenty side support within it things i dont like, i think its a bit dark in here, and i i showed this to a couple of my neighbors matt and evgeny, and both the Greed yeah, it is pretty dark, so itd be nice. I appreciate its the sportline version, but if you could get a brighter interior, you can option that sunroof. Another thing buzzing commented on, i dont think its too bad, but some people have an issue with this. Is the instrument cluster for the driving side of things and skodo are asked about it? Why is it? Why is it so small and its set into the dash its not set into its, not on the steering um column like it is in the id4 its a bit. Small and skoda said that, oh usually, people have the head up display now its not on this version. So if you dont have the head up display, but i think its not bad, it could be bigger, but its. The first word problems right: there um the different sizes. The way were talking when were outside youve got the 60 the 80 and then youve got the 80x, so the 60 and the 80 are talking about the battery size, and this is the a80. This is the skoda enyak iv80, not the all wheel, drive so just rear wheel, drive so 80 means.

Then it has a 77 kilowatt hour battery usable um gross its about 81 or 82.. What does that give you rear? Wheel driver has an electric motor on the back and its a 150 kilowatt motor, and that gives you over 200 brake horsepower and then 310 newton meters of torque, so yeah when you want to go youll go. If you wanted to go for the adx. It is all wheel drive, so you get a bit more power and you get that um slightly better acceleration, but dont forget that it will affect your range because youre carrying more weight with that electric motor in the back. What else have we got going on here? Uh, charging wise and again should go to work this with regards to um the size of the battery, so the smaller battery can charge up to 100 um kilowatts on dc, and with this with the larger battery you can get 135 is what im seeing on ev Database elsewhere, i am seeing 125 now there isnt too many charges around uh, any country that are the high powered ones specifically not here in ireland uh on ac, it can go up to 11 kilowatts uh, but your normal home charger is going to be around that Seven kilowatt: what does that mean so overnight itll from zero to 100 itll go um 12 hours 15 minutes to charge. So it is a large battery, so it will take longer to charge and then, if you can find a fast charger, be that ionity be that the rapid chargers or the high power chargers with esb, etc, etc.

Then you can go 10 to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes, so it can take it um. Another thing i think that shkoda have missed out on and just not that theyve missed out on, but the fact that people have to spec it and may not understand it, and i talked about that in my first review, which ive already linked on the screen. It is that there isnt a heat pump as standard and that heat pump is something that will help us when the weather gets a bit colder. It doesnt get too cold here in ireland, uh or the united kingdom, but when it does get colder your battery. Having that heat pump and using the ambient temperature to keep the battery at a certain level so that it doesnt use um its own power to heat itself up and thats around 11 or 1300 euros, i think on the extras sheet. So just be careful with that. Like all of the volkswagen group youre going to have to spec this as to what you want on it, um comfort, packs, light pack, etcetera, etcetera, theyre, all uh packs, so understanding the bits that make a difference to you and talk to other skoda, drivers, skoda and Yak drivers and say: what did you get? What do you think you should have gotten now, etc, etc? So definitely um. There are some options out there with regards to making sure that you get what you need from it: towing capacity youre going to get a 75 on the roof 75 on the tow bar vertical, if youre carrying bikes, unbraked, 750 kg and then brakes 1000 kg.

So again accomplished good size, um, the capability of towing is good and the space in the boot. We talked about it already: 585 liters, with the seats up with the seats down over 1700 liters, so for family bits for people that are into outdoor activities for people that just need the space. Its definitely one to consider one thing that doesnt have and before somebody puts it into the comments there isnt a trunk and like all the uh meb platform vehicles, the q4 e tron, the id for volkswagen, the volkswagen id5, it just doesnt. Have it so you dont have to put into the comments, hopefully youve enjoyed todays review, make sure youve subscribed to the channel, make sure youve liked the video. If you have enjoyed it and leave a comment, and let me know whether you are going for the skoda. Enyak, whether youve already got one what you think of it, whether youre gon na go for the sport line, which i think is really nice and the looks of it. I already liked the other one i dont know about the crystal face. It is blingy. Some people, like it some people dont like it, but remember if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.